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    Re: Participation Award

    I don't understand, what are the criteria for awarding it to someone?
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    Re: Games i would like to see

    If they want to grab the fantasy audience by the hand, I liked age of mythology, I'm sure I'd enjoy
    Total War: Mythology as well ^^
    Apart from that, I wish they really took a moment to really...
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    Re: Increace some heroes Hp(health)

    He set it as mov type tho, he'd have to change that to mod to allow it to work currently(I think)
    If he doesn't reupload it tho, the table required is quite straightforward, though I'd have to go...
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    Re: Proposal for seiges

    I'm actually trying to figure that out, I think I have it, however it will not show up as an effect under building effects, so I'll have to see once people actually siege one of my cities with a...
  5. [Proposal] Re: Faction-specific effects that impact battles

    That is definitly doable, and I really dont think it's too hard for you to pull off either, though you might need to experiment quite a bit with scopes: e.g. Faction to character own,.
    You wont...
  6. Re: 2 buildings can be constructed simultaneously

    I just dont see it, it works fine for me, and the variable has not changed name, so there shouldn't be any issue.
    If you are still experiencing issues could you provide some additional information?...
  7. Re: 2 buildings can be constructed simultaneously

    I'll give it a look. ty for notifying.

    p.s. did you remove your user.script.txt file referencing the mod and just select the mod in mod manager?
  8. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.

    If you drag the .pack file into your data folder and relaunch tw3k, it should be visible in the mod loaders list where you can then turn it on or off :D
  9. Re: Replenishment when garrisoned improved

    Sure, I'm too busy in real life atm so I can't, but it seems like you'd only need the campaign_variables_tables

  10. Re: Do changes to mods apply correctly when loading older savefiles?

    Thanks for the information :D
    To srisiam: Can't help you out with anything right now, need to focus on exams, good luck though! I know Radious changed the garrisons, you could have a look at what...
  11. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.

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    Insane behaviour by crossbowmen

    This is driving me absolutely nuts.

    My crossbow guys, safely behind their allied melee infantry: "oh you want me to shoot that guy? sure!"
    "let me just get a liiiitle bit closer so I can..." -->...
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    Re: Ambush 95% chance, fails every time

    I'll have a look when I find some time :D
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    Re: Adding Formations to units

    That'd be land_units_to_unit_abilities_junctions_tables,.
    Scratch that CA made a typo
    land_units_to_unit_abilites_junctions_tables is the exact name
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    Poll: Re: Romance vs. Records

    I only play records, but do watch a few streamers who I've only seen playing romance, never records.
    Mostly because I bought this game to play Total War.
    I'm only missing shogun I and medieval I in...
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    Re: Ambush 95% chance, fails every time

    Looks like you are right, and I am wrong.

    I've tried to verify wether or not ambushes are pre rolled, with a 70% chance ambush that originally succeeded.
    I've reloaded about 10-15 times, with a...
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    Re: Ambush 95% chance, fails every time

    I've moved the troops over and over, then went back into ambush mode, fails everytime.
    The moving to a different location should solve the preroll thing if that is the case, however no change...
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    Re: What is the point of vassals?

    Exactly ^^

    In vanilla the land has to be adjacent to their territory, and traverseably so.

    It's nice to turn this off so you can give away whatever to whomever, but the AI will also...
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    Ambush 95% chance, fails every time

    I'm trying to ambush an army, at a spot with 95% chance of success, yet it fails every single time I reload.
    I am certain the dice gets rolled on every reload, as I've had an ambush that failed not...
  20. Re: 2 buildings can be constructed simultaneously

    Sorry to hear that, I'll have a look,
    but most likely your user.script file isn't correct.
    will update soon.

    I've verified that the mod works as intended, check the updated download link...
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    Re: What is the point of vassals?

    This part made me laugh so hard ^^

    "Guys... That's like... Totally uncalled for!!!"

    Well done on turning it into feudalism simulator though: "Here you go, have some land, now fight for me!"...
  22. [Proposal] Re: Building slot , Minor building slot e.g. Major city more than 6 slot,minor add more slot.

    Building_effects_junction_tables isn't what you seem to think it is, it's exactly what it says though: it links building(s) levels to effects, the things you see in game such as +40% income from...
  23. [Proposal] Re: Ask for help to add Thai language into the game.

    I have no experience with this, however I think this might get you on the right track:
    Hopefully it helps.
    Best of luck!...
  24. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.

    Not a problem.

    I had a look anyway, I think I might have found the table needed for your request, but it looks like you will have to wait until the Assembly Kit comes out for Three kingdoms, as...
  25. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.

    If you want to suggest or request other mods you can do so in the WIP/proposal section and you would get more people to look at it than just me.

    I get the feeling if I continue to do as you ask,...
  26. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.

    You can find it in the TWC Three Kingdoms download section.
  27. Re: Is anyone else feeling a bit jaded with Total War?

    Vardano, you genius!
    That would save me sooo much time of battles I am 99% sure I'd win but the auto resolve thinks it's doomed.
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    Re: Game won't Launch!

    But how would you be able to test anything he suggests if you've already gotten your refund, is his point I believe.

    Also what he says about hardware/drivers/conflicting programs is every pc is...
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    [WIP] Archers reworked

    I have attempted to balance this as well as I can, in isolation.

    I currently do not have the time to do extended playthroughs, and as such I would really appreciate any feedback from those who do...
  30. Re: No stat buffs in battle for AI regardless of difficulty.


    I'm not sure that would have the effect you desire, What exactly do you think a "campaign version" should do?

    it'll probably make every difficulty about the same, but then what do I...
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    Re: What is the point of vassals?

    I usually don't vassalize, so I usually only do so when THEY offer it(not much choice that way) ^^

    This particular one had the underdog personality, I'd say offering to be a vassal, dragging...
  32. Re: A possible Sengoku mod in the future?

    If they allow making a custom campaign map like in medieval 2, prepare yourself for many many many more modders to show up(i think) ^^

    But I doubt it will happen.
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    Re: What is the point of vassals?

    She dragged me into 3 more wars without me having given her autonomy, I annexed her and married her to my faction leader >.<

    problem solved, in the end.
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    What is the point of vassals?

    You figure, hey might be nice to have a vassal at my border, I'll spare them.

    next turn:
    "Aaaaaaaah come help me in this war which is totally not needed, or practical, else I'm no longer your...
  35. Re: Mod Request - 4 Generals, 4 Retinues Each

    From what I've heard garrisons having a maximum of 2 retinues is hard coded, so my guess is that the retinue limit for armies is as well :D

    It would be nice if I'm wrong but I wouldn't get your...
  36. Re: 2 buildings can be constructed simultaneously

    Juan, Honestly the best way to find out is to just try.

    Usually it does work, but sometimes it doesn't, and I still haven't figured out why or why not.

    They're very simple mods, so it should...
  37. Re: Is anyone else feeling a bit jaded with Total War?

    Opt in to the bera fella's no reason to play vs the worse battleAI any longer than needed.

    Ai is actually defending their archers but in individual groups of an archer or 2 + 1-2 spears
  38. Re: Ever since Rome 2, Total War suffers from a very weird paradox...

    I know what you mean, the smaller factions seem to agree to declare war on you one after the other(when they smell supposed weakness I guess), while the ones further away will offer you coalitions ^^...
  39. Re: 2 buildings can be constructed simultaneously

    Glad you find them helpful :)
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    Sticky: Re: PFM 5.2 - Three Kingdoms Support

    You're the best!
    I was about to tell you that it also happened on a different PC, but you managed to recreate it for yourself(which is 1000X better as a developer).

    Don't worry about doing it...
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