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    Modding EB Map?

    I've tried editing the ground types map in the EB base folder to create a mountainous region so that Egyptian armies cannot attack Carthaginian lands.

    I deleted the map.rwm file in the main base...
  2. Re: Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.


    I have many rational arguments that bolster my faith in God.
  3. Re: Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.

    I was simply demonstrating that faith is not necessarily always unsubstantiated by evidence or logical reasoning.

    You are talking about the strength of the logical reasoning behind faith in a...
  4. Re: Should people marry? It seems that God would forbid it.

    I said nothing about torture. I won't be taking the bait.
  5. Re: The same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    I don't have a problem with people setting aside a day for remembering the birth of our Saviour. It is well within someone's liberty as a Christian to do this. As Paul says:

    "One man esteemeth one...
  6. Re: Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.

    It is not at all the exact same as what you said, as can be seen from the fact that you took the liberty of adding the bolded part above.

    If faith, trust and reliance are "softball synonyms"...
  7. Re: Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.

    Faith, when used in a Biblical context, translates best as trust, hope or reliance. The idea of faith being blind belief in something is a more modern phenomenon.
  8. Re: Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.

    Christians are often wrongly accused of cherry-picking, but in your case you really seem to be taking it to a whole other level.

    Faith is spoken of positively throughout the Bible, and especially...
  9. Re: The same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Christmas is a Romanist innovation that was rightly rejected by God-fearing Protestants for hundreds of years. The scripture expressly condemns the observance of so-called 'holy days':

    "But now,...
  10. Re: Should people marry? It seems that God would forbid it.

    No I do not think we should abolish marriage, but I do think you should be far more careful not to blaspheme God and his established order with your outlandish ideas. The scripture warned us well of...
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    Re: I hope it will be less than 20$

    Was thinking of getting this because they finally sorted out basic things like unit cards.

    But if its full price forget it.
  12. Re: Apparently the Americas were first discovered by muslim explorers :)

    Wasn't the "Arab Shakespear" thing a joke? I thought Gadaffi referred to the joke, not that he meant it...
  13. Re: Medieval Nostalgia Mod

    Thank you! Are you having problems with the Game Front link?
  14. Medieval Nostalgia Mod (screenshots & download)


    The Medieval Nostalgia Mod is a sub-mod of Chivalry Total War. The primary purpose of the mod is to allow people to immerse themselves in the nostalgia of the original Medieval Total...
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    Medieval Nostalgia Mod

    EDIT: Wrong forum, thread moved here.
  16. Poll: Re: Scottish Independence Referendum is agreed: vote in 2014

    They do, and in quite a significant way. Both the Yes and No campaigns have took pains to steer away from bringing such a dynamic into the debate, but in the working-class areas of the west coast it...
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    Looking for certain files...

    I've been working on a mod to take much of the graphics from MTW over to the RTW engine.

    My problem is I can't find the MTW files with the UI graphics, event picture graphics, faction starting...
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    Re: Legal question about mod

    This is for RTW yes. I guess the feature you are referring to is the civil war feature? I haven't implemented anything yet like that currently, however it might be possible if I was to port it to BI...
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    Re: Legal question about mod

    Thanks guys, I am currently playing through a campaign to find any potential unknown bugs/issues, and once I have checked for permission from the Chivalry mod team, I will release a public beta.
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    Legal question about mod

    I've been making a sub-mod for Chivalry Total War called the Medieval Nostalgia Mod.

    I made this mod because I miss not being able to play the original MTW on my PC, so I ported all the factions,...
  21. Problem getting music in game

    EDIT: SOLVED - the bit rate had to be reduced - a rate of 128 worked for me

    I've been editing the sound files to try to get the tracks from the original MTW into my Chivalry Total War mod-folder....
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    Re: How to edit menu background?

    Ah, thanks very much, that did the trick!
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    How to edit menu background?

    I've using a mod folder for my mod, and I want to change the background for the main menu, campaign selection screen etc to use a certain image, rather than that vanilla animation with the soldiers. ...
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    KTM error with my new map

    EDIT: Sorted after endless tinkering. I think there was a problem caused by some files in the base folder also existing in the imperial_campaign folder, which I only edited in the former. But I...
  25. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    At last! Sorted!

    Turns out there must be a hardcoded number of entries for faction/merc/slave skins for any model in DMB. The light horse had an entry for every faction, a slave one, a generic one...
  26. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    Yep, have definitely narrowed it down to trying to use a mercenary horse. I tried changing 'merc' to read 'mercenary' as it does for horse entries in the vanilla DMB, but no joy.

    Seemingly nothing...
  27. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    Well the merc was using the rebel .dds file, so I would have expected it to work. I tried changing armenia's one to the rebel .dds as well, and that works fine in game, the unit appears on a horse...
  28. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    1. I changed the EDU entry so that it used the steppe_light_cavalry soldier from DMB (and removed the mercenary_unit trait), and that works fine, the unit appears as it should.

    2. Here all I did...
  29. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    OK will try that now, cheers...
  30. Re: Problem with mercenary mounts

    Well normally when I get a CTD it will tell me what line of EDU or EDB or whatever to fix (which I guess is show_err), but this times it just says RTW has stopped working.

    Oddly I noticed this...
  31. Problem with mercenary mounts

    I've tried adding a new unit, Alan Mercenary Cavalry, to my Chivalry Total War folder.

    If I make it a factional unit rather than a mercenary unit, it works fine. If I make it a dismounted...
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    Plate armour?


    I'm looking to made a mini-mod based on the original MTW units. But I am struggling to find late-era units to work with in Chivalry Total War. There don't seem to be any plate armour units in...
  33. Crash when removing buildings

    I reached the hardcoded limit when adding buildings, and so went to remove some existing ones.

    I deleted their entry in EDB, and am now getting a crash after the initial loading screen.

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    Re: Is salvation by works or by faith?

    It is you who twists the words of your own prophet. You say that the Pauline Epistles have no authority, and indeed modern Muslims will say that only the four Gospels are part of the Injeel. But...
  35. We are seeing less overall drug use. We are...

    We are seeing less overall drug use. We are seeing less overall alcohol use. Once again, I agree with both these facts. Here are some more facts that have been demonstrated:

    We have seen a...
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    Re: The Bible on Slavery

    I agree. Note the conclusion of my original post.

    Think on this though - in a Christian society, should we advocate slavery? I would be inclined to say no.

    All I have done is clear up a few...
  37. Re: Cameron: UK is a Christian country

    Which would those be?

    Except I always spoke specifically of hardcore drug abuse and not casual drug abuse (indeed, I myself noted from the very first time I brought up the point that, just as...
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    Re: Is salvation by works or by faith?

    I would say it is about living the way God intended you to live. To do right by him and his creation. Ultimately it is about being completely renewed as a person. I can't list every way in which this...
  39. Re: Cameron: UK is a Christian country

    Truly, in all my years posting online, I don't think I have ever received a more hopeless reply than that given by Denny above. You make some irrelevant and misinformed arguments in relation to my...
  40. Re: Cameron: UK is a Christian country

    Well first things first... can I take it that Denny's idea that things are somehow getting better has been thoroughly exploded? Is this point conceded? As you can imagine, it is important for me to...
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