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  1. Ultrawide (21/9) Screen compatibility ?

    Hi fellows,

    I have now an Ultrawide screen (34401440) and of course, you can imagine that there is no vanilla (or EB) option to make the game compatible with my ratio.

    Is there a way to tweak...
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    Sticky: Re: {DIK} Bugs & Problems

    You did it!

    Thank you. The problem was the steam launch option. I had a mod several years ago and I had to change the steam launch options and steam kept it in memory.

    Thanks again!
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    Sticky: Re: {DIK} Bugs & Problems

    Hi, my problem is this one :

    I have the steam version of M2TW.
    When I click on the mod launcher on my desktop, it launch M2TW vanilla, not the mod.

    What should I do?
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    Re: Couple of Pahlava Issues

    What is strange is assuming that Parthian were mostly horse based, and then arguing that horse breeding was not possible except in steppes.

    There are a lot of thigns wrong with Parthia, including...
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    Re: If you were an EBII character...

    So basically, you are a troll.

    Well, the best kind at least!
  6. Re: Is there any way to improve CAMPAIGN map performance, speed, and FPS?

    In your graphic card parameters, you can turn off the antialiasing transparency.

    This works very badly with old games and can make it very slow because transparency was used and abused and graphic...
  7. Re: What else is to be added/ changed in EBII going forward?

    I really hope that some factions will be a bit more "modular".

    An example : if I want to use Boii to emulate anatolian celts, there are still some prerequisites that I should have so my generals...
  8. Re: Does EB2 manage to portray actual warfare in it's time period?

    I see a lot of people here (that I respect) who try to defend EB2 from criticism.
    I understand the feeling but it is just that : a feeling.

    The problem is not whether or not EB2 did a great job...
  9. Re: The Devs of this mod should be ashamed and all tw devs should question their jobs !!!

    I am sorry but I agree with OP...

    All those people who lost their social life and sunk themselves in EBII because of the quality work of the dev team...

    That is indecent.
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    Re: Saka Rauka

    I havn't play this version yet but I played a lot with Saka before : this faction is quite broken IMHO, with it's way to try to force you to an unique way of handling the faction, with no alternative...
  11. Re: How to disable playtime reminder popups

    And don't forget to eat 5 vegetables a day.
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    Sticky: Re: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography

    Thank you for your help!

    I agree with that, but supposing I "need" it, I would have wished to know what kind of shoulders protections was used by them. In EB we have clear copies of roman...
  13. Re: How Effective was Linothorax vs. Mail?

    Yes and it is mainly the case with hellenistic era mail.

    If you check the shape of most of weapons (except curved ones), like xyphos or roman gladius, or even simple spears, they all have a pointy...
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    Sticky: Re: Europa Barbarorum Bibliography

    Hello people,

    This is a question related to a project I have : I wish to reenact a thorakitai from hellenistic period.
    I already have a lot of intel about it but there is one thing that is very...
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    Re: I must be hearing things

    Sometimes, in the mist of the battle, there is a strange song, that fills the silence between the strikes and the shouts and the deaths.
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    Re: spies in cities

    The problem is that computer controlled faction have virtually an unlimited number of spies. Maybe there is a cap, but as soon as you kill one, they recruit a new one and so forth.

    Same with...
  17. Re: yet another of factions

    Technically, the re-emergence "half random" problem is not that bad...

    Until Pontos re-emerges on the settlement of the region named as... "EREMOS".

    I had that while playing Ptolemaioi almost a...
  18. Re: on the pre-charge missile check question

    It does, at least in "custom battle" , I tried 1 unit vs 1 unit and it does in several conditions that are still obscures to me.
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    Re: I need help with this.

    To be honest it happened to me that this screen popped up afer all the reforms, one time.
  20. Re: The physics and physiology of slings and slingers

    Simple : Because in the fisrt post of this thread, the friction of air is ignored.

    So the trajectory of your projectile will consider the same velocity at the throw and at the impact, which is not...
  21. Re: The physics and physiology of slings and slingers


    Let's bring back reality please.

    - When you hunt, your goal is not to throw a rock at an animal at 400m distance. To try to advance closer to make sure that you hit precisely and with...
  22. Re: The physics and physiology of slings and slingers

    It makes no sense to say that "physics doesn't care about units" when you convert your said unit in Newtons without knowing if you use a pound or half a kilogram...

    Just saying, this messes with...
  23. Re: The Greeks Who Pray to Zeus: VICE documentary about the modern Hellenic religion

    In the same spirit, there is this :
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    Re: Move Character Command

    It is probable the game tried to send "Lvcivs" to the coordinates "Cornelivs".

    If you use the space character, always set your data between quotes because space is used as a separator between the...
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    Re: Move Character Command

    0,0 is the defaut location where your character will be moved if you don't put coordinates after the name.

    Since your character is moving, the character name is good. But since the coordinates are...
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    What you describe is the byproduct of what I had in mind writing my post :

    I will use an example :

    If Galatian faction is already existing at the begining of the game and controlled by AI...
  27. Re: Anyone had better luck using Javelin Cavalry?

    I also use those for fast and precise surrounding.

    They are also useful when using the "fire at will" ability instead of trying to click on the enemy units where more often than not the cav go to...
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    Yes I read those points before and I tend to agree except for two things :

    1 : in case of ai controlled faction, re-emergence makes things interesting in crowded regions. Having Anatolia being...
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    On it, thanks !
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    Oh... Ok a big thanks ! The problem is that while I don't know editting, I do it all the time nonetheless. My data folder start to look like a battlefield with all those holes in the files......
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    @Quintus :

    Indeed, which is counter productive with the script added giving boii some Galatian features.

    EBII team worked for nothing if it is not playable as it is.

    @Genghis : no, all you...
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    Ok there is at least one education option that requires the original boii capital by name (whiii don't remember). Not a gov building, but the specific boii original capital. By name. It is clearly...
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    Re: Galatia as a faction?

    The problem is that you scripted boii faction to be able to play the role of Galatians.

    Buy the said faction is forced to keep boii original capital because Druidic scholarship script demands you...
  34. Re: Pax Graeca Hoplite - Peace through hoplite

    True. Kull gave a good workaround.

    Either by defeating several batch of "rebels" galatians OR by conquering western part of Anatolia.
    There is a failsafe though (I think) : if Seleucids have...
  35. Re: Pax Graeca Hoplite - Peace through hoplite

    The problem with KH is that they have less "free upkeep units" slots because they only rely on polis buildings for recruitment and have no "military colonies" buildings, so your hoplites (the...
  36. Re: The material culture question thread.

    Yeah, right.

    Nobody is forcing anyone.

    Of course.

    So that is not impatience, and there is no need to do what you can't and to pay when you can't.

    It doesn't come cheap for anyone, you...
  37. Re: The material culture question thread.

    I know what burden of proof is.

    Here you just want someone to do your own research work.

    But sure, ask a team that is already working for free to look for that detail about a shield they...
  38. Re: The material culture question thread.

    And I was naive enough to think that you accepted to read more history.
  39. Re: The material culture question thread.

    There are a LOT of references there.
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    Re: Let's all vent about EBII!

    I second that motion.

    I will add that the goal here is not to win anything. If your goal is to win anything, then it is clear you have nothing more constructive to say and that every intervention...
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