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    Sticky: Re: Launcher & String and CTD issues(post here)

    Hello, I installed EB II and have encountered several CTDs over the past few days. Either they're taking place during a turn, as I load up for a battle, or as I end a battle. Is there anything I can...
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    Re: Ai Pritanoi have spammed huge no of stacks

    That's happened in my game too, not at that level but at least 30-40. Couldn't add a normal screen shot so I've attached it. Pretty safe to say Winter is coming.
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    Re: Units perfect for siege battles.

    I'd echo what Rad says. Combined arms is best, with an emphasis on heavy infantry. I personally prefer to avoid phalangites in any kind on offense because they're useless in towers and on ladders....
  4. Re: Which unit do you anticipate the most? Which units should be added thread we look forward to a return of the Macedonian Heavy Reformed Phalanx in any upcoming editions? What about some of the...
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    Sticky: Re: Reform requirements

    Quick question regarding the Carthage reforms. I was able to hit the trigger for the first one, which enabled the new reforms in Spain. Is there a second reform that I need to hit to enable the...
  6. Re: Please join together with all other small bug reports into an (un)official non-game breaking bug thread

    Hey all, I'm doing a campaign as Makedonia and I put two generals in Sparta for Agoge training, now they're stuck there. Has anyone run into this problem before and are there any fixes?
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