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  1. Re: Spreading Judaism Across the World | Kingdom of Jerusalem | Medieval Kingdoms 1212 A.D.

    You're welcome! :)

    The Defenders of the Faith have a tough job, defeating the rebels in Nubia while also trying to expand to the south. That was a brutal fight at the fort entrance. It was cool...
  2. Re: “Toutatis Favours The Brave” (A Nervii CiG AAR) [Updated 28th December 2020]

    The use of the deserted village and the explanation of this are very good. I agree with Turk's comments, the mixture of sadness at the lost pride of the Suessiones and the recognition that this is...
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    Re: Osaka · Ch.9 (updating every week!)

    Good update! Yukimura's reaction to the smell of cooking is relatable and the flashes of memory in this update are very effective. Nisuke's recitation of her pledges is nicely phrased, despite...
  4. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: Jan 15]

    Yes, congratulations on 75,000!

    I agree with Turk, Mubsamat's perceptiveness looks important here. I like the way that she introduces the significance of what Tharin believes is simply a little...
  5. Re: [RELEASE] Divide et Impera 1.2.7 Public Beta (Updated Jan 11)

    Thanks and well done to the DeI team!
  6. Re: [EB2 Hayastan AAR] The Aura of the Orontids (EB 2.35)

    It's a nice detail that you explain the significance of the names of some of the characters. The campaign seems to be going pretty well, despite the naval blockade by Pontus and the rebels at...
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    Re: Englandish-Ideal English

    An impressive project! I wonder if you were (or are) developing a culture that uses this conlang for a novel or game setting.
  8. Re: Hyperborean Period Chronologies (another line of my universe)

    The ebb and flow of the relationship between Azis and Artemisia is dramatic. You got me interested in the small state of Air and their struggle for survival against overwhelming odds.
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    Poll: MAARC LXXXVII - The Tie-Break!

    << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

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    Poll: Re: MAARC LXXXVII - Voting Thread

    Voted - and I agree, this is a really difficult choice! Good luck to everyone.
  11. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Thanks to everyone who has voted in the MAARC, the poll is still open for those who haven't voted yet.

    If you'd like to enter an AAR competition and missed the current MAARC, the submissions...
  12. Re: Spreading Judaism Across the World | Kingdom of Jerusalem | Medieval Kingdoms 1212 A.D.

    Great start! As you said, the Kingdom of Jerusalem looks like a real challenge. I agree, it's fun to play (and to watch) a campaign when the player is defeated sometimes - and it's useful to see the...
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    Re: Osaka · Ch.8 (updating every Friday!)

    I'm enjoying catching up with your tale, and (like Turk) you got me interested in those mysterious coins!

    Action can involve bloodshed but it doesn't have to. For me, one of the interesting...
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    Re: Tracing My Ancestry | Principality of Kiev

    This does look like a great mod and a fun campaign! Kiev's starting position and economy look like a challenge. At least your infantry look well-armoured and very effective, particularly the guard...
  15. Re: (Vanilla Oda) Ten Thousand Spears: Chapter 5

    There are useful tips here on yari formations and levelling up generals. It looks like Sagami will be really useful. You've got me interested in what happened next - the path to travel on may be...
  16. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: Jan 4]

    I agree with Turk, the presentation of Karab as the human side of the enemy is done well.

    It looks as if Karab is drawing Tharin into a trap. Surely Tharin will expect this, so perhaps Karab has...
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    Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Rise of the Republic [End])

    A flavoursome campaign and a fitting replacement for Rome, indeed! I'm intrigued by the campaign that you've been looking forward to. Enjoy your break!
  18. [Released] Re: More reasonable diplomacy mini-mod (using taw's research into the territorial expansion problem, v10, May 16, 2015)

    Hi Franz, yes I'm okay thanks, I hope you are too.

    Thank you for the kind comment. I don't know of a way to build a prestige building of another faction.

