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  1. Will Warhammer III finally have standard bearers with actual, flapping, waving, tattering banners?

    Well, will it?

    Why doesn't it?

    Why do they do this to us?

    Thanks, and sorry.

    I'm legitimately curious about this, though, if anyone knows, please tell.
  2. Sticky: Re: Research- Thread: Characters and Political Relations

    Can I make suggestions?

    1- Toulouse is definitely NOT an ally or vassal of France in 1212. If anything, in 1212 Toulouse is about to swear fealy to Aragon IN ORDER TO protect itself against what...
  3. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Campaign Map Master Thread

    "United" is too much of a statement. Leon, for one, never joined the Castile-Navarre-Aragon alliance against the Almohads, because of Leon's bitter rivalry with Castile. Nevermind that Ferdinand III...
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    Poll: Re: Faction Trait Discussion Thread

    I'm not one for concrete, gameplay ideas, but I can provide a little insight on what I think are the keys of the Iberian kingdoms in the year 1200:

    CASTILLE: Castille's history is turbulent and...
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    Sticky: Re: 2D Art Preview Thread

    Great work on the portraits!

    If it serves in any way, Peter of Aragon's visage is difficult to recreate. The first image Google Images gives back in its search is a XVIth Century portrait,...
  6. Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Crown of Aragon

    Aragon was a notoriously poor country, if you take trade away, especially its noblemen. Few noblemen were rich enough to dress lavishly (the Duke of Cardona and the royal Infants, mostly).

    This is...
  7. Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War: Crown of Aragon


    I only have minor complaints about the naming and the choice of lords. The heraldry for the late Aragonese knights is well chosen, the Count of Urgell and the Baron of Montcada are...
  8. Sticky: Re: Medieval Kingdoms Total War Suggestion Thread

    So, this mod looks awesome.

    I haven't tried it yet but I've seen some videos. If you've put as much detail in the Spanish factions as you've put in France and England, you'll make me a very happy...
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    [Tutorial] Re: Attila Total War Modding Tutorials

    Any interesting tutorial on how to mod cities with the Assembly Kit?
  10. Re: Battle flags - can they be modded in again?

    Nothing of the sort. Big flags indicate faction, troop type but they're also immersive and tried (sometimes) to be accurate. Small flags indicate the experience of a unit.
  11. Re: A more "historical" starting army for the Romans?

    The problem is that we don't have any real foedus mechanic. We can't give Alaric the Aquitaine and make him our ally. We can't settle the Burgundians in Vienne, we can't even recreate the diplomatic...
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    Sticky: Re: [PREVIEWS] WIP Preview Thread

    Looks super nice, I can't wait!
  13. Re: [REQUEST] Things I liked from Rome II

    I'd be more thankful if they recovered parts of what made Rome I great and Rome II gamey: characters and units grow not with a skill tree the player chooses, but through their own actions. Have a...
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    Re: Official complaint thread for Total War : Attila

    Hephtalite Huns should appear and bash the Sassanids out, so that they have something to spend their mountains of gold on.

    Cut down the Hun-bashing. The first thread should be just the migratory...
  15. Re: - PREVIEW- Faction Leader Enhanced Campaign Menu & Campain map & Diplomacy tab !

    I do that too, in fact. They didn't put much effort in making the Frankish leader look good. He looks just average. In contrast, the Alaman, Lombard or Saxon kings look awesome.
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    Re: Authentic Faction Names

    I've seen the argument about Cassiodorus making up "Visigoths", and I'm suspicious of it. Alaric, Ataulf and Theodoric were all called "Gothi", never "Vesi" by Roman sources, as far as I know....
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    Re: [Request] - More city maps.

    I hope so! Thanks!
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    Re: Other kingdoms' genealogies

    This is quite a slip from CA's part. What's the point of having a family tree if I can't see the others and plan accordingly?

    Another very weird thing that happens is that whenever a family...
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    [Request] - More city maps.

    Since it seems we can't add new settlements to the map, what about making the battle maps of most of them as accurate as possible?

    Antioch, Carthage or Corinth are incredibly inaccurate (probably...
  20. Re: Copy/paste issue in Pack File Manager 3.5.0

    I have the same thing going on. I thought it didn't copy at all.
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    Other kingdoms' genealogies

    Hi there!

