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    The Popularity of Three Kingdoms

    Sad, but true.
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    Re: Age of Vikings

    Thank you my brother, any chance to get Age of Britain back up? Or do I ask too much?
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    Re: Age of Vikings

    Age of Britain and Age of Vikings for me the two best mods and the only reason I still play this TW game. I have been away and just saw this does anyone know why Rikashey took them down? or know if...
  4. Re: Roman Houses: Familia Romana Poll (If you've used the mod, please vote!)

    B but only because of patches and other real life things. I think the mod is great and brings me back a little to Rome 1
  5. Sticky: Re: Constantine: Rise of Christianity (Update - German Faction Pack)

    Thanks Dresden for this great mod, if not for you it would have been back to Shogun months ago. Your the best!
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    Sticky: Re: Anything like the "Roman Houses - Familia Romanum" mod ?

    This was a great mod, and a lot of fun, however I think it will need the genius of Dresden to help the creator get it working again.
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    Re: Seasonal Effects for Main Campaign (Now with Seasonal Graphics!)

    Great work as always... If not for your mods and the work of so many others I'd be back to playing Shogun 2. Thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Re: Athalwulf's Natural Dyes - Version 3.0 (ALL African Factions Added)

    Thank you and good luck going forward
  9. Re: Question regarding patch 7 and (CA) Mod manager

    Yes I do the same. It's sad that we have to depend on someone doing for free on there own time what should have been done by CA months ago
  10. Sticky: Re: Silven Total Improvement Mod [Version 1.9] Updated Oct. 15th - Increased Research And Build Times!

    I too thank you for your effort, but I must say that playing this game without your mod is like wearing shoes without socks, not a good feeling.
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