    To create a mod to edit the ammunition...
  19. Re: How is your The Twisted & The Twilight campaign going?

    Good points - yes, the teleportation does make for a dynamic campaign.

    You mentioned the campaign seeming easy. I agree that Sisters plus Hawk Riders seems somewhat OP, maybe that's part of it -...
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    Re: 2020 Member Awards - NOMINATIONS

    Best Historical Poster: Dick Cheney, Ludicus, Morticia Iunia Bruti, sumskilz
    Best Writer: Basileos Leandros I, Derc, Kilo11, Turkafinwë, Welsh Dragon
    Funniest Member: Derc, Flinn, Maltacus
  21. How is your The Twisted & The Twilight campaign going?

    I'm having a lot of fun playing as the Sisters of Twilight in Mortal Empires. Heir of Carthage described their Mortal Empires campaign well when he said that they're like a horde campaign with bases...
  22. Thread: UESW 525 - VOTE!

    by Alwyn

    Poll: Re: UESW 525 - VOTE!

    Voted, good luck!
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    Poll: Re: GPOTW 194 - VOTE!

    Voted, great pictures!
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    Poll: Re: GPOTW 193 - REVOTE!

    Voted, good luck!
  25. Thread: POTW 624 - VOTE!

    by Alwyn

    Poll: Re: POTW 624 - VOTE!

    Voted, good luck!
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    Re: The Winners of POTW 623 & UESW 524!

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Alex!
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    Re: Total War: Warhammer II announced

    Thanks, Kouran Darkhand looks like a good candidate. His combination of martial prowess, ruthlessness and an honest soul would make for an interesting LL Just as a good character is more interesting...
  28. Re: Where do you prefer to fight a battle when you are at disavantage in terms of numbers? In the open or inside a city?

    Usually, like LuckyPistol and Gyrosmeister, I'd prefer a city.

    Of course, not every faction would rely choke points for defence. If I was playing as a faction which relies mainly or only on...
  29. Re: What are both the hardest and the easiest factions to play in the Rise of the Republic campaign?

    Their starting position (in the top corner of the map) made for a relatively relaxing start, which was helpful for my first Rise of the Republic campaign. Rise of the Republic surprised me with its...
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    Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Rise of the Republic)

    The night-time pictures of the defeated Carthaginian navy and of the fall of the city of Carthage are particularly good. I know what you mean about controlling a lot of ships being overwhelming....
  31. Re: [IB:RO AAR] Empire of the Unconquered Sun [Updated: 29/10/2020]

    Happy New Year, McScottish! I'm hoping for more of this tale.
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    Re: Crusader Kings 3 AAR - House de Villaret

    A mighty lion, indeed! I'd like to know what he plans to do about the attitude of Duke Angilbotto.
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    Re: World War 0 [Europa Barbarorum II]

    Nicely done, I like the way that you use the mix of success and failure in guerilla warfare as a theme. It sounds like Rome's plans has been severely disrupted.
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    Re: Rehammer 2: The Rehammering

    The mix of a roleplaying game and a narrative adds an interesting dimension.
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    Re: Revenge of the Tyrants. Darkness.

    This is a dramatic prologue. The Impeccable Empire sounds utterly ruthless.
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    Re: Sci-fi world "New Universe". Development.

    This looks like a fun setting. It sounds like the Elfurr are widely influential, as other empires are often compared to them or interact with them.
  37. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Happy New Year!

    The MAARC poll is up, everyone is invited to cast your two votes.
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    Poll: MAARC LXXXVII - Voting Thread

    << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

  39. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Thanks, all, for your helpful comments and ideas. I'm happy to look again at the competition rules and to make changes, if that's what people would like. :)

    I'll start the current MAARC this...
  40. Re: SWO-RD : Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity

    Your plans sound good! Having a second upgrade for heathlands would be interesting and the giant wolf and hawk units sound like a fun addition.
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