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  1. Re: Is anyone by chance still interested in EBII Multiplayer?

    I would be interested in playing it :D . Just got a copy of MTW2 on steam so I could play battles w/ people.
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    Multiplayer Steam Group ?

    I have been enjoying this mod with a buddy of mine in LAN for some time now, we were wondering if someone else is playing it over steam, so we could do a 2 v 2 battle or just have people to play the...
  3. Re: When I launch from either the desktop or from the .exe in the mods folder, it says "1648 Konfiguration has stopped working"

    Temporary fix I use is I rename the "americas" (Or any other Kingdoms mod) into "placeholder" and then rename 1648 into "americas" (Or any other Kingdoms mod) and when I run MTW2 using steam I just...
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