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    Re: Future Sweboz Content?

    The "Horse stabbers" (basically the light infantry you mentioned) are all I am aware of currently being added. I don't quite know how complete the Suebi are, but I know the lugians require more...
  2. Re: What were the most messed up things you did on a campaign?

    Too many of the things I do on the campaign map are "messed up." My pahlava campaign has so many slaves after my cruel treatment of the Baktrians. Speaking of which, I sacked their capital, and...
  3. Re: should demetrias be renamed if held by greeks other than makedonia?

    I know through script, some settlement names are changed. Baktria when under the control of Pahlava is (something) i Balk if I remember correctly. As of this I don't know the whole story.
  4. Is anyone by chance still interested in EBII Multiplayer?

    Is there any interest in EBII mutiplayer nowadays? I ask because this thread is two years dead it seems, and I figured I might be interested in finding someone to play with out there if one of you...
  5. Re: Which faction as of 2.35 is the most "complete/incomplete"?

    Most factions are "complete" though I find that Jurand is right when it comes to Pritanoi *and* the Aedui/Aurenoi. The Aedui and Aurenoi play nearly identical and have unreasonably strong upward...
  6. Sticky: Re: Faction difficulty ratings (your help is needed)

    Aedui (based on about 200 turns of play on VH/VH)

    Early Game: Hard
    Late Game: easy-medium

    Army: In the very early game, you are given a pretty fair selection of units who make decent heavy...
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