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  1. Re: What makes a good ''history book''? Questions from a noob

    I'll check my local library, but last I checked, there wasn't any good stuff in their history section and the few books about time periods I was interested in were just obligatory inclusions so they...
  2. Re: What makes a good ''history book''? Questions from a noob

    Thanks for the advice! I'm checking the author right now and looking for more reputable publishers. So stuff published by university publishers are peer reviewed?
  3. What makes a good ''history book''? Questions from a noob

    I've been playing TW games for a few years now and have played AoE2 for even more than that. It was AoE2 that made me interested in history and made me want to learn more about the civilisations I...
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    Re: Battles

    I think what Anthonius is saying is that just placing a settlement under siege shouldn't make the walls crumble and have holes automatically. I too share this opinion, since just besieging without...
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    Re: [Preview] Indo-Carthaginians

    Only realized it at the cannibal unit, although the winged helmet and outsourced hoplites should have clued me in. Didn't pay too much attention to the cartographic penis but that should've been a...
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    Re: [WIP] Total War: Alexander III

    Great to see a proper Alexander mod in development. I've been cautious about getting TW Alexander but this looks like it could change all that. Good luck!
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    Re: Desert Kingdoms DLC

    I'm just silently fuming at all of this. They're not just using DeI to sell the game, they're selling DeI while also virtue signalling at the same time. I don't think they're operating in good faith,...
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    Sticky: Re: Empire Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Thanks a lot Izsx!
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    Sticky: Re: Empire Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Hello all, I got Empire in the Christmas sale and played for the first time today. I don't want to go all out on modding until I've gotten used to the base game's mechanics and gotten a feel for what...
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    Re: Total War: ROME II - Empire Divided

    lol do they even touch the battle map stuff after release anymore? Or is Total War becoming Crusader Kings? Did they fix formation attack, whatever that was and the fact that spreading wider is just...
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    Re: New DLC and patch coming to Rome II?

    The only thing I'm excited for is the new easy encyclopedia. Hope the DeI team can integrate it into the campaign well. Sucks to have to guess what can be built and what those buildings will do, and...
  12. Sticky: Re: [Updated] Making RTW or RTW:Gold work on windows10 - FIX

    Hey guys I'm running Rome on an FX6300+Radeon RX550+4GB RAM/Win10 system at 1366X768 and I'm getting quite low framerates. Settings were maxed out with normal unit sizes (guess those aren't the same...
  13. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Impressions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    I'd like to offer an idea from my many failed(on normal /normal) campaigns: make raiding possible only with a certain amount of units / men in the army. Otherwise leaving even stragglers who can't...
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    Need tips for Taxila

    I started a new campaign with the Mauryans (as the Kshatriyas) and I really need advice. I'm still in the early game and currently have the one trade agreement with the Selucids. My plan was to boom...
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    Sticky: Re: Vae Victis - Main Discussion Thread

    Getting a new GPU soon, hope to try this out! Best of luck!
  16. Re: Happy Birthday to our favorite Polish guy.

    Happy belated birthday! Thanks for your work and also for your patience with all the weekly hoplite and pike threads!
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    Sticky: Re: Bugs & Feedback

    Nice! Let me congratulate you and the team here since the sneak peak thread seems locked for some reason and I can't give you rep :D Looking forward and good luck with the rest!
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    Sticky: Re: Bugs & Feedback

    Any updates on the progress the team can share? Been quite long since the last one.
  19. [WIP] Re: Tenchijin a Historicly Accurate Sengoku Jidai Mod.

    Very interesting project. Is it still alive?
  20. Re: Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    Got EU3 complete for Rs.169 (approx >$3) and will begin learning it! Thanks all for the advice and have a great new year!
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    Re: Which DoW1 game?

    Thanks for the reply!
    I can only get one since I'm on a budget. If the main differences are campaigns and Soulstorm has the most factions, wouldn't it be the best choice? It says on steam that it...
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    Which DoW1 game?

    I'm new to 40K but love RTS and always wanted to get into 40K. I want to get a game from the Dawn of War franchise and am confused as to what all the different ones do. I want as much content as...
  23. Re: Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    I have $30 at most for the entire sale.
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    Sticky: Re: Lines of Battle: General Discussion

    Mod seems to be dead.
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    Re: Bithynia Preview

    This roster is absolutely fascinating from a battle perspective. I can see this faction will be worth playing from this unique hybrid unit roster already. Great work and good luck! Will we be getting...
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    Re: Archers useless?

    I like to draw your attention to the Dacian Elite Archers, which have only 20 armor but cost 1100+. Also almost all of the archers that cost more than 1000 talents (except the Cretans and Parthians)...
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    Re: [Preview] Iweriu

    Great work! Those are some big swords :D
  28. Re: Are Archers With Experience More Accurate?

    Wow I didn't know it was so complicated. Shame vanilla wasted it on single purpose archers.
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    Re: Archers useless?

    Wait so all of those archers with 1100+ talent costs are bugged? The ie the Parthian, the horrible Nomadic ones etc?
  30. Re: Are Archers With Experience More Accurate?

    All that is in the engine?
  31. Re: Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    I don't hate any time period particularly, but want my first purchase to be from the medieval / colonial era. Currently I'm leaning EU3 or FtG.

    The continuance certainly seems very interesting,...
  32. Re: Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    @ Basil : I'm actually looking for the most complex game / a very complex one for the price to learn all the fine details. I'm shying away from CK2 and EU4 because they're expensive and I won't be...
  33. Re: Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    Thanks for the info and recommendations! My budget for this sale is quite limited so getting EU4 is less of a priority as opposed to getting a more ''complete'' package; and I also don't want to...
  34. Best Paradox grand strategy game for beginner?

    I've never played any of the Paradox GS titles like CK2 or EU or Hearts of Iron. Considering that and that I have to learn the game systems from scratch, what would be the best GS title to get me...
  35. Re: [Preview] The iberian kingdom of Kartli

    Another free faction beefed up to be interesting to play. Great work!
  36. Re: Leader of Faction is a Dunce... How Fix?

    Getting bad traits early on be the difference between rebellion and sustained fighting for for a few turns and just letting an army rest and recruit for a while. Maybe you guys could create a system...
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    Re: Economics of DeI, is this a joke?

    The dead rise.....................
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    Re: Herakleios: War of Three Faiths

    Is this mod still alive?
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    Re: 1.2 General Plans and Previews Collection (No Current Release Date)

    Umm how do I say this.....its December and its roughly 3 weeks to the holidays and an estimation was given earlier about a specific event related to the development of DeI. So we wouldn't not...
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    Re: [Preview] Colchis

    Great work on the units, but I doubt I'll play them when there's the Bosporan Kingdom close by, which IMO, has a better roster. And both of them are in the same DLC as well.
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