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    Re: Mongols at the Gates!

    I guess the battles are all over for this post, but I'll post anyway.

    I prefer to fight Mongols in the field. This means about 10 - 12 units of your heaviest cavalry, plus lots of missiles. For...
  2. Re: Guide to the proper utilization of Halberds

    Very interesting. I've always found halberds frustrating. They were the strongest heavy infantry unit in MTW1 and MTW2 halberds were a big disappointment.

    One other note: the movement rate of...
  3. Re: Unspecified Error CTD occupy settlement Vanilla

    Yeah, I've just twigged to that. It does happen when it's the last settlement of a faction - at the faction destroyed moment.

    Hence with France at Turn 81 the HRE is destroyed when Vienna is taken...
  4. Re: Unspecified Error CTD occupy settlement Vanilla

    My disk install is Kingdoms Gold, which is patched to 1.5. It has the kingdoms.exe and the medieval2.exe and I've played all the Kingdoms expansions: Teutonic is my favourite there.

    Even so, I'm...
  5. Re: How would you approach a slower start to a campaign?

    I completely agree with the "go slow" approach, which makes the game much more enjoyable for me. I do go for the High Reputation/Good Standing/Chivalrous approach which makes the diplomacy workable....
  6. Unspecified Error CTD occupy settlement Vanilla

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help with this.

    I have an intermittent Unspecified Error CTD on some occasions when I take a settlement. This occurs whether I occupy, sack or raze the settlement....
  7. Re: How to get your allies to take your offer?

    Gifts are sometimes refused later in the game, especially if they are small, or if an attack is gifted without a cash sweetener.

    I never offer regions because of the huge Reputation penalty if...
  8. Re: Is continuing an ongoing blockade considered a violation of cease hostilities?

    I'm late to reply on this, but anyway.

    Usually the Pope is ok with a continued naval blockade, i.e. if you have blockaded the port before he issues his warning.

    If you have Perfect or near...
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    Re: Name that Battle!

    Is it something like the Zeebruge Raid or Ostend Raid, where obsolete ships were used to try and block U Boat pens?
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    Re: Who am I? M2TW edition

    Counter thinking here - Turkey
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    Re: Bribery and Oher Stuff ???

    I've never successfully bribed a settlement in M2TW (did so lots in M1TW) but have bribed rebels and troops from other factions. I find it prohibitively expensive. The player needs a good reputation...

    I don't see any chance of a new patch for M2TW, or a decent editor (could be visual and simple, but there you are) and absolutely no chance of the hard code being made available. It's Sega's IP. They...
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    Re: Realm Divide, How I Hate Thee

    The truth is that Realm Divide is easy to manage. It does give challenge to the second half of the game.

    If everyone hates you when you take that 1 extra province then you have failed at...
  14. Poll: Re: As of today, what is the favourite faction of TW players?

    Russia is my current favourite, and has always been near the top of my list. The reason is the superb horse archers - the best in the game - and the ability to dominate with these from the start.
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    Re: Armor/weapon upgrade questions/comments

    I've never seen the +6 figure before, but I've suspected through countless campaigns that the effect was greater than the +1 shown on the stats.

    In this case I tend to trust the poster. Lusted...
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    Re: Dealing with that dick the Bishop of Rome

    Firstly, when on VH/VH your relations with all factions sinks inexorably towards Abysmal. You can only counter this with gifts - not only money, but attacks as well. This is easy at the start of a...
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    Re: Realm Divide, How I Hate Thee

    I see this thread has been resurrected. I don't understand the problem - RD is easy to manage when you know it's coming, and when you know the game. I always keep my allies and vassals at RD, and...
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    Re: General Questions

    My short answer is "yes"; occupying maintains reputation, while sacking, reduces it. I usually play chivalrous for the better growth rates, but may choose to sack certain cities (never ever ever...
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    Re: Tips and Tricks for M2TW

    I found this extremely interesting; you're doing tests I've been meaning to do for ages (but somehow end up in the campaign). You shown the virtues of the Italian states heavy infantry, and made me...
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    Re: General Questions

    The army remains, but is no longer on crusade. Train Assassins early for Turks and Egyptians (and get the excellent over-powered Assassin's Guild infantry.)
  21. Re: 3 questions about guilds in both vanila and Stainless Steel

    Screenshot of Swordsmith's Guild in Constantinople (from Russian campaign) attached, for Q3.

    In answer to Vanilla questions - sorry, don't know about SS as have never played it.

    1. I don't...
  22. Re: Why should you not adopt or marry princesses to your generals?

    I do marry princesses to generals, and mostly the heir will follow this line if the prince/king has no sons.

    I disagree strongly with Durallan's remarks on the Org about training princes/kings to...
  23. Re: Are Merchants in Vanilla Really That Useful?

    After digging around I found landtuber's guide to merchants. This should be helpful for most.

    The Glory of Merchants - Landtuber
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    Re: Chivalry or Dread?

    I agree with the statement that it all depends on what style of campaign you want; Dread or Chivalry. Either way you want chivalrous generals to grow cities and castles, and dread generals for the...
  25. Re: Are Merchants in Vanilla Really That Useful?

    Merchants are both useful and profitable if used correctly, but, as above, need micromanagement. (Example screenshots below).

    Turkey gets 4800 GP per turn from 11 merchants.

    That said,...
  26. Re: Diplomacy/Tributes Mysterious Expenditure! Please help!

    I can offer no explanation, as I too have paid out "diplomacy" sums without discovering the reason despite research.

    Being a vassal in M2TW has no effect on the player. The factions most likely to...
  27. Re: Coolest/funniest thing to ever happen to you in medieval 2?

    M2TW Vanilla. Playing as the Turks I had a disloyal general whom I kept with my faction leader/faction heir as a heavy cavalry unit. In a moment of inattention I posted him by himself in an ambush...
  28. Re: Experience bonus lost if game saved, flash flood fix, and two-handed bug

    Thanks for the flash flood fix irishron. You are helpful and quick as always. Much appreciated.

    Does anyone have any ideas about my points #2 and #3

    Is there a fix for the game failing to add...
  29. Experience bonus lost if game saved, flash flood fix, and two-handed bug

    I have 2 persistent bugs for which I believe there are fixes, and one question. I have searched (under experience bonus and variants for the first, and flash flood fix and variants for the second)...
  30. Re: Your favorite faction from every total war game and expansion?

    I've been so focused on just a few titles...

    STW: Mori
    STW MI: Mongols
    MTW: Turkey
    Viking Invasion: Vikings
    RTW: Parthians
    BI: Eastern Roman Empire
    Alexander: -
    MTW2: Turkey/Russia
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    Re: Least Favorite Faction?

    My least favourite is Scotland, due to it's limited range of units (no long range missiles, no gunpowder, no decent cavalry) and it's edge of the world location. In particular, the good Scottish...
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    Re: Fighting Mongols in the Field - Egypt

    Fighting Mongols in the Field - Egypt (second post)

    Please forgive the double post. I needed to do the post in 2 parts in order to upload all the screenshots. Although there are 14 I believe it's...
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    Fighting Mongols in the Field - Egypt

    Does anyone fight the Mongols in the field? Example with screenshots. I believe the field is the place to beat them.

    Fighting in the field is my preferred method. I fight each wave as it comes,...
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