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    Re: Dardanion refuses to be renamed

    Some cities in the game are kinda protected by the script and if you try to change the name, it will reset at turn end. That happens because it's part of a group of cities that if conquered their...
  2. Sticky: Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35A R2 released!

    I had exactly the same issue on a previous campaign. Had 20 veteran units in their capital keeping order and they were just wiped out wihout a fight. But the issue is that we don't have a better way...
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    Re: How to spawn custom agents by script?

    Each agent can have up to 10 models:
    Model 0
    Model 1
    Model 2

    Those levels are given with traits that have a level effect like trait King Effect Level 2
    If you give that trait to the...
  4. Re: [2.35A R2] Unit card bug for rebel generals

    It's probably a corrupted portrait. Are you using any submod?
  5. Thread: R2 feedback

    by Lusitanio

    Re: R2 feedback

    It doesn't seem excessive, especially when you as Carthage managed to keep Sardinia for that long + adding the effects of colonization during all those years. Historically, Sardinia was a very...
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    Qart Hadasht AAR

    After a lot of work and changes on the main mod, I've been playing what I consider the best Carthaginian campaign so far and I decided to share the story of the campaign with everyone. I'm not sure...
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    [Tutorial] Re: Maritime Raids

    You welcome! Feel free to send me a pm if you have any doubts about the script!
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    Re: Accursed Grey Blob Turn Hanging

    Don't worry mate, it's actually useful to stay here so that other users with the same problem might see it.
  9. Sticky: Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35A R2 released!

    It really depends on your pc. My older pc would take 40/50 minutes to process the hording stuff, my current one just takes some minutes.
  10. Re: How does the AI calculate whether to sue for peace?

    Usually things like battles (defeats), sieges and blockades influence that.
  11. Sticky: Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35A R2 released!

    I had a similar issue happen to my campaign and after all it was a faction turning into a horde.
  12. Re: Pothos trait for Eastern Greeks FMs of Makedonian origin

    The removal of that trait is triggered by leaving the FM nearby Pella, it has to be that region, not others. Eventually it should go away.
  13. Sticky: Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35A R2 released!

    We could do it with ancillaries, that way we could limit it to only two but it would require a change on the overall election process.
  14. Re: Barcid Revenge Submod - Updates for the next patch

    Here is the link for my submod:

    This is not the latest version, if you want the most updated one (with more...
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    Re: Ai too passive during wars

    As a starter, playing on Very Hard campaign is always the best for AI aggressiveness and still the AI isn't that aggressive. You can change some scripts to improve that such as the amount of money...
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    Re: [Submod] Stratēgikόs

    Congrats for the release Erken, I haven't had the chance to try it but surely it is brilliant work as always!
  17. Sticky: Re: What do you think is missing in MTW2? Here we make update plans.

    You have the Legio mechanic which this tool also renames to whatever you want so you could have Regiment I Rome, etc
  18. Re: Rad looks at things - a thread for visual improvements

    Yes, they have been fixed, they also used to have some very shiny helmets.
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    Re: What units would you add to EBII?

    Can you tell me more about the Hellenic cataphrats part? I'm actually thinking about adding another Hellenic cataphrats into the game but I was thinking about a different concept than the one that...
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    What units would you add to EBII?

    This post is just for fun and some discussion of what we could add if we didn't had this unit limitation.
    But I've added some new units on my own build, from another mod and I've enjoying a lot. ...
  21. Re: [Submod] Enhanced Campaign Movement for EB 2.35A

    Sorry, I actually forgot to say that I reduced movement for captains as well, just 20 less points than Generals. However, after playing with that much movement, I think that I will decrease it to...
  22. Re: [Submod] Enhanced Campaign Movement for EB 2.35A

    Some feedback about your idea for this submod:

    I set the movement for Generals at 420 instead of your 500, but overall most of the agents and captains have 500.

    The movement difference is...
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    Re: Rad compares units - a thread for balancing.

    The game only displays +1 on each update but in practice the increase is 2.5.
  24. Re: 2.35A CTD in battle as Romani agaisnt Eleutheroi

    That's strange, seems to be related with the battle scripts. Do you use any submod or other files that might modify the main build?
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    [Tutorial] Re: Maritime Raids

    Not quite.
    They're clone events so basically when a pirate fleet blockades one of the player ports, there are some chances of getting either the event A or the event B. On those two multichoice...
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    [Tutorial] Maritime Raids

    This tutorial will teach you how to set up Maritime Raids for the player and the AI.

    What does this do? Well, everytime that you or the AI blockades a port, you loose some income from the trade...
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    Re: Minor Ancillary "Bug"

    Nice job finding those errors!
  28. Re: [Submod] Enhanced Campaign Movement for EB 2.35A

    Yes, fleets are impacted and for the better I would say.
  29. Re: [Submod] Enhanced Campaign Movement for EB 2.35A

    I see, nice! In any case, I think that this increased movement favours the AI which is able to make better decisions and react to the player in a faster way, so kudos for your work and I will...
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    Re: Portrait Enhancement Project

    I have updated the links with more portraits + compatible with the current version (as well as the others)

    Have fun and post some pics!
  31. Re: [Submod] Enhanced Campaign Movement for EB 2.35A

    Nice idea. I'm gonna give it a try on my campaigns, for now I've set the movement for my Generals and FMs to 420. So that the agents still have a bit more. I think it will be better campaign wise,...
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    Poll: Re: Old Georgia - Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    I don't usually bother with this but taking into consideration all the spam in the recent days, here we go:

    The team surely hasn't been ignoring Khevsur "expertise" in this matter, and I do...
  33. Re: Admirals not Relinquishing their command (Merging Fleets)

    What numbers are you using? I would like to try that myself.
  34. Re: US will return to being the largest donor to the most oppressed people in the world

    By the way, you're talking about $235 million dollars in aid to the Pallestinians while just in military aid, the USA provided $3.8 billion to Israel, in 2019. Talk about a drop in the ocean, right?
  35. Re: US will return to being the largest donor to the most oppressed people in the world

    Let's just hope they continue to be the biggest donors of bombs in the Middle east! Who doesn't love some nice bombings and killings of innocents, hurray!
  36. Re: Admirals not Relinquishing their command (Merging Fleets)

    By the way, why the change on Carthage colour?
  37. Re: Messana script for war with Rome/Carthage?

    From what I remember, if you went to war with Carthage, they would get a few more troops and ships, nothing else so you don't miss that much.
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    Re: Carthaginian Offices Guide?

    Nothing much mate, you can leave them around Carthage so that they will gain political traits and other stuff. After a certain age, they will start being eligible for main and secondary general.
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    Re: Huge Units Mod

    With the release of the new patch, this mod is now incompatible with it, you will need to wait until the creater does the changes on the new export_descr_units file
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    Re: Hordes as viable mid-game threats?

    Surely he did something to deserve that, after all, what was he doing in Sicily anyway? That's Carthage territory ;)
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