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  1. Help with adding epaulettes to custom prussia generals staff

    changing the variant models of the prussian general staff officer everyting goes smooth, i change mesh and textures of hat, then torso, then legs after every change i load the unit in the game for...
  2. CTD when selecting vainilla land battles

    i made a clean install, then i changed the pacth file for one with 3 custom units, selected land battle and it loaded the units in the selection screen, then i exit the game and put the vainilla...
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    Sticky: Re: NTW3 v8.7 download & technical issues

    help i followed the installation instructions and when the launcher appears i select anything and it CTD's how i can fix it?

    Go into the ntw data folder and remove all mod folders (NTW3, DM, etc)...
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