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    [Preview] Rise of Valyria

    Rise of Valyria will be a submod for Westeros: Total War for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms, set around 5,000 years...
  2. Warhammer III - Grand Cathay


    The release of Total War: Warhammer III has been delayed until early 2022.
    In the meantime, news about Grand Cathay, a faction which will feature in Total War: Warhammer III
    can be...
  3. [Beta] Chrissant's DeI submods - (pt 2)!

    Persian Glory & Achaemenid Restoration is a submod for Divide et Impera for Total War: Rome II -
    and it has recently...
  4. Warhammer II: patch 1.12.1 and beta cavalry patch

    Patch 1.12.1 for Total War: Warhammer II is now live for everyone -
    and a beta patch to fix cavalry is now available for...
  5. [Release] Westeros Total War: Fire and Blood 2.3

    Version 2.3 of Westeros Total War: Fire and Blood has now been released!
    It brings with it a range of...
  6. [Release] Chrissant's DeI submods (pt 1)!

    Better Client States, Chrissant's Stronger Rome and War and Peace are all submods for Divide et Impera for...
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    [Preview] Retro Remix Mod
    Retro Remix Mod is currently in development for Medieval II: Total War,
    with the aim of making unit rosters more...
  8. Shieldwall - Population Update!

    A new update - the Population Update - has been released for Shieldwall!
    There are now four...
  9. [Release] LME4 1792 campaign mod update

    The LME4 1792 campaign modification, a submod of La montee de l'Empire for Napoleon: Total War, has been...
  10. Poll: Re: Do you use the Scriptorium and, if so, what for?

    It was deleted from the Scriptorium. The reason given for the deletion is "Requested", so I assume the author of the original post asked for this to be removed from the Scriptorium.

    (I see it's...
  11. Eagle Standard - Total War: Rome Remastered Modding

    Rome: Total War's enduring popularity is due, in part, to the fact that modders can create total conversion mods....
  12. [Release] Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Manic's Flags for Empire Total War updates and improves the Empire: Total War flags.
    Faction flags, battle flags...
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    Total War game news


    More information about the new Historical Mode for Troy has been released.
    Find the details in the official blog post.

    Other recent Total War news includes the release of Patch...
  14. Re: Rome Remastered Graphics Competition - the Winners!

    Of course! You participated, so you obviously qualify for one!

    Here, for you and everyone else who participated, is an image of an assortment of cakes and pastries (and, if I'm not mistaken, also...
  15. Re: Rome Remastered Graphics Competition - the Winners!

    For those who are interested, here's the voting thread.

    (Feel free to think of my beneficent gift of this link as your participation award. ;))

    And in case there's anyone who is truly concerned...
  16. Rome Remastered Graphics Competition - the winners!

    TWC's Graphics Workshop Competition celebrating Rome Remastered is over -
    and the winners have been announced!
  17. Re: Rome Remastered Graphics Competition - the Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners - all the winning images are excellent!

    And as Alwyn said, thank you to everyone who participated, whether by entering, commenting, voting, or running the...
  18. Gamer's Gazette - Review of Battletech

    In the 31st century setting of Battletech, a galaxy-spanning empire has fallen.
    Warring states compete for...
  19. [Release] Lower tier units moved to higher tiers - Total Vanilla submod!

    Lower tier units moved to higher tiers

    This submod for Total Vanilla (for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms)
    does exactly what the title says!
    Why not try it out?

    Find the mod here!
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    Troy DLC and Steam release


    On 2nd September 2021, the new Troy DLC, Troy - Mythos will be released.
    This DLC will contain new game modes, as well as the Lernean Hydra, the Griffin Patriarch, and Cerberus.
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    [Release] Star Wars Total War

    Star Wars Total War v2.0 for Rome: Total War has been released.
    It contains three new Galactic Empire units, 8 new Rebel...
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    Rome Remastered patch 2.0.2

    Patch 2.0.2 for Total War: Rome Remastered has been released as an opt-in beta.
    For more information on changes made by...
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    Warhammer III roster teases

    For the latest Total War: Warhammer III roster teases,
    and some other hints at what the developers have planned, you'll...
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    [Release] Stronghold of the Samurai

    Stronghold of the Samurai for Total War: Shogun 2 is a mod aiming for historical accuracy.
    It has more...
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    [Release] Total War: 1942

    Total War: 1942

    The final version of Total War: 1942 for Rome: Total War has been released.
    The work is being ported to Rome Remastered, and will continue there, but in the meantime, why not try...
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    Warhammer releases

    Today (14th July) is the release date for The Silence & The Fury,
    as well as the Hammers & Herdstones update and the Thorek...
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    [Release] RafSwi7's maps - update!

    RafSwi7's maps for Troy have been updated!
    The maps are titled Thermopylae, Atlantis, Trojan Beach, The Greek...
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    [Release] Reformo Numidam for DeI

    Reformo Numidam is a submod for DeI for Total War: Rome II.
    It includes a Numidian civil war, Numidian unification...
  29. Rome Remastered Graphics Competition - vote now!

    To celebrate the release of Total War: Rome Remastered, TWC is holding a special Graphics Workshop Competition!
    Vote for...
  30. Warhammer II: The Silence and The Fury


    The Silence and The Fury, the next (and last) Total War: Warhammer II DLC will be released on 14th July 2021,
    bringing with it a new patch and new free content.
    For more information,...
  31. [Release] M2TW Engine Overhaul Project - Update 2.0

    Update 2.0 of the M2TW Engine Overhaul Project (previously known as HotSeatTool) has been released!
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    [Release] Nation, Empire - War: update!

    A new update has been released for Nation, Empire - War for Rome: Total War.
    This new update adds new skins to...
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    Warhammer III - Khorne roster

    Another roster has been announced for Total War: Warhammer III - this time it's the Khorne roster.
    Read the details in...
  34. [Release] MIB's Diplomatic Results Expansion

    MIB's Diplomatic Results Expansion for Total War: Rome II
    adds two new failure results to...
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    Warhammer III - Kislev roster

    The Kislev roster has now been revealed for Total War: Warhammer III.
    Check out the official blog post, and then...
  36. Poll: Re: MAARC LXXXIX: Second Place Tie-Breaker Vote!

    I have to vote again, after it was so hard in the original vote?! It isn't any easier this time, you know... :D
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    [Release] Rise of Mordor - Rohan update

    There's a Rohan update for Rise of Mordor for Total War: Attila!
    Watch the video, and enjoy all the units of the...
  38. The Writers' Study - everyone is welcome!

    Whether you want to post your own writing (or videos), or to read (or watch) the many pieces of work...
  39. Poll: Re: MAARC LXXXIX - Voting thread

    I really struggled to decide how to vote this time - all four are great entries!
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    Warhammer news


    The new Total War: Warhammer II DLC, The Silence and The Fury, will be released on the 14th July 2021.
    Meanwhile, there's a new Khorne trailer for Total War: Warhammer III.
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