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  1. Re: Hotseat is compatible with Medieval 2 events?

    It depends if the scripts are hotseat friendly when written. Usually scripts aren't written with hotseating in mind, but can work fine anyway with tweaking. To my knowledge TATW's scripts behave...
  2. Re: [Award] ovidiu for Legio 501st Modder Award (Gold)

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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    So this is how Rome falls. The influx of b-

    hey it geg
  4. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    By all means the principles of these suggestions can be achieved by citizens. I only wish they could actually, reliably do so. This proposal is merely a historically accurate means (creating titles...
  5. Re: CA's difficulty in getting big factions right

    On the one hand I've always seen a big player faction as an inevitable win in pretty much all games except when they start out prebuilt big, mainly because a player's "big" infrastructure is always...
  6. Re: Are there any mods that overhaul the Americas campaign?

    It's relatively easy to get another faction's units to work for another faction. The problem is that it requires custom model work to make a convincingly aztec person be riding a horse, which is...
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    Re: Lotharingia Total War

    Yes, this would be interesting. It has "Kingdom of the Scots" vibes, though hopefully with a better outcome. Perhaps 1648 is a better comparison, and also a good reference point to work with as far...
  8. Re: Novus Mundus (very early beta)

    This lad not only has 10 billion awards in his user bit and countless mods including multiple hosted ones, he's still off making entirely new campaigns on the eve of the year 2022. Nobody can surpass...
  9. Re: [Amendment] Tiered Milestone Awards

    I don't really see the need for this (especially split + 4-5 increments each), but ultimately will abstain on the topic; what I will say is that the 'lifetime' post requirement probably shouldn't...
  10. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    The original intention was for repatronizing to be considered an 'abridged' process, but reviewing the R&P for section one that wouldn't have been very clear. So at the very least I would consider...
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    That is a Symple way to put it, yes.
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    I've no opposition.

    But anyway, can't Akar basically just fire you?
  13. Re: [Discussion] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    I think collaborative resource building (such as development of common knowledge, the wiki, and so forth) are the primary methods to this, awards just as a consequence that are nice flavor. But...
  14. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    The proposal is being overthought, imo. It is clerical adjustments to make the badges stand by themselves a bit more in general wording and when the matter does come up. I do think a tweak so people...
  15. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    As noted above, whichever ones you sustainably care about and have a proper stance for. If multiple people have commented on the same thing but one is bothered by the name and the other isn't, you...
  16. Re: [Discussion] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    Modding Service is also given for having hosted mods. It does not inherently imply sharing knowledge in the way I believe you mean, so its function in this respect doesn't do its job.
  17. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    Part 2, now with quotes.

    If so, perhaps it's something to encourage. It might not last, it might not kick off, but a majority of this proposal is predicated on trying it out and giving it a...
  18. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    On Flinn's advisement, Curial Awards is now specified for section 1. However, I did intend to keep the language broad. I wish for candidates to put forth how they want to realize their titles,...
  19. Re: [Amendment] Curial officer VoNC Section I art II and section II art III

    I concur with 6, as I believe even in 'old times', 6 concerned people in succession would indicate there is a problem.
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    In my unremarkable tenure, I vaguely remember a function to see a history of post edit summaries. Perhaps screencaps of these can be offered in the old thread for historic interest, as really the...
  21. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    If they feel the need I suppose they'd redo the thread with any relevant information necessary to add that to their lineup, people would vote and that would be that. Not the quickest mechanism, but...
  22. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    Bringing in new citizens is the objective of other proposals. This is a clarification to preserve the meaning of having separate badges for the Citizen lineup in the first place.
  23. [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    Please see for current proposal status: here

    My condolences to Akar for the volume of awards, amendments and other bits and bobs that will have to be recorded at the end of term. Anyway, here's...
  24. Re: [Decision] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    This is part of why I'm not a big fan of the system in the first place, particularly with each component in place; Legio as a three-teir stepping stone thing that the average citizen clearly lacks...
  25. Re: Article: Total War: Rome II - Guide to Politics & the Family Tree

    Solid work along with the wiki article, thank you.
  26. Re: [Decision] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    Personally I'm for sure inclined to say opifex outright replaces the modding awards except for Modding Service with its particular conditions. I've held that Silver legio is roughly equivalent to...
  27. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    I thought there was something like that; noted and changed :thumbsup2
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    Given the semantic differences outlined above, the only correct path here is not to discuss it, but to simply do, both proactively for areas of the site that are of interest and for targets of...
  29. [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    This proposal was born of an attempt to write the Modding Curator proposal into constitutional text. I've since decided the same premise with a wider execution and different details is more...
  30. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Decision] Asterix's Loincloth Restoration Act

    The art work is done. The ratification has to be done by some party; perhaps the party responsible for the award's management.
  31. Re: [Decision] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    Part 1

    Browsing through all citizens (and opifex where the distinction may be notable), individually assessing if they meet requirements, then giving them awards on top where Opifex may already...
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    Correlation is not causation. But I think it's irrelevant to bog into the semantics of this claim. I think focusing on the idea of patronization is a red herring for the objective decline of the...
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    Re: Valuation of Citizenship

    Frankly, the opening argument here is predicated on a fallacy. POVG was merely unconvinced that adding citizens was the only way to go, instead inclined to focus on what citizens actually do for the...
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    Re: Promoting the Curia

    I will assume the latest exchange is not the part we wish to promote.
  35. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Award] Araval for Legio 501st Award (Gold)

    Of course.
  36. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Award] Araval for Legio 501st Award (Silver)

    Of course.
  37. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Amendment] Legio 501st Modder Awards rewording

    I would not be in favor of splitting an award off exclusively for beta testing.
  38. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Amendment] Legio 501st Modder Awards rewording

    While it is not explicit, I think a particularly good case (or multiple, the thorough testing of multiple mods to make a gold-teir quantitative effort) for beta testing under 'remarkable act' would...
  39. Sticky: Re: Art Requests - all non-modding requests

    Greetings. It's been a while. I come on behalf of the wiki, where I notice Troy (such as it is) lacks art integration of any kind (or any other really, but I'm starting with art inquiries). I seek a...
  40. Re: The only piece of Europa Barbarorum II fanart in existence

    Literally patronize this guy.
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