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  1. Re: Buff and Shine 1.9: New Factions, Changed Recruitment and more

    When I play the Ghaznavids and move the spy, the game has almost a stroke, like huge lag and stutter? What's up with that? It doesn't happen with other factions.
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    Sticky: Re: Titanium Suggestions & Complaints

    That turn they couldn't kill anything, and I am confused, about what spy are you talking? Perhaps I should clarify, the merchant I was targeting is the rebel merchant. Anyway the turns after that...
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    Sticky: Re: Titanium Suggestions & Complaints

    Why can't I kill this merchant? Both of my assassins have 56% chance of killing him, and after I don't know how many re-loads, they still can't kill him, wtf!?

    Actually they really cannot kill...
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    Re: Garrison script

    Please for the love of God, make them optional.
  5. Re: Someone thinks an Alexander DLC still possible ?

    I just think Alexander's history does not translate very well into the TW game loop, so I don't see as a major loss anyway.
  6. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    Okay I swear in every campaign lately Galatians build an empire. I tried on and off no major bonus and hellenic factions sub mods, whatever I do they rule and Antigonids eat :wub:.
  7. Re: Pointing out to the mod developers something that is often implied but still understated

    If this mod didn't exist I would probably not have or play rtw2.
  8. Sticky: Re: [Support] Tech-Hardware: Tips and Tricks for a better DEI experience.

    Since when I play rtw2 I almost exclusively play DEI, I thought it was RTW2s lack of optimization or something that makes the campaign map a bit slugish and stuttery, like when I move my armies there...
  9. Is it me or the Antigonids always get smoked?

    I've been playing this mod for on and off 2-3 years and I think never ever saw this faction survive early to mid game, let alone expand and make anything. Even dabbling in many sub-mods or what have...
  10. Re: Perfect example how utterly brain dead the Campaign AI is.

    Oh for god's sake, you can't be serious.
  11. Perfect example how utterly brain dead the Campaign AI is.

    I am playing Rome, at one point during my war with the Boi, I liberate a small settlement(Stoboi) that was isolated from their empire, so what does this small settlement faction(Tribialli Federation)...
  12. I just rarely get to play open battles.

    Note that this is a problem I have in most of RTW2 and ATW, not just DeI, but it hurts me the most in DeI cause of all the amazing detail and hard work that goes to make the battles immersive and...
  13. Sticky: Re: With Fire and Sword 2 (Ogniem i Mieczem II) version 1.3 RELEASE + English partially machine translation

    Global 1550 Camp, won't start. It just returns me to the main menu.

    Global 1618, Wallachia, 6th Turn

    I had a crash three times in a row(I reloaded the game), and then it somehow worked in the...
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    Everything looks amazing, but why is everyone loaded with full stacks? Every settlement on the map seems to be full.
  15. Sticky: Re: Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.36

    But could I just somehow remove it?
  16. Re: [Update 2019/08/11 V 5.6!] The Historical Units Region Buildings Mod! (6 New Factions/ Units/ Map / Buildings)

    Why do so many buildings have a law penalty? I do not see any historical realism in a bunch of mundane economic buildings creating discontent among the populace, I mean never heard of a rebellion due...
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    Sticky: Re: Medieval Total War - Redux (Beta)

    Is it possible to just bring back vanilla sounds and music?
  18. Re: [Update 2019/08/11 V 5.6!] The Historical Units Region Buildings Mod! (6 New Factions/ Units/ Map / Buildings)

    I just started a campaign, but all units are not recruitable, and have an insane amounts of turns to be recruitable? If that is intended, how do I change it?
  19. Re: Moldova Total WAR BS Ottoman Invasion 1453 ver. 1.0

    Men I hope 1.0 is much better than 0.5, cause 0.5 is rough... It feels like a mish-mash of many existing mods, for example a lot of Bellum Crucis is there. Though judging by Moldova Total War youtube...
  20. Sticky: Re: Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.36

    How do I recruit units, how do I even play this?
  21. Re: When Worlds Collide/ Hellenistic Twilight Released

    When was the last update?
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    Re: The Popularity of Three Kingdoms

    I don't understand this mindset, I do not want a few more DLCs for a fully priced game to feel "complete", I want it be done when its released. I did not need Kingdoms to enjoy the original MTW2.

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    Sticky: Re: CTD & Bug Thread

    On steam version of the game, for some bizzare reason the game insists on starting RTW.exe instead of BI.exe. Even if I specifically make the shortcut from the BI and add the "-mod:SAI -show_err -nm...
  25. Re: European High Middle Ages 1.3 - (All factions playable) - Updated 13.02.2018

    Is the 2018 update still the last big update?
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    Re: Judex-Rex - The original thread

  27. Sticky: Re: Europa Perdita - Mod Goal and Current Features

    Why do I lose money from putting armies in a settlement? What is the logic behind that?
  28. Sticky: Re: [Direct Download] - Ancient Empires 1.15.3 (updated Sept 3)

    Is the fog of war back?
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    Sticky: [Resource] Re: Modding Q&A's

    How can I edit the diplomatic personalities factions have? For starters I'd like to edit them in an existing mod.
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    Re: Starting moves with ERE

    But how exactly to help WRE keep its territories? I always feel powerless to help them seriously.
  31. How to change CAI personalities?

  32. Re: [Overhaul Submod] "Data Venia" (for DeI 1.2.5 - Updated 2019-08-21)

    I am playing as Egypt, all my non-green neighbors declared war on me, in about 20-25 turns. It really seems no mod or sub mod can reign the dumb dumb AI, I even try using cheats to force a peace with...
  33. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Suggestions & Improvements thread

    Ohh, sorry then. I guess its better to wait it out? Or is it a random bug and I can just restart the campaign? Cause I a few days a go I started a Macedon campaign and it didn't had that problem.
  34. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Suggestions & Improvements thread

    Is it normal that the entire map is revealed if you play with Romans? As in all factions are in the diplomatic screen, there is no fog of war.

    If yes, then why? It really makes the beginning...
  35. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    I am playing Royal Scythians, and factions that are green as can be with me, break trade agreements randomly, and refuse to make new ones.
  36. Sticky: Re: LME4 Download and Installation. Cumulative Patch 4.2 with Add-on released 11th March 2015

    Is there any sub-mod that decreases the crazy turn recruitment times for Art? 10-8 turns is absurd, downright absurd.
  37. Sticky: Re: LME4 Feedback and bug reporting thread

  38. I get a CTD post-battle, but only if I win the battle....

    I am the Union, and when I defend Jackson against the CSA army, I always get a ctd... If they win, they game goes on.
  39. Sticky: Re: TECHNICAL ISSUE {{v2.2.1b}} In game issues READ OP FIRST
    So this artillery unit for several battles, refuses to deploy, when I click to deploy it just bugs out and refuses all orders, even withdraw and melee attack, it just...
  40. Sticky: Re: DEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION & COMMENTARY (Share, comments, questions, and sugestions)

    @Quintus Hortensius Hortalus

    My game was N/N, France had at least one full stack in France itself.
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