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  1. Thread: UESW 494 - Vote!

    by Alwyn

    Sticky: Poll: Re: UESW 494 - Vote!

    Voted. Wow, I wasn't expecting dinosaurs!

    I don't want to make the light hoplites feel bad, but I think their confidence may be mistaken.
  2. Thread: POTW 597 - Vote!

    by Alwyn

    Sticky: Poll: Re: POTW 597 - Vote!

    Impressive images, good luck!
  3. Thread: GPOTW 157 - Vote

    by Alwyn

    Sticky: Poll: Re: GPOTW 157 - Vote

    Yes, they're amazing, good luck to all!
  4. Sticky: Re: The Winners of GPOTW 156 & POTW 595 & POTW 596 6& UESW 493

    Great work, indeed!

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Alex.

    I cherish all the cookies! :surprise:
  5. Re: Just got into rome 2 - which campaign is best for playing as a Greek faction?

    The Greek states pack makes Athens, Epirus and Sparta playable in the Grand Campaign (the Wrath of Sparta doesn't unlock factions for the Grand Campaign, it makes available a separate campaign). The...
  6. Replies

    Re: [Third Age MOS AAR] An Uruks Tale

    The return of Malthur is an exciting event! The bleak, desperate mood of Rohan after what happened in Gondor comes across powerfully. I'm interested to see what role the King's new adviser will play...
  7. Re: To earn a Kingdom: A Northern Dúnedain Narrative - Divide and Conquer V2.1 [UPDATE - 19/03/2020]

    Good chapter, you convey well the long history and slowly fading splendour of the elves. Eldarion's decision sounds like a dangerous one, I wonder if the hobbits will disagree.
  8. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: Mar 15]

    I wonder if it's significant that Mun'at's army seems to have been able to march as far as this through Saba' lands without being intercepted (politely or otherwise) by one of the Queen's armies -...
  9. Re: The Empire Strikes Back - Seleucids AAR [R: TW Vanilla]

    Great AAR, like Turk I enjoyed the way that you use the differences from history to your advantage. It looks as if Antiochus and Alexander are bold, decisive leaders.
  10. Re: A OtherRealm Productions - Phoenicia AAR (Bronze Age)

    Good update! It looks like the Phoenicians are making good progress in both north and south, the battle at Ugarit in particular seems significant. Good update!
  11. Re: Just got into rome 2 - which campaign is best for playing as a Greek faction?

    As Spyrith said, Massilia and Sparta are fun options.

    If you enjoy strategy, I recommend Athens and Syracuse in the Grand Campaign

    Athens is interesting, for me, because you start as a client...
  12. Re: Peace (the first part of a horror-y short story - roughly 700 words here) Feedback would be nice :)

    You've included some interesting mysteries - people are captive but this seems to be almost universally accepted (I wonder why) and there's the question of who or what tthe captives are. There are...
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    Re: Swords Made of Letters

    That's a sobering moment for Reythier, when he learns how many units Elbe has - as is Reythier's meeting with Howe. Good updates!
  14. Re: Want a mod? We´ll create it for you! - Service Station - Temporary Closed!

    People previously requested Shokh's mod for playing as the US. New download links are below.

    This mods, and all credit for it, belongs to Fortes, Okmin and Shokh.

    What this mod does...
  15. Replies

    [Released] Re: USA Unlocked in 1700: A Lite Mod

    A new download link is available below.

    This mod, and all credit for it, belongs to Scourge012.

    What this mod does
    This mod unlocks the United States for play at the start of the...
  16. [Released] Re: Shokh Hates Sieges! (A next level no-fortification mod)

    You can download Shokh's mod from this post or this page.
  17. Sticky: Re: The Winners of GPOTW 154 & GPOTW 155 & UESW 492 & VOTM 75

    Amazing pictures and video, congratulations!
  18. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Cool, I'd like to be in this gang, but I sadly can't confirm that I am none of these people. You see, I am one of them. You'll never guess which one! :surprise:

    (Derc, Cookiegod, kilowolf359...
  19. Replies

    Poll: Re: VOTM 75 - ReVote!

    Two great videos! Voted.
  20. Thread: POTW 595 - Vote!

    by Alwyn

    Poll: Re: POTW 595 - Vote!

