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  1. Poll: Re: Plea for fixing the launcher bug once and for all

    Gotta get those in game player number up buds.
  2. Re: (strawpoll) What is your favorite faction? And favorite legendary lord?

    Vampires and Manfred. However its really Sigvald I did not think I would like that guy but he has the best quests in the game. I did not think I would admit in public that he is now my favorite...
  3. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    ^^^^ I agree with Mulitplayer and Campaign unit balancing being different. Blizzard did the same thing for Star Craft. It makes the Campaign way more fun as the units that should be awesome are...
  4. Re: Your most frustrating/ most obvious PC cheat

    Just encountered the never ending wave of Vargs, Chaos and skaelings in my vampire campaign... Just really... bothersome. You would think that after getting their :wub: stuffed so many times they...
  5. Re: I'm bored, how do I bring this thing to a conclusion?

    Just now encountering the Chaos wack a mole a thon.... It really is crap. So playing as vampires.... I wanted to have empire and kislev as a chaos buffer. However Kislev went from being #1 in power...
  6. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    I think rather then change forced march they should introduce better movement penalties for terrains and corruption level. Maybe race specific as well. Army Build type as well. So a vampire army with...
  7. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    I think he can assassinate other wizards and lords. He has a direct damage spell that is somewhat similar to soul leech. It is not as powerful because the lord or wizard have to be by themselves. If...
  8. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    You can fate of Bjunna a wraith unit kill the whole unit and it will show zero kills for the caster. They should fix that. It is either an oversight or a bug. Everyone seems to get the wrong idea...
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    Re: Female units?

    Vampire women. Problem solved in a big way. :D
  10. Poll: Re: which RACES do you wanna see as DLC? (ones not already in game)

    I personally want skaven more then any other. Out of all of Warhammer factions I think they are truly unique, one that GW created without slurping up existing tropes. I just do not think they can be...
  11. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    Blizzard does it all the time with Starcraft. That game is alive. They constantly nerf and buff units abilities etc. I am not asking them to be as good as Blizzard. I could settle for 1/3. Now of...
  12. Re: "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    That is sort of what I was going for. To have the "Big Boys" be Murder Terror Death Machines. So rather try and balance them with stat Nerfs-Buffs-Unit Cost ETC. Just have a unit cap. So the higher...
  13. "Easy" to Implement Feature-Game Mechanic and Balance Wish list

    I wanted to start a thread regarding all of the Features-Game Mechanic and Balance changes/additions that could be added into this game with presumed little Dev time/ Cost for Developer.

  14. Poll: Re: which RACES do you wanna see as DLC? (ones not already in game)

    I think the ones that can be easily implemented would be the Follows: Wood Elves, BeastMen, Chaos Daemons, and Ogre Kingdoms. I think the other factions would need some major tweaking. That is the...
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    Re: Would you call TW Warhammer a step forward?

    There are a lot of features they can add easily that were present in Attila and Rome 2. If they add them it will be a better game. If they give the game feature parity with previous titles it will be...
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    Re: Why Don't Cannons Have Grapeshot?

    They should add grapeshot to cannons and any other type of shot that is appropriate. I do not care if the TT had it or not. It should not be an ability it should be an ammo toggle like a formation...
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    Re: VC in Multiplayer

    Use magic to kill their elite units and leaders. Fate of bjunna Soul Leech. They can counter with death magic sorcerer of their own though. They would have to be good though. You must also get Armour...
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    Re: Ok, convince me

    If it really does not entice you. Waiting until they release a few expansions would not hurt in the slightest. In conclusion do not buy until the game convinces you.
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    Re: Ethereal Units.... do they suck?

    Well I have played with them a bit more and I have found that in campaign they start to do well when you use buff spells. "Dance macabre" However in mp I played against a dude that bought 3 hex...
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    Re: Creative Assembly praise thread

    I have had the most fun playing this total war. Mainly due to the fantasy setting love monsters and all that. Overall I would not say it is the best because it is missing too many features and...
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    Re: Ethereal Units.... do they suck?

