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  1. Re: This mod is...[edit no longer dead, please see download thread]

    Anyone else get a ctd after the title screen on start up? I just downloaded the zip version from megaupload and installed it in my etw folder, which is not in program files I have steam installed...
  2. Mods that require/launch from Barbarian Invasion on steam

    pi, troy, et cetera. how do I get them to work? what edits do I have to make in the game files or in the steam ones to make the game use the correct launcher. whenever I try to use these mods they...
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    Re: Forced Diplomacy mod

    :wub:, this file is missing the modified EXPORT_DESCR_ADVICE file in the data folder and doesn't work. tried to figure out how to recreate it using this but failed due to lack of knowledge, if anyone...
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    Forced Diplomacy mod

    So I have never been able to deal with the, "fight to the last man, I have one province so your empire should be my vassal" rtw ai that EB was stuck with, so this mod was a must. I was horrified to...
  5. Sticky: Re: Available Downloads for PI and PI2

    Any chance someone could explain how to get the BI version to work? I tried searching for a result and all of the answers were either for other mods, or involved downloading files that no longer...
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