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  1. Re: [submod] Rebalance supply for 41 unit armies

    I'd love this too, any chance of a supply table for 30 unit armies? I've found that 30 units seems to be the "Goldilocks" zone for the game in terms of battles - 40-41 unit battles just become a...
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    Re: Thirty Unit Armies

    Well this sucks!

    I recall there was a .lua script that I could use to change supply tables within DeI to 30 units, but I cannot for the life of me dig up where I found it.

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    Thirty Unit Armies

    Hi there!

    It has been a long time since I have played Rome II - life gets in the way - and the only way to do it is with DeI!

    I have been digging around trying to find old threads where 30 unit...
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    Re: Campus Martius questions

    Apologies for dropping this into the wrong thread.


    So do I understand correctly that it is a Tier 3 Barracks from the get-go?

    Thanks again for your replies.
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    Campus Martius questions

    Hi All,

    I'm sorry if this has been asked, but I've hunted around for answers to no avail.

    Regarding the Campus Martius bonus for Rome, what level Barracks is this? Does this make the building...
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    Sticky: Re: [Tech] 1.2 Bug Reports


    My game is CTDing when loading a new campaign. It also locks up on the load screen if I try to run the graphics benchmark.

    The Mods I'm running is as follows:
    DEI parts 1-8
    DEI Gladiator...
  7. Re: [submod] Rebalance supply for 41 unit armies

    Thank you so much!

    Sorry to be painful, I'll leave you alone now.

    Thanks for putting this together, great work!
  8. Re: [submod] Rebalance supply for 41 unit armies

    I'm sorry to be a pain..... how and where do I install the .rar file?
  9. Re: [Support] Post your questions about the supply system here

    I'm an idiot!

    Thanks Sasquatch, just followed the link and found it does as requested.

    Thanks heaps!

    So.... at risk of pushing it, is there a mod that does the same thing for, say, 30 unit...
  10. Re: [Support] Post your questions about the supply system here

    Hey Sasquatch, thanks for your reply.

    I'm aware that changing army unit max is doable, but I'm more interested in how it interplays with DeI's supply system.

    My understanding is that to use...
  11. Re: [Support] Post your questions about the supply system here


    I have read elsewhere that DeI is indeed set up to supply armies of 20 units only, and that I will need to manipulate they supply tables to account for larger armies.

    Can anyone give me...
  12. Re: [Support] Post your questions about the supply system here

    Hi all!

    First of all, thanks for a great mod, this is what the game should always have been.

    Second, sorry if I am putting this in the wrong place. I see the last post in this thread was over a...
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