    They just do not seem to be cost effective as they are. The real problem is I think they should cost more and do more. They are a unit that does not live up to its awesome description at all. I am...
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    Re: Ethereal Units.... do they suck?

    I was just really disappointed when I got them. So they reduce all non magic attacks by 3/4 but have around 1/3 the health of other elite units?.... I think that defeats the purpose. I played a game...
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    Ethereal Units.... do they suck?

    It took me forever to build up my vampires to get Cairn and Hex Wraiths... and they seem to sort of suck? How are they supposed to be "used"? The description of the unit makes them sound like they...
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    Re: Customize Units

    Whether or not they actually implement the feature is irrelevant. The fact still stands that they should implement it if it is technically possible. This not a point product it is a milk cow. The cow...
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    Re: What I Expect

    I Pre-ordered but its not my fault guys honest... those nasty CA goons made me do it. I have no responsibility or accountability for anything I do guys its a conspiracy against me honest it is...
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    Re: About dwarven sieges

    Considering they said something to the effect of "putting a lot more work into each individual faction so therefore less factions" ... They really do not seem to have put a lot into the whole...
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    Re: Chaos Faction Free for 1st Week

    I think this has tipped me into buying during the first week... have not fully committed though.
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    Re: Will you trust reviews again ?.

    I will trust You tube Reviews again they were well done. "Lets plays" will also come in handy. Does anybody Trust "real reviews" anymore?
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    Poll: Re: Total War : Warhammer and sea battles

    While everyone now knows that Naval combat will not make it in this iteration of the game it really needs to be in by the last installment and preferably implemented in the middle segment. They have...
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    Re: Total War Warhammer: Standard Bearers

    There is another thread for this right? Someone want to merge them?
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    Re: Modding support for TW:Warhammer confirmed

    I have thought about this at length and came upon the conclusion that all that has really happened is that they have decided to give back half of what they said they were taking away... and everyone...
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    Re: Chaos Faction Free for 1st Week

    I just might buy this the first week... Would only do that to show that it was a smart move on their part. Depends on reviews of course.
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    Re: Modding support for TW:Warhammer confirmed

    That is a step in the right direction.... and for all those that think :wub: and moaning loudly over the internet accomplishes nothing.... you are wrong. Constructive criticism must voiced and it is...
  34. Re: Total War: WARHAMMER - Rally Point Challenge: Bretonnia Multiplayer Custom Battle [UPDATE With darren's point of view]

    I have mixed feelings on the deployment/ Tower range. On the one hand it is sort of nice to plan everything out etc. However it can degenerate into things taking just too damn long. I like the fact...
  35. Re: CA business practice discussion thread

    Would Sega Care? I think they only care about the numbers. If taking the blame resulted in greater profit they would do it. The deal with GW is already set in stone. If CA throws them under the bus I...
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    Re: we want banners, champions and musicians!

    Well it does not seem to be mentioned in their future content blog... Not good. They really should implement Banners etc...
  37. Re: CA business practice discussion thread

    If you were CA, how would you Fix the Chaos DLC Debacle? I would put Chaos back in base game and grant early access to Pre-orders and blame all the BS on Sega or GW. May lack...
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    Re: WTW will be DX12 Compatible

    I am going to wait until I get a new rig to play this game. Going for late year or early next year build, probably pump 2 Grand into it. Leaning towards Intel CPU and Radeon GPU Will See what Zen and...
  39. Re: Could Total War: Warhammer potentially increase interest in Warhammer Fantasy Battles?

    I would argue If this game is done justice it would kill TT. Why would someone waste a ton of time and money on something with so little return. Ok so I have an army... and no one to play with... vs....
  40. Re: Total War: WARHAMMER - Rally Point Challenge: FEAR THE RISEN DEAD (Let's Play)

    It boggles the mind how they can get something so right and then go... hmmm nah.... we need to throw that out and go full retard. Napoleon and Empire did it right. Why not try and improve on it? Why...
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