    Voted, good luck all!
  21. Thread: GPOTW 155 - Vote

    by Alwyn

    Poll: Re: GPOTW 155 - Vote

    Voted, good luck, I agree that they're all impressive!
  22. Thread: UESW 492 - Vote!

    by Alwyn

    Poll: Re: UESW 492 - Vote!

    Voted, good luck!
  23. Replies

    Poll: Re: GPOTW 154 - Revote!

    Voted, good luck to both!
  24. Poll: Re: Tale of the Week 294: Battle of Trenton - VOTING THREAD

    Voted, good luck to all!
  25. The Second Writers' Study Occasional Competition - the Winner!

    << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>
  26. Re: The Winners of GPOTW 153 & POTW 593 & POTW 594 & UESW 491

    Congratulations to all the winners on your brilliant pictures! Extra congratulations to Alexander for earning your gold Picture of the Week Medal!

    Thanks to Alexander and everyone who...
  27. Re: Article: Napoleon Total War: 10th Anniversary Review

    You're welcome, thanks to you and everyone for commenting.

    In answer to your question - yes, I preferred in the past (and still prefer) Normal or Hard rather than VH/VH. My preference is to...
  28. Re: What do you prefer to do in the early stages of a campaign when playing as Baktria?

    Your thread inspired me to start a new Bactria campaign at the weekend, I used the same strategy, resulting in a similar position. Persia took the southern Aria region and Parthia declared war on...
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    Re: The Egyptian Campaign on VH/VH

    A really helpful guide to the Egypt campaign! It looks like the combination of the Qalyubia Rebellion, the threat to Alexandria from Sydney Smith and the first Bedouin raid was an exciting time.
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    Re: Italian Campaign on VH/VH

    Your strategic thinking is impressive! When I play the Italy campaign, I can't resist upgrading infrastructure, but you've shown that this isn't necessary.

    I like your assessment of the...
  31. Re: What do you prefer to do in the early stages of a campaign when playing as Baktria?

    I like going west initially as Bactria, ignoring the northern tribes. Yes, I tend to get bonus objectives accidentally rather than intentionally.
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    [PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [AWARD]Abdülmecid I for Phalera

    I support this proposal.*

    (*) And not just because the supernatural rats told me to. :surprise:
  33. Re: Conrad Hartwing. narrative mortal empires campaign.

    Like Turk, I enjoyed the way that you convey the vulnerability of Conrad and his men and the burden of command. The arrival of Balthasar Gelt is a good moment, too!
  34. Re: “Toutatis Favours The Brave” (A Nervii CiG AAR) [Updated 23rd February 2020]

    Like Turk, I enjoyed the contrasts between the cultures of the different tribes. (I like flash-back to a similar event in the past, too).

    It looks as if the Suessiones have seized the initiative,...
  35. Re: The Great Mod Version 6.0 (Beta for NTW) Great Britain

    Great AAR - and a helpful introduction to what looks like a great mod. I'm impressed with the attention to detail on the building options, the tech tree and the unit types (for both armies and...
  36. Re: To earn a Kingdom: A Northern Dúnedain Narrative - Divide and Conquer V2.1 [UPDATE - 07/03/2020]

    Top notch writing, indeed! In the previous chapter, I particularly like the moment when Frégol saw a connection between how most hobbits see the folk of Buckland, and how his people see those who...
  37. Re: Written in Sand (Nabataean AAR for EBII)[updated: Mar 2]

    An end to civil strife sounds like a noble cause, and a cause for Mun'at and Tharin to unite despite their differences.

    The reactions of Zaadi to the man's demands, and his reaction to the cry of...
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    Re: EB2, 2.35, Video AAR, Lugiones

    I enjoyed episode 8, following the adventures of Akus and the disrupted march on Waldawa. The emergence of the vassal state is an interesting development, this seems to have led to some political...
  39. Re: A OtherRealm Productions - Phoenicia AAR (Bronze Age)

    Arhalba is a brave and cunning commander! Good update. :)
  40. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    Thanks to all who entered and voted in our Second Occasional Competition! Two tales are through to a tie-break in this competition, inspired by the game Seedship, please vote!

    Meanwhile, thanks to...
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