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    Sticky: Re: The Sekigahara Campaign - General Discussion

    Hello! I hope I'm not violating anything (since I am reviving this old thread) anyway...

    I see that advanced matchlock units have quite a lot of spacing. I would like to have them back to the...
  2. Thread: Modding MTW

    by kirah

    Re: Modding MTW

    Hi guys.

    So basically, I wanted to make a simple modification in the game, making all actions done in one turn (construction and unit recruitment). I easily did this with pack file manager (PFM)...
  3. [Released] Re: Anton's Banner, Visual and Clan-swapping Overhaul [v1.7] - Include's seven new clans (Nagao, Nanbu, Sanada, Akechi, Shiina, Red Devils, Suwa), ROTS minor clans added to custom battles, loading screens, historical battle map and more!

    sir, umm.. please reupload this mod.

    or if you can, please upload it on mediafire..

    btw, this is a good idea.. i'm looking forward in playing as the sanada clan and the akechi clan. hehe..
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