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    Re: Bugs and issues

    My settlements don't seem to have religious unrest from Paganism, is this intended?
  2. Re: The "New" Frontier of M2TW Modding: Memory Editing

    ^ The ram thing is already done. Third Age Total War Divide and Conquer already did that (they are banned from the forum.) I don't know who did it first.
  3. Re: Plus Ultra (A better Americas campaign)

    About the Musketeers, they have been improved since vanilla but are still not great.

    I suggest removing the fire_by_rank.

    Your point about the English is well taken, it is impossible to be...
  4. Sticky: Re: [C&E] Faction Preview: Governorate-General of Brazil

    Very cool, great preview.
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    Re: Download Link

    Thanks. I was looking for this.

    Edit: Wait no that is an older version.

    Edit Again: Do you have the current RR/RC Ultimate Edition files? Point Blank's link does not work anymore.
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    Re: Elephant Rocketeers?

    ^ They aren't in custom battles. You have unpack the game or get a mod like Retrofit, then modify export_descr_units and maybe descr_sm_factions text files.
  7. Re: Plus Ultra (A better Americas campaign)

    ^ Yeah make them either a Halbarad based off Swiss Guard. If not at least Voultiger/Voulge Militia and Heavy Billmen for France/England, respectively. Those units are at least 15th century, while...
  8. Re: HotSeatTool(Expanding MTW2 Engine Features)and instructions for the program, in pictures

    I think removing adoption is a good idea. I never adopt anyways unless the circumstances are extreme and it would make sense to roleplay that the adoptee is a bastard son. Bloodline was so important...
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    Re: [C&E] Questions & Suggestions

    ^ Yeah, that is something I'd like to help with once I am a little less busy. I'm not a 'real' modder but I know how a number of the text files work so if learned all the information I could set up...
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    Re: Americas campaign

    Alright, I'm going to try it now. Starting with the European faction units, which I can use. What files do I need to port? I'm starting by editing the stats but I'd like eventually add all the...
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    Re: Who am I ? Third Age Edition v.II

    Lothlorien? Never played that mod.
  12. Sticky: Re: RR/RC 2.0 Ultimate Edition, Patch #2 Released

    Why do Late Musketeers have such worse stats than Musketeers? Even if they fire more quickly it does not seem worth it. They also have less range.
  13. Re: [C&E] Want to be an alpha tester?!

    This voice mod is great. I know you've heard of it, you might want to add it to the release for the European factions.
  14. Re: Can you make the Pope like the Papal States??

    Easy. Add this to the campaign_script

    monitor_event FactionTurnStart FactionIsLocal
    set_faction_standing papal_states papal_states 1.0
  15. Re: [C&E] Want to be an alpha tester?!

    Oh geez. I had no idea that it was even this close though, great to hear.
  16. Re: [SUB-MOD] Portrait Enhancement Pack **Ar-Adunaim RELEASE**

    One of the diplomats is a book representation of Roose Bolton. Love it! Great job.
  17. Re: [SUB-MOD] Portrait Enhancement Pack **Good Factions RELEASE (800+ new portraits)**

    Found some pictures that could be good for custom portraits of the Dunland starting generals. :D
  18. Re: [Suggestion] General trait for more siege weapon moves on the overland map

    In Divide and Conquer siege weapons no longer slow armies.
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    Re: Tolkien General Discussion II

    Why did the Stewards marry so late? Denethor was in his 50's when he had Faramir, and his late 40's when he sired Boromir. Boromir died at age 41 unmarried. Faramir marries after the war. Do the...
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    Re: [SUBMOD] Reunited Kingdom (DAC V3)

    Version 4 does not have reunited Kingdom. I think Arachir said that it should be in version 5.

    Edit: I looked at the description and I don't think Aragorn should get the normal Gondor bodyguard....
  21. Re: [C&E] Want to be an alpha tester?!

    Hello, hope you are doing well. Any progress? Can you release the Alpha soon? I understand as well as I can that a mod like this is a ton of work. Just releasing the map with a few edits would be...
  22. Re: Superfaction in Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion?

