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    The best mod for multi campaign for this game seems to be minor factions revenge on moddb, this mod seems to desynch when the factions in the new regions play their turn. Hope it helps, sorry for the...
  2. Re: multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?

    just to let you guys know, multi campaign works best with darthmod, however as i said it also works with imperial destroyer, if anyone would like to play add me on steam.

    User = hansenj205grunt ...
  3. Re: multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?

    your welcome guys, sorry its been so long, anyone feel free to take a key!
  4. Re: multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?

    Here are a few, these have all worked for, I have activated 3 the rest should be good. Pls post which one u used for other people's convince, the reason I am doing it this way is because I don't...
  5. Re: multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?

    Hi I'm reporting back, I tested my question an yes! Imperial deastroyer does work for multi-campaign. If anyone is still interested in multi-campaign PM me I have a few keys from a very old Reddit...
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    Startpos modding help

    I have been working on modding the startpos file for a while now, and while i have made progress following Husserl's guides i would still like to know 1 thing. How do you create a complacently NEW...
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    Re: Anyone learning to mod right now?

    Hello. its nice to see people still trying to learn how to mod this game. I have tried to keep up with ETW modding. Like you i am just now trying to learn modding for etw. i have been trying for...
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    Re: How to make campaign ?

    Sorry, there is no campaign for this mod, and no one has made one. If you are feeling particularly smart and willing to read and follow directions to a "T" then it will probably be best to follow...
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    Sticky: Re: Sneak Peeks {WIP Screenshots}

    This mod is so cool, cant wait for the next update. I absolutely love the campaign models, i had no idea you could change them, i have only seen it done one other time by imperial destroyer. great...
  10. multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?

    Just as the title says, does this mod work with the multiplayer beta. i love this mod and want to play it with my friend on multiplayer. so it would be great to know if it is compatible. if not, will...
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    Would a coop campaign mod be possible

    So I'm sure we have all had this idea, but I didn't see it on the forums, so I was wondering is there at all a possibility of a "coop campaign" mod. Now hot seat is great, don't get me wrong but what...
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    Re: ETW unpacker

    oh, now i feel kinda dumb, thanks for the suggested modding tools. ill check them out
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    ETW unpacker

    hi, i have not seen an etw unpacker on the forums, would it be useful if there were one, i found one on the russian forums called etw_unpacker3
  14. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Screenshots and Videos Thread

    Sorry never mind my quote, frapso already had close to the same one, but more accurate
  15. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Screenshots and Videos Thread

    Im not sure if this counts, i got the answer from warrior of sparta's video

    Ayyubid Sultanate
    Cilician Armenia
    Crown of Aragon
    Cuman Khanate
    Duchy of Burgundy
    Empire of Nicaea
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    how did this mod add new regions

    Hi, i was just wandering how this mod added new regions, sorry if its already been asked. if its confidential for the mod right now i understand, but if you can say that would be awesome for me and...
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