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  1. Silly Suggestion: Petition for a Historical-Realistic Script

    But the suggestion ain't so silly. Cause I'm hearin about these changes you want for the script, Quintus, and I don't think it's no laughing matter! You're trying to make the game more difficult...
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    Re: Tactless and no natural talent diplomats

    Quintus any way that you could make a script similar to the force diplomacy that makes the AI attack a given city of yours with any of their nearby armies?
  3. Re: What are your tactics/strategies when fighting the Romans?

    In my experience the hammer and anvil / flanking tactic is usually the best battlefield tactic possible. Probably the most anyone can do is to try and apply it more efficiently. One common...
  4. Re: AI bringing tactically insignificant units to my areas/settlements

    It's Quintus telling you that, if he could have his dream mod, your collision of political ambitions would force you to go to war with them over the respective territory
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    Re: Need help with Sauromatae reforms please

    Why not ride like a man?
  6. Re: Professional Armies vs Warrior Aristocracies vs Military Levies

    The Romans already had a professional army. Since the 5th Century BC, they paid soldiers on campaign a wage for their labor and paid allied troops in victuals. Warfare was not seasonal, as is...
  7. Re: Professional Armies vs Warrior Aristocracies vs Military Levies

    It's tough to answer, and I think one good way to start and try to 'answer' the question is to ask what really constituted success or effectiveness for an ancient military? In the Classical Greek...
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    Re: [IBFD AAR] Saviours of Roma

    I love this. Heaven is on your side, even though the duties of emperor may be extreme
  9. Re: More than one catapult variant possible in the future?

    I agree, maybe just give walls a large increase in hit-points. I think you can debate leaving the small wooden walls in small barbarian villages destructible. It may not be attested in the sources...
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    Re: Far right hate speech. What should be done?

    This political question is no different from any other political issue active in the world, though I am only really aware of the West. Politics is in one aspect the need to define the relationship...
  11. Thread: Fishgate

    by Beckitz

    Re: Fishgate

    In general we are seeing an effusion of skepticism across the United States and the West, and populism is only one dimension of it. Just as some on the political right doubt the value of traditional...
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    Sticky: Re: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

    It does. Macedon built a huge city upgrade in Athens. Though I've not seen it elsewhere (also, Athens was badly depopulated later in this same campaign)
  13. Re: Third World Immigration and its Effects on Western Societies - the great debate of our time

    Nothing like a debate where one side is innately accepting of the phenomenon and the other side intrinsically doesn't care for it because of fundamental differences in their character
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    Re: Heritage, Not Hate

    Diocle, that's exactly what the Japanese think, that because they endured the full scale of the horrors of total war in WWII that they are basically limited to that experience alone, and that they...
  15. Re: So what exactly are they saying on the campaign & battle maps anyway? My transliterations!

    It's impossible to even think about
  16. Re: What's a logical capital city for an Epirote Greece/Anatolia empire?

    It depends on a few things. What relationship does this dynasty claim to Alexander the Great, and to Macedon, the homeland of all the Hellenistic rulers outside of the heartland and their...
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    Re: Dialectics in EB

    Agreed, and I would submit, that the need to account for other cultures once your empire expands beyond your cultural core region is integral both to the theme of the mod and the major new feature...
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    Dialectics in EB

    I've been playing the game now for about 4 years; it's been about 1 year since I broke the chains of my weakness and learned how to win at battles, emancipating myself from the fate of losing every...
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    Re: Request for Early Game Advice

    Historically, construction was almost never a source of profit in the ancient world nor was it connected to revenue. Construction projects either: a) served to advertise the power of the ruler who...
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    Yes, and please do include a dynamic 'rise of atheism' disaster in the next update, triggered when the bullcock of imperial propaganda and rising standards of living destroys society's faith in the...
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    Re: Battles in EBII: duration and losses

    I should do VH, but generally stick to H. I like H, since, I try and make every campaign into a alt 'Rise of Rome' -esque supercampaign, only with whatever faction it happens to be
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    Re: Battles in EBII: duration and losses

    In my experience, EB II battles have realistic mechanics but an unrealistic scope. (I'm just talking about evenly-matched battles, since a player stack destroying a small enemy force would just have...
  23. Re: Advice for dealing with Sarmatians as Pontos, or generally for fighting nomad stacks as settled factions