    Anyone know how to add a Senate mechanic to Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion?
  23. Re: Iíve married a Scottish princess to a Mongolian general

    The issue should not be religion, Catholics can marry Orthodox or Pagans no problem. Princesses can only marry generals from factions that also have princesses however. It is weird that you could do...
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    Re: Spain op?

    Moors early on seem to be very weak, especially under, because they are poor and their early roster is not that good. Portugal is a bit tougher (unhistorical) but they are divided and this makes them...
  25. Sticky: Re: Mesoamerican mods.

    There is nothing currently available that I have heard of and I've tried to find it. There is a mod Colonies and Empires that greatly expands the Americas but it's still in development.

  26. Help making horde from start of game

    Hello I am trying to make the Saxons a horde faction in Britannia, but when I try I just get the defeat message. Any pointers?
  27. Re: Barbarian Invasion recruitment cap

    I just tried that; brilliant, works very well and is great with mercenaries as well. With this I made Balearic Slingers retrainable but not trainable for Spain. The only problems are that the unit is...
  28. Re: Total Victory (VH/VH) Game with Breeland

    ^ I donít want to remove it, but

    A.) There should be other attrition as well. Itís not logical to just have 1 type of attrition. Maybe weather attrition could be added so the game is like Shogun...
  29. Re: The Armourer's challenge; a Medieval 2 challenge for advanced players

    Cool idea. The only rules I don't like are rules 2-4. I'd replace them with "Unupgraded Generals must stay in friendly territory and can only fight if they are attacked and cannot retreat." Welcome...
  30. Re: Battle Dread and the Winning First Trait

    It's way easier to get BattleDread. The best way to get BattleChivalry is to attack enemies of a different religion and to fight a battle where you are attacked and slightly outnumbered. Actually the...
  31. Re: The "New" Frontier of M2TW Modding: Memory Editing

    ^ I agree with that. Unfortunately if the AI became great, faction and unit limits were eliminated multiplayer campaigns were available and naval battles with wind were added the New Total War games...
  32. Re: Total Victory (VH/VH) Game with Breeland

    ^ Yeah. I would either remove siege attrition because the AI ignores it or find a way to bring in other forms of attrition. The besiegers often suffered more attrition than those besieged. Hope...
  33. Re: Total Victory (VH/VH) Game with Breeland

    Khazadum does so well because Dwarves are strong in autoresolve and Moria itself is incredibly rich. They are always by far the wealthiest faction in the game and typically destroy anything AI in...
  34. Superfaction in Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion?

    Hello I'm trying to create a Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion campaign, where the Romano-British are under the Western Roman Empire, their superfaction, exactly like the Roman Senate in Rome Total...
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    Re: SSHIP - General Discussion

    I think it is better here. The cavalry charge is pretty much as powerful as it was, or at least pretty close. But disengaging is more messy and often leads to some losses. It is frustrating but it...
  36. Re: [OPEN BETA- DAC 3.0] Ered Luin- Dwarven Rings Choice Submod [NEW VERSION- SUPPORT FOR AI ERED LUIN]

    This is not directly related but if the Dwarven choice script should effect the Bree choice script. If the Dwarves choose good, the Breelanders should have their relations ruined and any alliance...
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    Re: SSHIP - General Discussion

    OK got it, was just wondering if it is worth keeping reputation and if so how I should go about maintaining it. I’ve made alliances with Poland Byzantines Serbia and Norway but Norway attacked me...
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    Re: SSHIP - General Discussion

    What should you do early game in this mod? Iím the Danes right now, did a bit as Portugal as well but the reputation rules are really harsh. Took Visby and that main town in modern Denmark and...
  39. Re: [C&E] Want to be an alpha tester?!

    I'd love to be a tester.
  40. Re: [OPEN BETA- DAC 3.0] Ered Luin- Dwarven Rings Choice Submod [NEW VERSION- SUPPORT FOR AI ERED LUIN]

    You should add an element where if Ered Luin accepts the three rings of power, Sauron has a chance of finding the One Ring much earlier. This is because according to the lore, the agreement the...
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