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  1. [Released] Re: Unit New Icon Collection use for new unit and mod

    anyone chance i can get access to these icons? I am the author of Shogun 2 : With Fire and Steel mod and would like to check out your icons for use
  2. [Released] Re: [FoTS] NOIF's Modern Japan Army Uniform Mod: Realistic Levy Infantry UPDATED 4.8.2012!

    Is anyone else getting the all-black faction uniform issue?
  3. [WIP] Re: [FOTS] Shogun 2 Victorian Era (Alternate History Mod)

    Yep thats exactly what I wanted to do. Im surprised no one has answered this question before. Thanks a whole lot!
  4. [WIP] Re: [FOTS] Shogun 2 Victorian Era (Alternate History Mod)

    I looked everywhere but cudnt find tutorial on how to add music tune to marching soldiers. Im trying to add a taiko style marching tune to the Japanese units and I noticed there was the musician...
  5. Re: Anyway to remove the event to fight for the shogun or emperor

    A little late but, if you're still playing, I think you can change that by making the values for clan fame to be extremely high so that no matter how many settlements you captured you will never...
  6. [WIP] Re: [FOTS] Shogun 2 Victorian Era (Alternate History Mod)

    Also, saw some youtube videos and your unit models for you mod is one hell of a break through in shogun 2! The Qing, Prussian and British models strikingly well made especially!
  7. [WIP] Re: [FOTS] Shogun 2 Victorian Era (Alternate History Mod)

    Thanks! Appreciate the first comment! :thumbsup2
  8. [WIP] Re: Tenchijin a Historicly Accurate Sengoku Jidai Mod.

    OMG great work! Just found your mod. Any way you can edit a helmet to not include the neck cover?But i'd imagine that would be pretty hard. I'm trying to look for a japanese-style pickhelm inspired...
  9. [WIP] [FOTS] Shogun 2 Victorian Era (Alternate History Mod)

    Salutations all! I am proud to announce you my work in progress mod, the Victorian Era mod! Originally called the Victorian Warfare mod(name is still tentative) when I posted on reddit. But I have...
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    Re: Endless Huns?

    I don't think the Huns ever stop coming, or atleast until Attila drinks to his death at around 445 a.d. I am also playing as the saxons and just like you said, I repelled 9 stacks with the help from...
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    Help fighting off the Huns

    I don't know what to do except to just try to throw my men at them until I can catch up with their horse archers. I repelled them in a series of small 1v1 and 2v2 stack battles and eventually engaged...
  12. Why so hard to have a military ally? Dirty Saxons

    Hello, I am currently playing as the Saxons and have managed to become the top High King of all other High Kings under Esla's rule. At around 400B.C the Germanic and barbarian tribes decided to...
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    Sticky: [Tool] Re: Mod Manager [Updated 25/04/14]

    You sir is a true hero! The new rome 2 launcher is just complete bogus for me. It freezes the second I click anything. Thus rendering my only choice the "play option" without the freedom to alter and...
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