    I'm curious; the game seems to keep track of this, but I can't see it. I want to know if the guy I'm marrying my daughter to is heir or has any chance of becoming heir. How can I take a...
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    Re: [idea] Modern day city names

    I also think it's a bad idea. I think the game includes a wiki and this wiki explains the abridged history of all the settlements and cities.
  23. Re: [Please Help] Hippodrome for ERE and No Religious Research Requirement for Imperial Palace

    But the Hippodrome is already in Constantinople. Play a custom battle in the Constantinople map and you'll see it.
  24. Re: Battle flags - can they be modded in again?

    That was great. I'd like that as well, it gave out a very visual cue of which units were the dangerous.
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    [WIP] Re: Native Unit Voice Mod for TW:Attila

    This seems like a huge, great idea, but be careful not to end up with Germanic peoples speaking modern German. I know we don't have certain records of old Germanic phonetics, but we do have Gothic...
  26. Re: [REQUEST] giving regions turns barbarians into foederti

    Can you even give regions in the game through diplomacy? I haven't found a way.
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    Re: [Development] Preview Thread: Easterlings

    The Easterling armor from the movie seem to be made out of bronze, or at the very least bronze or copper-coated steel. It's more golden than it is silvery. He can tune the gold down, make it appear...
  28. Re: RSG_Battle Camera Mod for Attila Total War

    Just what I was looking for!

    Can you slow down the sensitivity of the camera?
  29. Re: [Request] - Different looking generals and characters

    I did that, but now the game crashes every time I start a battle. I think I'm not the only one who has gone through this, though.

    The unit cards appear colored in the right way (I recoloured the...
  30. Re: - PREVIEW- Faction Leader Enhanced Campaign Menu & Campain map & Diplomacy tab !

    Because it's cool. Let's be honest, Total War games are only accurate as long as it's cool.
  31. Re: - PREVIEW- Faction Leader Enhanced Campaign Menu & Campain map & Diplomacy tab !

    Yeah, I've encountered the same problem myself. It's a pity, let's hope it can be fixed.
  32. Re: [MOD RELEASED] Rebell's/Emergent factions reworked ! ( UPDATED 1.1 patch ready! + DLC version!)

    Of course Roman generals. Why not? Who else would revolt? There were very few (if any) "native" uprisings of "ancient royalty" since the times of the early Empire anywhere, not in the West, not in...
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    Re: Histography and Total War Attila

    It's the thesis about the Culture of the Limes, the Roman frontier giving birth to a new culture in which barbaritas and romanitas merged. This then spread to the interior and the high ranks of...
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    Re: Histography and Total War Attila

    CA should have taken a look at Dumézil's latest recap book "The Barbarian Kingdoms in the West".

    In the last 15 years, Dumézil and other have lead a theory that is now widely acceped: Just like...
  35. [Request] - Different looking generals and characters

    Hi there.

    So I'm playing the Sassanids, and after a while I realised that all the generals and governors look mostly the same. The problem is that their turbants and helmets and robes all use the...
  36. Re: [MOD RELEASED] Rebell's/Emergent factions reworked ! ( UPDATED 1.1 patch ready! + DLC version!)

    But these rebels are supposed to be rebel Romans. Rebel Roman generals that fight the Emperor, hopefully to become Emperors themselves. They should use some measure of local units, of course, but...
  37. Re: - PREVIEW- Faction Leader Enhanced Campaign Menu & Campain map & Diplomacy tab !

    I like some (the Franks) and I hate some others (Why did you take the fabulous crown out from the Sassanid leader's head?). Also, I think the Western Roman Emperor looks average and not impressive at...
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    Re: Authentic Faction Names

    The "Dominion of Soissons" was never called that way in their own times. Many historians believe there's something fishy about Syagrius and Soissons, and some believe it's a historiographical myth...
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    Re: 15 Years of Total War & Rezzed

    In the grim darkness of game developers there is only business (and Warhammer).

    M2 was rock solid in many accounts, but it still felt like the game had too big a scope, too ambitious a...
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    Re: Medieval Kingdom 1212 A.D Map [UPDATE]

    To be honest, while France was called France (or Francia) informally a century or so before the 1200's, it's Philip II who first adopted the title King of France instead of King of the Franks. So...
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