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  1. [Released] Re: Pdguru's French and Allies: Uniforms, Artillery, Equipment and Sounds

    Hello PDguru,

    I recently brought NTW back from the grave, and I still have your mod. I was so pleased by this work of yours including the corrections and revisions made to make the uniforms more...
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    [Released] Re: Ciisar's Artillery modification.

    Hello, can you re-upload the file? It's not working for me. Would love to use your mod. Am re-playing old Total War games around these times.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
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    [Released] Re: Editable custom battle funds!

    Where is the link? I don't see it! Trying to re-play Empire and Napoleon for fun here. Would like to hear from you soon. Thanks!
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    [Released] Re: Allmap3.0, 43 battlemaps available, released !!!

    Hello. Where is the attachment to download the mod? It's not here.
  5. Poll: [Released] Re: "Les Aigles" aka Bart 07 units add-on [1.13 released on 08/22/2013]

    Hello Bart07! I recently fixed up my computer, and now I have reinstalled all my previous Total War games running in full glory.
    I wanted to use your Bart07 version 1.05, but the link doesn't seem...
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