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  1. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: May 16]

    Congratulations on 100,000 views and good luck with getting the final version of your PhD ready!

    I'm sorry for not commenting before, I (wrongly) guessed that there wouldn't be an update for...
  2. Re: A OtherRealm Productions - Chauhan Rajputs AAR (DCILA)

    Good update! I wouldn't have wanted to be in the first wave of cavalry across Gwalior Bridge, facing arrow fire and then a charge by spearmen. It looks like the elephants can be very useful.
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    Re: Revenge of the Tyrants. Darkness.

    Kuakhtemok is an interesting character, I wonder why he thought that the majestic buildings were all doomed. After the ruler's order to attack is carried out, will the enemy retaliate? Maybe that's...
  4. Re: Hyperborean Period Chronologies (another line of my universe)

    I agree, this is interesting world-building!
  5. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Thanks to everyone who took part in and voted in the MAARC!

    Writers' Study competitions usually don't run in July and August, as they're the quieter months around here. I propose that we won't run...
  6. Re: Do you know of any expert Rome 2 Total War players?

    That's a good point - being an expert Rome 2 player involves handling your economy and internal politics well. Players often seem to struggle with avoiding secessions and civil wars in particular -...
  7. Re: The Winners of POTW 643 & 644 & GPOTW 215 & UESW 544!

    Brilliant pictures, congratulations (and see you around later Derc!)
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    Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Winners' Circle

    Congratulations Oga and Kilo! I agree, it's good to see video AARs shaking things up. Thanks, Turk! :)
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    MAARC XC - Submissions Thread

    << Picture & Video Competitions | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Competition >>

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    Re: A OtherRealm Productions - Karaman Begs

    This decisive action against rebel fortresses looks useful for the future. Good update!
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    Re: Revenge of the Tyrants. Darkness.

    That's a remarkable picture! Good update. :) I wonder how what will happen in Krasic's meeting.
  12. Re: The Winners of POTW 642, GPOTW 212 & 213 and UESW 543!

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Picture Competitions Staff!
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    Poll: [GPotW] Re: GPOTW 214 - VOTE!

    Voted, I agree - they're great pictures!
  14. Thread: POTW 643 - VOTE!

    by Alwyn

    Poll: [PotW] Re: POTW 643 - VOTE!

    Voted, yes they're all good!

    ('Submission 4' now displays correctly as 'Submission 3'. These things happen, we all make mistakes - especially me.)
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    Re: The best place to put your range units

    It depends on the circumstances for me too, and LuckyPistol made a good point about the kind of ranged units you have.

    I like having skirmishers on the wings if I can, but I usually keep them...
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    Re: Battletech (2018 turn-based combat game)

    I agree, the Campaign is well done. As you said, the main story missions are memorable, they got me invested in the characters and the plot.

    For me, the Flashpoint missions provide a similar...
  17. Poll: Re: MAARC LXXXIX: Second Place Tie-Breaker Vote!

    Two great AARs, a difficult choice. Good luck to both!
  18. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: May 16]

    Yes, it worked brilliantly! I look forward to finding out what happens next - in the meantime, good luck with your PhD!
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    Battletech (2018 turn-based combat game)

    Do you play Battletech, the 2018 turn-based tactics game developed by Harebrained Studios and published by Paradox?

    If so, do you prefer Campaign or Career? Do you have any favourite 'mechs or...
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    Re: DEI Sweboz legendary lets play

    Episode 3 is cool! The Sweboz military traditions look useful, I particularly like the sound of the Rampart Takers tradition (+10% looting income, increased range for missile weapons) and Furor ...
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    Re: Black or White - A Skyrim ARR

    Thanks for explaining the thinking behind the Black and White title, I was wondering about that too. :)
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    Article: Modding interview with Goutlard

    You can view the page at
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    Poll: Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Voting thread

    Voted, good luck all!
  24. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: May 16]

    Now that's a well-executed surprise! I hadn't realise where he was or how he would take advantage of the situation he created. This will be a test of loyaly, indeed.
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    Re: Tips for handling an ambush battle

    Being ambushed can be a very different experience depending on the army composition on both sides. Have you ever tried ambushing a horse archer army? They simply gallop out of the trap and spread out...
  26. Re: Battle tips both as Romans against Hellenic armies & as Hellenic against Romans

    Pikemen and hoplites tend to be slow and they lack pre-cursor javelins. Roman swordsmen will have an advantage if they throw their javelins before going into melee. It's important to avoid a head-on...
  27. Sticky: Re: TWC Milestone Award (former 10 years award) - See OP for details!

    Congratulations to julianus heraclius and PikeStance! :beerchug:
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    Re: DEI Sweboz legendary lets play

    This is a great introduction to the Sweboz campaign in DEI! The ability to play night battles combined with higher morale in forests sounds like a major advantage, especially if you can fight a night...
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    Re: Rome 2: DeI - Lets Getae it on

    In episode 26, retreating across the river from the enemy's elite units sounds like a wise move! I was worried when I saw the penalties that applied to your army (such as less ammunition), when the...
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    Re: DEI Epirus Legendary Campaign [End]

    This campaign looks very enjoyable and your commentary is clear and helpful. I like the way that you explain the thinking behind your decisions.
  31. Re: Tale of the Week 298: Enter the Void - Winner's Circle

    I see what you mean about the connection with Dee and with Sandman, Kilo! I agree, Sandman is brilliant.
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    Re: A Painted Shield of Honour

    The information on the parchment sounds important, it seems that their problems are widespread indeed. Giovanni's question got me wondering what will be happening in Rome when they arrive.
  33. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: May 3]

    You said that you wanted to show the 'baddies' as "people, with their own histories and goals and little victories and crimes" - this comes across brilliantly in the latest update, as I read about...
  34. Re: [IB SAI:AAR] The Last Pagan Emperor (UPDATED 08/05/2021)

    The description of the arrival of Constantius II in Rome is well done - and you held my attention nicely with the last sentence of that first paragraph (an effecive contrast with the previous lines)....
  35. Re: Tale of the Week 298: Enter the Void - Winner's Circle

    Congratulations King Athelstan, this is an excellent tale - and thanks Turk! :)
  36. Shogun 2 Anniversary Art Competition - the Winners!

    << Picture & Video Competitions | Tale of the Week | General Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Competition >>

    The Graphics Workshop's

    Shogun 2 Anniversary
    Graphics Competition...
  37. Re: The Winners of POTW 638, GPOTW 209, UESW 539 and VOTM 86

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks Turk!
  38. Article: A Review of Total War: Rome Remastered

    You can view the page at
  39. Poll: Re: Tale of the Week 298: Enter the Void - VOTE!

    Yes, they're quality tales! Voted, good luck. :)
  40. Tale of the Week 299: The Emperor and the Child - SUBMISSIONS THREAD

    << Picture & Video Competitions | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Competition >>

    The Emperor and the Child

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