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  1. Re: Is there a way to mod public order bonuses that are given from staging games at different levels of amphitheaters?

    ... as far I know none bonus is cumulative...

    If you have a building with 2 levels, and the first gives-> bonus (wathever) 1; and the second gives 1 also (all this in the proper script of...
  2. Re: [RELEASED] Sudamerica Total War (Version 0.1 is out!)

    First post updated, the mod has been released in his first full version (0.1). Happy New Year for everybody.
  3. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War


    They are "model_off_map", that is, they are the ships that are seen if...
  4. [Tutorial] Re: How-to: Spawn an army (spawn_army command: a closer look)

    its possible add (as spawn armies) named characters with customized portraits and battle/strat models too ? (im using ALX engine)

    This would be the example:

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    Re: Recruitment Issues in RO

    Time ago (more than 5 years) in a ephemeral forum where we was making mods, Ive readed from the guy who made the first map for my project, that... for recruit via hidden resources (+ "and" "or",...
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    Re: Question About -> Traits

    Thank You Jurand.

    ... just a question more... In the Conditions, when a number appears after a trait... its doing referrence to trait level?... or to points (threshold) the trait have already ?
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    Question About -> Traits

    Hello there:

    I am re-making (entirely) the Traits file for my project... So I need to knows how it works in detail... Sorry if my ask is very basic, but I dont understand english sometimes, and I...
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    Re: Dust and Wind

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    Re: war of spanish succesion beta

  10. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Gracias giogigt

    Thank You giogigt

    - ... Estoy completando algunas banderas de regimiento para el campo de batalla, para el próximo update (0.1) (Translate: Im completing some regiment´s...
  11. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Thank you cocobongoclub... Ive seen Ramashan`s work, some of his posts too, and many pics about INCA TW... when I just roaming by here, years ago... in certain way, that views was inspirationals too...
  12. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    -... this an Alberto Ginastera´s piece: "Estancia" (it means: farm, almost literally in english), last movement "Malambo" (... malambo is a tipical gaucho´s dance, here interpreted by a camera...
  13. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    ... it was solved finally =) ... I was writing wrongly the code between brakes, when edit the post content.... now its visible properly.

    No... is ok, no worries... Googling it you...
  14. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    ... done Fahnat ... I dont know if there is a problem with embed windows (maybe with this web page or cause youtube´s new features... I have a similar problem in moddb, youtube videos doesnt...
  15. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    The MOD has been released as DEMO Version here:
  16. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Sorry cause I will not reach your expectatives... and I beg your pardon Fahnat.

    Mod will release as DEMO version (I remark: DEMO), this 24... BUT!, and this is important too, nobody made any...
  17. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Hello there, just a set of images, meanwhile I am polishing the strat map, and so:
  18. Sticky: Re: With Fire and Sword 2 (Ogniem i Mieczem II) version 1.3 RELEASE + English partially machine translation

    Thank You

    - For CFG, Ive meet a little solution, by edit setings at first, before to re-start the campaign (I had a back-up of the file, and return to this, btw)... the mod still hold the...
  19. Sticky: Re: With Fire and Sword 2 (Ogniem i Mieczem II) version 1.3 RELEASE + English partially machine translation

    Thank you for your work (and creators too, SHREDDER & Co...), it as first thing... thanks:

    - Ive found a little problem there, when you (you, me, anybody) want play with "Large" option...
  20. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Yes, I guess ... at these times (1810) the phrase meant the fall of vicerroy government... and by this days, is almost a symbol of our identity as nation... just I put it by that reasons... If this...
  21. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Thank you Solon :thumbsup2

    - TRANSLATE: "People wants to know what they're talking about!" , Popular clamour during the "Open Town Hall"...
  22. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Cause one of the most main reasons for the independence wars in the south america continent, was the french invasion on the spanish kingdom... Portugal´s king came to Brazil (with all his court), and...
  23. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    ... working... working... and, working... I want release it too =) ... so, here let you know how its going for now... be patient please, hope to have the first beta soon:
  24. Re: [WIP] Sudamerica Total War

    Hello Fahnat

    Not for now, but I will send you a working copy soon as I can... I want to have a ready beta for publish first (working on that by this days).
  25. Re: Sudamerica Total War

    First Post Updated (partially translated to english...)

    Edit: I have a working map with all files, but it just have 2 regions. It need someone who will make a review and let it work with the 104...
  26. Thread: Tips

    by Archaeopterix

    Re: Tips

    Chivalry is based, in general lines, about the idea you start from zero (0) then, its like as you came to the throne and meet the kingdom in bankrupt or something thus (:laughter:)... so, dont be...
  27. Thread: Rome 1

    by Archaeopterix

    Re: Rome 1

    Ive tried GEMFX in other games (not TW, just racing games), I has not knows it exist before... so, yesterday I tried it on Rome TW (the 1), and is true its no modify anything to the game (no generate...
  28. Sticky: Re: Rise of the Eagles Download & Instructions

    I want add myself to these people who salute and encourage you... really happy for see a project as this, hope you hold the line, =)

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    Re: Phalanx mode use for musket units?

    I can to say that... I had tried time ago: short_pike + schiltrom in units those use bayonet, and the result was no good, no all at least (I was trying to gave them some cohesive formation against...
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    Re: late game units

    ... like as the Rome original game, Ogniem i Mieczem have two epochs, and you get the second epoch building the last core building (AKA: Imperial_Palace) mainly in capital settlements... that is in a...
  31. Re: [Ask] How to remove a faction at descr_sm_factions in rome total war?

    ... you just want play with a few factions, not with all twenty one... its right?

    ... has remove that ones you wont play from the descr_strat too ?
  32. Re: [Help] How to me can change costumes for soldiers?

    Is a Medieval II TW model... they are able for export from Medieval II to Rome TW, since its a .CAS (format) model... but there you get a little problem, if you want change the colour for example,...
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    Re: help install:(

    Hello there.

    is not much clear what are you saying, cause the command line is not complete... If I could add something, there is no a matter of "replace" anything, just add the command lines after...
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    Re: Campaim submod By Obeseian

    ... There, but campaign not work, crash at the start, even custom battles had...
  35. Re: Sudamerica Total War

    Sorry for this so late response, Im more active in the hispanic forum than here.

    ... It will be, no worries... just Im working practically alone... and sometimes one take some breaks for to do...
  36. Re: All enemy's units clumped together. WTH?

    I think that depends of the version... I remember see that once time (in the 4.0 if I not bad remember), but aplying it...
  37. Re: Ogniem i Mieczem - Versión Argentina (Argentine Version)

    Sorry for late response (im pretty busy by this times)... this "version" is not other thing more than just a translate of the MOD from russian to spanish... at least for now, until there appears more...
  38. Re: It is possible to make multi textures per unit like in M2TW?

    ... is not possible, but you can create some of "chaotic" appereance in formations, with a bit of luck you can manage that soldiers tend to mixed between their, creating "a kind of diversity"... but...
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    Re: Barbarian Invasion recruitment cap

    Like as Medieval II ?... Its not possible in RTW-BI-ALX engines. There are some ways for put limit on recruitment by areas in the strategy map, using hidden_resources... or stop completely the...
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    Re: Pics (... from beta version)

    ... a fast way for to have news "buildings" (its just the skin/texture, ok?) like as you see in the pics above... there are three textures for houses in RTW: ROMAN_TENAMENT_1.TGA, and...
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