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  1. Re: [EB Antigonid/Macedonian AAR/Tale] Successors of the One-Eyed [Updated: 15/01/2014]

    I just started reading this and before I knew who the author was, I thought to myself: this reminds me so much of McScottish' work... Should have figured this excellent new project was from your pen...
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    Re: Kahotep's Art Thread

    Absolutely lovely work! :) I'm always in awe of people with a talent for drawing and painting... I hope we can see more here!
  3. Re: The Gamer's Gazette - Volume I, Issue VIII

    I'm in the exact same position. Finished all the games except AC3. It was just too dull for me, but with the piracy part expanded I might be tempted to actually get it :)
  4. Re: M2TW AAR - The Designs of Men

    Holy cows' bells! I'll be keeping my eye on this one :) continue this Spanish tale, dear Shankbot! +rep
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    Sticky: Re: TotW Story Index

    TotW 74a – In to the Jaws of destiny

    no picture

    Winner - Kip Specter
    We fight as one

    “Onward, mighty Greeks! Syrians! Cilicians! We fight as one! We fight as one!”

    My voice is hoarse....
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