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    Re: Get on the damn griffon, Boris!

    Well of course Boris doesn't want to ride a griffon. If that pansy Franz gets a griffon then Boris needs a golden dragon or luminark roller skates or 16 dwarfs carrying 4 dwarfen kings who are in...
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    Re: Chaos Faction Free for 1st Week

    Doesn't mean much or anything really, it's a matter of principle. Chaos simply should not be outside the core package the same way France shouldn't be dlc in Napoleon or Huns shouldn't be the same in...
  3. Re: [Patch 17] New resource buildings are overpowered (and how)

    The food thing is nuts but the patch notes are clear, CA really did intend this. At this point simply reverting to the old system would constitute a major improvement as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Re: The Total Warrior - a TWC graphic series, episode 13 released 11th August

    Lol, qapla' Mel!
  5. Re: Total War: WARHAMMER - Battle of Black Fire Pass Walkthrough released!

    CA probably can't go full on with all the details due to sys reqs but I do hope state troops get improved at least, they really feel a bit bland atm.

    Cavalry collision felt pretty weak, the cav...
  6. Re: The Total Warrior - a TWC graphic series, epsiode 3 released + episode 4 released 11th July

    Never stop man.

    Btw, someone perma-ban Ngugi for blatant tos violations.
  7. Sticky: Re: DarthMod Empire v8.0.1 Platinum Feedback (READ FIRST POST)

    This may sound weird but the DM for ETW I play is an old v7 lite version:

    DarthMod has over time, I feel, become...
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    Re: Same Sex Marriage legal in all 50 US states!

    Gays can have children and thus "proper" families via adoption or artificial insemination. If marriage is seen as a child centric institution there's no reason to deny it to them. Not that there are...
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    Re: Is it wrong to like Rome 2?

    90% of the army would go for the gate and if the gate breaks other units would abandon whatever they're doing and run to jam themselves into the gateway. Holding behind the gate while oil kills...
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    Re: Is it wrong to like Rome 2?

    Rome 2's a good game now imo. I'd even say that vanilla R2 beats vanilla Rome 1 and Medieval 2. It's much more engaging on the strategic level and has more historically authentic and more diverse...
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    Re: Full game or split game?

    As cynical as I am I find it understandable that TW:WH needs to come out in stages similar to Starcraft 2. With WH factions being so different and there being so many more unit types and outlandish...
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    Re: Rock Paper Shotgun Interview

    They talked about Rome 2 because that's what the question was about. Because the interviewer mentioned it.

    Simple as that.

    They're dishonest, not stupid.
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    Re: Rock Paper Shotgun Interview

    I don't think it's denial, it's just that no dev will openly diss their game. It's a big marketing no, no. I doubt they're allowed to be honest about it even if they wanted to.

    In any case, que...
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    Re: RIP Sir Christopher Lee

    Rest in peace Lord Summerisle. :(
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    Re: On today of all days, a Celtic Invasion!

    Oh look, another excuse to wait for Attila: Emperor Edition at 75% off. Thanks SEGA & CA. :thumbsup2
  16. Re: Live Long and Prosper........R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

    R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy. Thank you for existing.
  17. Poll: Re: Longbeards are delayed, get the Helmet of Will instead!

    I heard the beards ended up being too short so the dlc had to be delayed in order to implement a beard elongation solution.
  18. Re: So Hadrian's wall is... a huge hole in the ground

    Hey, it still serves its purpose as a wall. What are you, graphics whores? :surprise:
  19. Re: Will Attila be shipped in slices and pieces? 7 DLC listed on release day - holy cash cow.

    DLC milking happens because we allow it to happen. It's got nothing to do with the future or the past or whether it's new or old. People allow themselves to be trained until they get used to it and...
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    Re: Darren joins CA!

    I'm happy for Darren but sad to be losing an unbiased critic of TW content. SEGA/CA want to buy the trust and goodwill people have for Darren but now there' no more reason to trust him than any other...
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    Re: Why are Romans so loved?
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    Re: Probably known but - Phalanaxes!! o.O

    In PB's rc/rr balance mods pikes often have very low attack and def skill values. A unit with just 1 attack and 0 def skill is still immensely powerful simply due to the pike itself. In RC pikes tend...
  23. Re: Cavalry charges through infantry like a knife through butter...

    Hot knife through butter. A non-heated knife might struggle with butter especially if it's dull or the butter is cold or semi-frozen.
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    Re: Is nothing sacred...Thor is a woman?

    I know nothing about these comics but the simplicity of the words "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." is clear even to me.

    Not only that but there...
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    Re: is this how you present mods today?

    Maybe not *this* community but it seems to be standard fare for the Steam community. Rankings, top lists, subscribers, et al. have made modding even more of a popularity wank off than it used to be.
  26. Re: Hammer and Anvil is the Only Tactic: Some Thoughts on How to Fix

    H&A/flanking is always the best tactic, it's always been in every TW game. It will always be the best no matter what you do. Even if you essentially turn off morale like Radious attacking from...
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale - Rome II + all DLC 50% off

    P&R is not on sale. C'mooon 75%, in Gaben we trust. :P
  28. Re: Will R2TW be on the upcoming Steam Summer Sales?

    It will surely be on sale, the question is how much of a sale. GG and GMG had their summer sales less very recently and R2 was still only 50% off.

    I'm guessing it *will* hit 75% at some point...
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    Re: Next DLC: Pirates and Raiders!

    I assume the piracy/raiding mechanic will come down to "+10% money gained from looting" and "+1 ship xp level"?
  30. Re: where to buy blood and gore?

    Heh, I always get "region'd" but not on GG so I assumed they didn't do that sort of thing. Screw 'em then. :P
  31. Re: where to buy blood and gore?

    Here you go op: (you get a steam key)

    But like others have said it's 3$, not 2.50. Also Rome 2 is on sale 50% off. GG's...
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    Poll: Re: Shogun 2 modding

    Go away pointless thread.

  33. Re: Beasts of War: Camel Cataphracts were in the game before release.

    Funny, the DLC unit is also called Camel Cataphracts, there's no "armored".
  34. Re: Make War Not Love - CA PROMO WEEKEND - 50% OFF Rome 2

    What is even meant by "battle"? Multiplayer battle, campaign battle, campain itself, custom battle, historical battle...
  35. Re: Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 'not due in first half of 2014', needs more time

    Alright, take your time Obsidian.
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    Poll: Re: The Problem With The Beasts of War DLC

    I'm not necessarily against paid unit packs but this does seem a bit underwhelming. I'm guessing CA/SEGA wanted to come up with something "different" since mods already add a lot of normal units.
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    Re: Point of the Socii

    Which is pretty :wub:.

    I remember playing Stainless Steel with RC/RR. At one point in the early game I actually recruited peasants (to fight, not just push rams) because my other recruitment...
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    Re: Point of the Socii

    It's almost as if this game was supposed to have a population/manpower resource and/or some kind of recruitment "cooldown" a la Medieval 2.
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    Re: Middle Earth mod (Rome 2)

    Advertising your mod on other mod sub-forums is generally frowned upon (even if the theme is similar) sort of how some game developers don't allow other games to be "pitched" on their official forum...
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    Re: "Beasts of War" DLC?

    Finally, after all these years. A Rome Before Time.
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