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  1. Re: COVID-19: A bloody battle or a long war?

    If Spain got locked down fairly early in their infection period in reaction to Italy going into national lockdown, and have been in quarantine now for nearly three weeks, why have infection and...
  2. Re: Coronavirus outbreak - From China to the World.

    I think largely the differing perspective between American conservatives and liberals on how to exactly respond to the virus has to do with their fundamental political principles and the life...
  3. Re: COVID-19: A bloody battle or a long war?

    One thing too is that a lot of people with minor symptoms won't go get a test. I know that I, along with a number of other family members and friends, have made a pact not to go to the doctor for a...
  4. Re: COVID-19: A bloody battle or a long war?

    I’m still opposed to total lockdowns. The voluntary lockdowns here seem good be working well for the most part, I hardly see anyone out and about in my city despite freedom of movement.

  5. Re: Coronavirus outbreak - From China to the World.

    I perceive that even with the total lockdown in place, numbers are still skyrocketing. How long has the Italian lockdown been effect, since a week and a half ago, if I recall? Why the sudden upsurge?...
  6. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    In fact, it did though, as the Duchy of Warsaw, a Napoleonic satellite state. For Hungary, I am taking inspiration from the 1848 Revolution and the Hungarian troops in the Habsburg Army during the...
  7. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    I was actually thinking of Romania alongside Hungary and Poland for the next batch of factions. I have already begun some preliminary research on the region during the Napoleonic Wars to get an idea...
  8. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    Scotland and Ireland are now up! Which Emergent Factions would you like to see next?
  9. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    Hello Alwyn, thanks for your support!

    I have some ideas on how to give these factions unique attributes and mechanics. While I am still thinking about it and planning it all out, I may use what I...
  10. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    Thanks for the support, Leonardo!

    As an update for everyone enjoying this mod, I am wrapping up Scotland and also about to get started on Ireland, Hungary, and Greece, as the first round of...
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    [Released] Re: Prussia 1780-1806 Mod

    A nice idea for a first mod! Glad to see people are still making mods for this game.

    What you might consider is uploading screenshots of your new units? It would allow us all a sneak-peek of your...
  12. [Released] Re: The Wardrobe of 1805 - A Uniform Modification - Version 2 Out with Prussians

    I will have to consider the possibility, I would like to finish my Minor Factions unit mod first before revisiting this project.

    With that said, I don't think much more work needs to be done...
  13. [Released] Emperor Batman's Minor Factions Unit Mod

    I decided to return back to Napoleon Total War but found the minor factions to be very lacking, with few interesting units and many missing ones! I decided to help expand those factions and share...
  14. Crediting Inactive Users and Modders

    I have a question regarding the ethics of borrowing assets and ideas from modders who are inactive. As far as I am aware, there has not been much discussion on this topic, but is important especially...
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    Re: Adding Double-Barreled Muskets

    I realize it might be more helpful if I posted an image of the situation:

    The problem does not seem to be with the equipment entity at all. The backpacks work, and...
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    Adding Double-Barreled Muskets

    I am currently trying to add double-barreled muskets back into Napoleon Total War for a mod I am working on that features a special units that I hope will use these weapons. The gun was featured in...
  17. Re: German woman astonished by her Apache ancestry

    Karl May would be pleased by this finding!
  18. Sticky: Re: Total War Saga: TROY announced! (trailer, screens & campaign map video)

    I'm not all that impressed, and probably will not be getting this game. Do people like these quasi-fantasy games now, or is CA losing touch with their old fanbase?
  19. Re: What's your favorite faction for the Great Campaign mode?

    Hello, and welcome to TWCenter!

    I have always been a fan of the Ostrogoths. I've always been drawn in by the idea of recruiting Roman units, and makes me truly feel like a successor to the fallen...
  20. Re: Bavaria unites Germany instead of Prussia


    However, that particular far-left and far-right radicalism you cite emerges mostly out of the radical exacerbation of desperate conditions in Germany and Austria after the end of World War...
  21. Re: Bavaria unites Germany instead of Prussia

    So then, the problem lies in a matter of personal talent? Whereas it seems that Prussia had talented generals (such as Moltke the Elder) and statesmen (Bismarck), Bavaria did not?

    I'm still...
  22. Re: Bavaria unites Germany instead of Prussia

    Would you propose then that a more-powerful Bavaria would only be there to maintain balance, preventing either Prussia or Austria from taking it all?
  23. Bavaria unites Germany instead of Prussia

    In our timeline, Prussia rose to prominence in the eighteenth-century and became one of the most powerful and influential states in Europe, putting it in its eventual position to unify the German...
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    Re: Name that historical figure!

    Very sorry, I got lazy and just took the original upload link.
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    Re: Name that historical figure!

    Indeed that is correct! It is Colmarr Freiherr von der Goltz!
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    Re: Name that historical figure!

    Definitely a very cool woman, and she shares a birthday with me!
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    Re: Name that historical figure!

    Hedy Lamarr, the famous Austrian-American actress!
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    Poll: Re: Best bread

    For me, it’s a three-way tie between Sourdough, Rye, and Pretzel.
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    Re: New Campaign pack for R2! :)

    I've started playing the campaign, beginning with Rome.

    Does anybody else find that garrisons are insanely strong? I find it incredibly difficult to make headway because I can't fight both the...
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    Re: New Campaign pack for R2! :)

    Has anyone gotten the update yet? I don't seem to have anything yet.
  31. Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    Perhaps this is as good of a thread as any to share some recent thoughts I've had, specifically about why I stopped being active around here but also about a growing personal interest in returning to...
  32. Re: Atlas Editing: Units Not Appearing Until Very Close

    Thanks Steph. I seem to have stuck close to your instructions with the copy-paste system, except for the Saving part. I suspect now the problem might involve compression and quality decay that caused...
  33. Atlas Editing: Units Not Appearing Until Very Close

    Hello everyone,

    Hopefully people still browse these forums!

    Anyway, I'm getting myself back into modding again after a several-year hiatus. Currently I am working on a project to re-do a...
  34. Re: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

    I’m calling Alexander, with the rise of Macedon bringing an end to Achaemenid Persia right after that empire reached its own height.
  35. Re: Did Edward Gibbon invent a time machine so he could go back to the Roman era to ensure its demise, just so he could write and sell his book about it?

    The massive size of his second chin created the ripple in the space-time continuum that must've made his journeys back 1,400 years possible!

    The secret power of this unassuming tool, however,...
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    Re: My day sucks because

    On a 5-hour flight back home to Boston from LA to visit friends. The flight was delayed three hours due to weather, meaning I’ll be landing around midnight. Then two hours of driving to where I live....
  37. Re: Has anyone witnessed AI use shield castle?

    That is strange. Early on, I saw them use Shield Castle rather often. However, this was at the start of the battle in their default deployment formation. Perhaps they don't reactivate Shield Castle...
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    Re: DLC Speculation

    If they were to add more factions, what would they be?

    I think Gallgoidel would be interesting. They could make stronger use of a hybrid Norse and Gaelic roster, like how Northymbre and East...
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    Re: Name that Battle!

    Is there a name for this style of art? I find it very fascinating how it takes traditional Japanese drawing styles with some western influences, in addition to Western uniforms. Very much a cool...
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    Re: Alfred The Great Trailer

    I really hope the Welsh will be playable. I want to reconquer the isles for the Britons and drive out the Germanic invaders, both Saxon and Norse.
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