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  1. Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    One of those days, indeed! For Pompey to succeed where Julius Caesar failed adds an extra level of satisfaction. I enjoyed the allusions to the introduction to the Julii campaign at the start of Rome...
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    Re: An Empire Divided: A Three Kingdoms AAR

    It's helpful to see the strategic situation. It sounds like the economic challenges are almost as serious as the many revolts, a challenging situation for Dong Zhuo.

    I like the phrasing of 'You...
  3. Re: MAARC LXXXIII - the submissions and nominations thread!

    New Town
    (Carthage AAR using Rome II)
    by Alwyn

    At Aracillum in northern Iberia, Admago’s new army, the...
  4. Poll: Which Three Kingdoms game feature (new or old) impresses you the most? You're invited to say why on the poll thread.

    Three Kingdoms players, which is your favourite (old or new) feature of the game? Comments are welcome!
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    Poll: Re: Empire Total War vs Napoleon Total War

    I agree with Daruwind that Napoleon Total War campaigns tend to feel the same. To be fair to the developers, I'm not surprised by that, as of course NTW is meant to simulate a specific historical...
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    The YouTube School of Strategy & Tactics

    YouTube has a great collection of Rome II battles, I particularly enjoy commentaries by Heir of Carthage and Maximus Decimus Meridius. Maybe, like me, you watch videos of battles looking for...
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    Consultation: the future of the MCWC

    Submissions for the MCWC XX (our 20th Monthly Creative Writing Competition) opened in January. We've had one entry so far, more entries would be welcome!

    As I see it, it doesn't matter if a...
  8. [Released] Re: More reasonable diplomacy mini-mod (using taw's research into the territorial expansion problem, v10, May 16, 2015)

    Thanks, I don't know how this mod and Imperial Splendour interact. If Imperial Splendour modifies the same database table, the effects you're seeing might come from either mod. (One way to resolve...
  9. Re: The latest anti-liberal rant thread (get your daily dose here)

    It's helpful to hear that we agree that there's discrimination against women in some cases. I didn't say that there's a "mass conspiracy". You seem to be claiming this, when you say that "the liberal...
  10. Re: "A First Command" (pretty short story - few chapters)

    If you're writing a novel like story based on a campaign or set in the world of Rome 2, you can post it in the Rome 2 AARs forum.

    AARs usually have screenshots, but they don't have to...
  11. Re: The Great LIBERAL LIE of the ''Gender Pay Gap''

    I imagine you're right that men are overrepresented in higher positions.

    When you listed reasons for this, I notice that you didn't include discrimination as a possible reason. Why was that? Do...
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    Re: New Town (Carthage AAR) [updated June 1, 2019]

    Thanks, Turkafinwë and Swaeft! We'll see whether Carthage managed to pull a Mascarada-style quick victory and whether Admago's rule will be solidified as a result...

    Chapter 30

    The Friend...
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    Re: An Empire Divided: A Three Kingdoms AAR

    Welcome! I agree with Caillagh that you set the scene well. This is an enjoyable start for your AAR.

    It sounds like Dong Zhuo faces a formidable coalition of enemies, under Yuan Shao's...
  14. Re: The Tiger of Jiangdong! Sun Jian Let's Play!

    When one of your generals is in a duel against a superior opponent, it looks like you have a choice between keeping the general in the duel (useful because the enemy general is tied up for a...
  15. Re: [SS 6.4] God's Justice (Crusader States AAR, with BGR IV and more!)

    The chaos and desperation of the people who are fleeing come across well, and the scene with Lord Jean and the Sultan is suitably intense. I guess that Lord Jean felt that every other option was...
  16. Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    Yes, the betrayal of Antony by his ally is an interesting twist. I wonder whether his allies will enable Antony's Rome to stand for long against Pompey, it looks as if Pompey's Rome is unstoppable.
  17. Re: "A First Command" (pretty short story - few chapters)

    I'm sorry to see that your story has ended, I was enjoying it! It sounds like the charge of the four centuries was a decisive intervention. I was worried when Dexus was hit by a stone that he'd wake...
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    Poll: Re: Denmark Legislative Elections

  19. [Released] Re: More reasonable diplomacy mini-mod (using taw's research into the territorial expansion problem, v10, May 16, 2015)

    Thanks for the helpful feedback and your kind comments! I wonder which of the four versions of the mod you were using.
  20. Poll: Re: Duel between King Athelstan and Swaeft - THE VOTE!

