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  1. Sticky: Re: Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

    Such beautiful screenshots and pics :thumbsup2
  2. Sticky: Re: Europa Barbarorum 1.33 - PREVIEW PART III

    What a beautiful screenshots, just beautiful.
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    Re: Marian Numbered Legions Problem ?

    Do an upload and a restart.
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    Re: Roma Surrectum Remastered?

    That would've been awesome BUT I believe that all the members of the modding team are very busy with their real life, married , children and all.....
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    Re: Total War Rome: Remastered

    Refresh your skills with playing little bit RTR, Roma Surrectum and RTW:Europa Barbarorum.....

    They'll give you necessary patience to wait for the release of our beloved RTW vanilla remastered...
  6. Re: President Biden's 100 first days in office

    I speak to Americans daily and most of them are life-long Democrats who hated Trump and they'll all tell you the same thing. I haven't had access to those that are waiting in
    kilometer long lines at...
  7. Re: Is BLM is more racist and dangerous than the KKK or Q Anon or Antifa

    It's not more dangerous physically obviously because doesn't do hangings and such what KKK used to do, however BLM is more dangerous
    in the long term simply because it's imposing this...
  8. Re: Massive Rise In Racial Attacks in the United States

    Bound to happen, unfortunate too.
  9. Re: President Biden's 100 first days in office

    How and in what way? The so-called "American power" can't be on the rise globally considering all the chaos, anarchy and Coronavirus rampage that's going on in the United States.
    What did that...
  10. Re: The Decline Of The United States of America

    It's about time.
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    Re: Does systemic racism exist in the US?

    Well, I am the last person on the planet to support those who play the race card but there has been certain degrees of systemic racism ever since the late 1960s and victory of the civil rights...
  12. Re: What were the differences among Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin?

    1. Lenin was a theory and brains behind the revolution but he was not state-builder. He was absent-minded revolutionary.
    2. Trotsky was a true believer in the world revolution and he wanted to keep...
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    Re: The Potential Lab Origin of COVID-19

    There's no credible evidence which points to the fact that Coronavirus has been man-made and released from the laboratory.
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    Sticky: Re: What games are you currently playing?

    Just waiting for The RTW remastered :bigboss:
  15. Re: If you haven't played Deus Ex, now is the best time

    I completely agree with your analysis my friend, it's such a prefect time to play DEUS EX
  16. Re: Description of the Roman Empire in campaign selection is wrong.

    You are right, Manzikert was not their worst defeat.
  17. Re: Post your Empire, your Battles and your Armies!(Screenshots Thread)

    Nice screenshots my friend.
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    Re: hows progress?

    Any news, anything about this mod?
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    Sticky: Re: Shogun 2 Pictures & Videos Thread

    Man, these videos are awesome
  20. Re: Did you ever defend a city succesfully from an enemy army that outnumbered you just with the garrison troops?

    Many times, and had many successes as well. Also had many defeats like that as well. Overall, I had more successes I'd say.
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    Sticky: Re: Rome II Pictures & Videos Thread

    What a beautiful screenshots and videos!!!
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    Sticky: Re: Attila Pictures & Videos Thread

    Wondaful videos.
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    Sticky: Re: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    Awesome videos and screenshots.
  24. Re: New Historical total war era - Total War: Three Kingdoms!

    Very nice.
  25. Re: SURPRISED; WHY is 3K forums so DEAD relative to other TW titles?

    I can never imagine that STEAM and Reddit would be alternatives for the TWC..... Maybe I am old-fashioned but that's impossible for me
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    Sticky: Re: Three Kingdoms Pictures & Videos Thread

    awesome work , and these videos are just superb.
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    Sticky: Re: Rome Pictures & Videos Thread

    Looks very cool my friend.
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    Re: Remember the old days when

    Hopefully it'll bering back back the glories of the original RTW and the beauty it brought.
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    Re: Total War Rome: Remastered

    I guess least than a month, release date on STEAM is April 29th, 2021. That's when the glorious time gets to start again:thumbsup2
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    Re: Total War Rome: Remastered

    Can't wait. This is awesome. ROME TW was my first TW game ever and I absolutely loved it!!! After only having played Cossacks, Blitzkrieg and American Conquest I was just blown away when I started...
  31. Re: President Biden's 100 first days in office

    Horrible first 100 days, he's displaying full and comprehensively how incompetent he is.
  32. Re: What did the Macedonian soldiers normally eat?

    According to the contemporary historians of the time the Greek armies of Philip and Alexander had a mixture of different cuisines, Macedonian, Phelloponeseian, from Attica and later it was added from...
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    Re: Slavs in Roman Anatolia

    Byzantine emperor Constans II settled large group of Serbs between 649-677 in Bythnia and there was a large city there called 'GornoSerbon" or upper Serbian.
    It's interesting that in this exact area...
  34. Re: Did your father or grandfather or great-grandfather fight in world war 2 or world war 1?

    Both of my grandfathers fought in Tito's partisans during the WWII, my grandfather's brother got awarded title of "hero of the people" during the famous battle of Sutjeska in 1943 and was
    after the...
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    Re: "Kaфaнсke причe" (Serbian)

    Neka smo samo Mila srusili i sad to potvrdimo u Niksic u martu kad budu lokalni izbori.. Polako ali sigurno gubi poluge vlasti, eno potpisao je novu verziju zakona
    morao ja kapitulirati pred voljom...
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    Re: I've decided to join Isis

    You almost got me for like 5 seconds...
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    Re: "Kaфaнсke причe" (Serbian)

    Djesi legendo, sto se radi.. Samo da se javim. Vidjeste li sto je bilo u Crnu Goru, konacno smo srusili Mila, nema vise Mila i DPS-a! Nisam mogao tamo fizicki biti prisutan radi ove Coronavirus...
  38. What is the best mod for Empire:TW in every way possible?

    Hi, what mod would you guys recommend, I am looking for the best possible mod for Empire:TW vanilla,
    I want soemthing that's full, rich and it covers and changes for the beeter every speect of the...
  39. Re: International Criminal Court To Investigate US War Crimes in Afghanistan; US Officials Furious & Panicking

    The ICC is a total joke, people who were waging wars and attacking, bombing, invading independent and sovereign countries during the 1990s and early 2000s and supporting terrorist
    groups to invade...
  40. Re: Multiculturalist triumph: Dijon turns into a war zone due to Chechen-Algerian gang war.

    Why is mainstream media not covering this!?… Could it be because they are unbelievably bias, one-sided and neo-liberal oriented?
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