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    Re: Hellenika - Main thread

    Going to subscribe and follow this one.
    It being outdated kept me from trying the mod.
    But now I'm quite curious.
    Seems like an epic endeavour by the modders. Congratulations on all the work done...
  2. Re: All enemy's units clumped together. WTH?

    A shame as I've been going through the mod campaign again and it is very omnipresent. Super odd.
    I'd rather have the enemy march onto the battlemap every game than have them start like this.
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    Re: Realism Core v5 for LME4

    Looks interesting i'll give this one a try. I'm dying for more NTWIII realism combined with the flavor and stability of LME.
    This may just be what I need! :)
  4. Re: All enemy's units clumped together. WTH?

    Apologies for Necro'in this discussion but was progress made specifically on this aspect? As I tried the awesome mod a while ago and had to stop playing due to this silly bug popping up.
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    Recommended unit size

    What is the recommended unit size for this mod for optimal realism?
  6. Re: Question about post installation of mod

    Thanks for the feedback!
    And sorry that I only got back to thanking you this late! :)
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    Odd mobs forming in battles

    Installed the gorgeous mod a while ago after seeing awesome let's plays on youtube.
    I was wondering though if there is a solution for the weird phenomenon where the enemy A.I. clutters up into a...
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    Sticky: Re: The Greek League - submod

    I installed this one just now. As the Rome 2's Wrath of Sparta campaign simply didn't scratch my 'Sparta' itch.

    ...this one so is so very very fun.

    Many thanks to you guys for making this...
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    [Beta] Re: Hegemony - Greco-Persian Wars BETA V0.91

    I take it this awesome project is dead? :(
  10. Question about post installation of mod

    Are there visual indications I correctly installed the mod.
    I don't see any Mod specific wallpapers or renames.
    Nor do I see new banners.
    Am I correct to assume all the changes are purely made to...
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    Classical Battles Unit names

    Small question. The unit names are not all visible when I play Classical Battles.
    When I play the vanilla classical battles via 1805 Grand Campaign more unit names are visible but for instance...
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    Sticky: Re: HCS - Final Version V.1.00 Coming

  13. Re: History Movies ~ Loading Screens Packs ~ Gladiator, Alexander

    Btw this link has some awesome loadingscreen pictures:...
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    Re: NOIF's Unit Retexture Mods (23.Sep 2013)

    An awesome mod. I'm going to make it my 'go to mod' for retexturing. Keep up the good work! +1 rep!
    Also superhappy you're going for a 'cool' look for my beloved Spartans :)
  15. Re: History Movies ~ Loading Screens Packs ~ Gladiator, Alexander

    Not all exactly 'historically correct' but any chance you could include a few of 300, Centurion, Rome and the old Claudius and Julius Caesar miniseries?
  16. Re: Any advantage by upgrading unit-train buildings?

    So basically we can ignore that building?
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    Roma Surrectum 2 questions

    After an eternity gone I reinstalled the mod which was always my favourite Rome one. Hence I still have the sig. :)

    A few questions though as i completely forgot how things works:
    1) Weren't...
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    Re: NOIF's Unit Retexture Mods (12.Sep 2013)

    Can't wait to see more. Given the nr of reskins you're planning this may be the 'go to' mod for the near future for those wanting lots and lotsa reskins :)
  19. Re: Hellbent's Traits, Talents, and Toadies (TTT) - A Character Mod Overhaul

    +1 rep for this!
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    Re: New Etruscan Mod !

    Someone is really going to have to make an ubermod uniting all these awesome faction mods/reskins etc.
    In any case +1 rep!
  21. Re: Hellas Resurgent - The "Classical Greek" Unit Pack

    +1 rep going to try it!

    EDIT: tried it out. Looks awesome so far. However could you give the 'king' / 'officer' in the Royal Spartan unit also a more 'regal helmet'? The officers in the normal...
  22. Using the Hoplite Phalanx ability...?

    Could one of the experts here explain me a bit how the phalanx ability works. I enter phalanx mode. They form up. They march. I let them attack the enemy and instantly they let go of the ability....
  23. Sticky: Poll: Re: KLA'S Skinpack - SPARTAN UNITS - The first complete re-skin of Spartan army

    Gorgeous work. I congratulate you +1 rep.
    If not for the helmet choice i'd use this one for my Spartans.
    :) But i'm afraid i just can't go without my Greek helmet of choice ;)
  24. Re: Hellas Resurgent - The "Classical Greek" Unit Pack

    A gorgeous mod so far. And I like your approach.
    I'm an historian myself yet when it comes to videogames i prefer the 'feel' of authenticity over obsessing over each little girdle, sash and...
  25. Re: Spartan units redone by Playker V1.3 OUT!!!!

    Okay i'm subscribing to this thread. Out of all the Sparta mods i encountered I like this one the most and i'll be sticking to it to use in combination with the Radious one. Keep up the marvellous...
  26. Re: Announcement : The Rome 2 Total Realism Team would like to introduce itself to you!

    I'm curious about this one. And once real progress is made i'm certainly going to try it given the Total Realism one in Rome 1.
  27. Re: Spartan units redone by Playker NEW VERSION OUT!

    Looks awesome will you be 'fluffing' up other aspects of Sparta also? Like the techtree etc?
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