    These are suitably chilling tales, good luck to both writers!
  21. Re: ROME - Is mother to us all [Divide et Impera] AAR - {Seasons}

    It sounds like there's tension between Consul Papus and General Rufus. Maybe the Consul was hoping that the general would give up his military command so the Consul could get one of his friends...
  22. Re: “Toutatis Favours The Brave” (A Nervii CiG AAR) [Updated 12th January 2019]

    I agree with MaxMaker13 and Turkafinwë about your representation of the internal conflict and the connection between the tribes' names and their representatives. It sounds like Caxtos has given a...
  23. Re: [EBII Sweboz AAR] The Furor Teutonicus [Updated: 07/06/2019]

    That's a great opening line! This sounds like an important discovery and I'm excited to see what Epistor learned on his journey. :)
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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break

    For a moment, I was confused about why the servant would say that he was a Bosmer (I was thinking, wouldn't this be obvious) but then I realised its significance here.

    The line about...
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    Re: Of Wolves and Prey [Updated: 04/06; Part II.4]

    Yes, there's a lot of politics and intrigue here. This works well, especially the part about the margrave manipulating the merchant and the phrasing of Aistulf's response to the question about where...
  26. Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    Glorious victories for the son of Neptune, indeed! I like the way that you're making this about restoring the Republic and defeating those who would be emperor.

    The screenshots of your attack on...
  27. Poll: Re: Chronicles of the Night Breed (EOD II, Dark Fantasy AAR) [Updated 05.06.2019]

    You capture the eerie atmosphere of the lands of the Ghostmen brilliantly! I'm intrigued by the idea of a 'search for someone I did not care about ... at all', a bit like the merchants who no longer...
  28. Re: [IB SAI:AAR] The Last Pagan Emperor (UPDATED 26/05/2019)

    It sounds like Tiberius is very confident of his position and the position of Rome, I wonder if he will regret his response to the emissary in future. Good update!

    I'm sorry to hear of your...
  29. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Cookiegod's distinction between plot-driven writing as "planning" and character-driven writing as "growing" sounds helpful, for me. CommodusIV made good points that good character dynamic is...
  30. Re: "A First Command" (pretty short story - few chapters)

    Good updates! The ordinary routine of the camp contrasts well with the alarm and the action afterwards. I hope that the daring flank attack will be enough.

    I wonder if you're interested in...
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    Re: Military tactics for Empire Total War?

    Hi Incendio,

    You're welcome! I suggest Britain, France or Spain. They all have a strong base in Europe, overseas colonies and, in effect, a 'client state' in the Americas (the Thirteen...
  32. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Award] Flinn for the Asterix's Loincloth (forthwith)

    Well said, dear fellow! This estimable proposal has my support. :)
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    Re: Nature of the antagonist

    Yes, Captain Kelly had higher rank, but I saw Kelly and Dempsey as equally the antagonists. Kelly was better at coming up with plans, while Dempsey was wiser at putting the schemes into practice, and...
  34. Re: Consultation: should 5 or 6 entries be required for a full competition in the MAARC and MCWC?

    Thanks for commenting! I wonder if it's helpful to have the numbers of people entering recent competitions:

    MAARC LXXV: 8 (the 75th MAARC)
  35. Thread: OOC thread

    by Alwyn

    Re: OOC thread

    These days, I think the need for this is met by Hotseat Campaigns and the Play by Post RPG Forum (which has its own You Are the Senate area).
  36. Article: In the Light of Dusk - AAR Review by Swaeft

    You can view the page at
  37. Re: Tale of the Week 292: Leap of Faith - Submissions Thread

    Captain Zhang watched impassively as the yellow icons disappeared from her view, one by one.

    “I believe the rebel fleet is defeated. Prepare to jump,” she ordered.

    “Captain, a jump signature...
  38. Consultation: should 5 or 6 entries be required for a full competition in the MAARC and MCWC?

    In the MAARC and MCWC, we can run a reduced competition when we have three entries and a full competition when we have six. (If anyone is wondering what the MAARC and MCWC are, you can find them in...
  39. Re: The Tiger of Jiangdong! Sun Jian Let's Play!

    An intense battle, indeed! It looks like your flank attack and focusing on the enemy general were important moves. It looks like Three Kingdoms re-creates the uncertainty and chaos of a...
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    Re: Free Speech in the UK

    How is calling for terrorist attacks on mosques funny? Did the shooting of Muslims at mosques in New Zealand make you smile and laugh?

    I support jailing someone who encourages others to commit...
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