    Yes, I can recommend a pretty wide line of infantry for battles against the Sarmatians - but your mastery of your own cavalry will be paramount, because using your infantry in that way, I think...
  24. Re: Advice for dealing with Sarmatians as Pontos, or generally for fighting nomad stacks as settled factions

    With favorable luck, all you need to defeat a Sarmatian field army is a few units of light cavalry. They're just as fast, and when cavalry units charge, they temporarily acquire a speed boost which...
  25. Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai)

    Funny how history repeats itself, even funnier when the architect of history is making jokes and quips all the way. A very fun read Derc, and actually whets my appetite for the games equally as much...
  26. Poll: Re: [30th Faction slot] What would you like to see?

    Really, surprised nobody is going to suggest: emergent playable Yuehzi faction? Accessed through a separate startup path perhaps (call it 'hardcore'?) if necessary? Talk about completing the...
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    Re: Tips and Tricks - For new EBII players

    I think the in-game system is fine, yes I've seen that any kind of victory is a contributor to skill increase, but ironically I haven't noticed an especial rate of growth from fighting against the...
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    Re: Tips and Tricks - For new EBII players

    So wrong, wtf are you talking about Quintus. Point to any capable argument at all for a link between adversity and growth in antiquity. I don't believe there's ever been a general who became...
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    Re: New Seleucid campaign

    Typical Seleucid start you need to readjust your garrisons in Asia to avoid some early revolts. If you go with the ideal scheme, you'll only have one settlement on your frontier which is still going...
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    Re: Europa Barbarorum II FAQ

    Actually I thought you were forced to quit if the AI won the campaign. Was that modified also in EB II?
  31. Re: Not a Day More [RTW:BI - Western Roman Empire]

    Thank you for the nice comments guys, as I feared, I didn't have time to add as much as I'd have liked before the semester began. Like the emperor's ambitions to restore the greatness of Rome,...
  32. Re: Not a Day More [RTW:BI - Western Roman Empire]

    Chapter V – No Time to Wait

    Like the ratting ribcage of my putrid corpse, the ebb and flow of life yields way to the cold catch of death. So it is with the seasons of Earth too, and in the skies...
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    Re: [EB AAR] Sons of the Wolf and the Bear

    Thanks for reading this you guys! This was my first AAR, and while I went with my strengths, it was probably too light on the events of the campaign to hit every audience. But it was good practice...
  34. Re: The land of beauty -A Hiraizumi Fujiwara campaign in ROTS .

    It's tender scenes such as these which really bring Japan to life...
  35. Re: Not a Day More [RTW:BI - Western Roman Empire]

    Chapter IV – Sound the Advance!

    My days are full and exhausting, yet the time appears to fly by. If great rulers are often rated for their works, people will have to admit, I knew what I was...
  36. Re: [SS 6.4] God's Justice (Crusader States AAR, with BGR IV and more!)

    It's nice to think that, even in the rude barbarism of the Middle Ages, there was still room enough for a young boy's hopes and dreams. I, for one, only hope that this chivalrous young lad will not...
  37. Re: “Toutatis Favours The Brave” (A Nervii CiG AAR) [Updated 13th May 2018]

    All civilization thanks you for doing this, Welsh Dragon. Now through your heroizing prose, finally we can see beneath Caesar's racist characterization of the Gaulish people, into the heart, the...
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    Re: White Stone, Black Stone

    I'm wondering, could this indeed be the most popular genre on the site? The socially outcasted child, who is seized by the prevarications of war and becomes a sword-in-the-ranks, acclimating to the...
  39. Re: Not a Day More [RTW:BI - Western Roman Empire]

    I'm really wondering where those hordes are going to pop up lol. Sometimes they don't make it very far...but one way or another, they'll face the mettling of Roman arms, no doubt. Thank you for the...
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    Re: The Saga of Haraldr Yngling and the Nordmanna

    Great piece, and I managed to catch this one early, too! Hah, now I can follow along!!

    Must say, SilentKiller, when I got to grad school and started History, the number one thing that stuck...
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