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  1. Re: Can't find Alexander after reinstalling Rome Total War Gold

    Alexander is not part of the RTW Gold Edition (at least in the USA) and you must have purchased it separately. You might still have the source disc or download somewhere. If you bought it from Amazon...
  2. Re: [WIP] Barbarian Empires patch 1.04

    It worked. Thank you.
  3. Re: [WIP] Barbarian Empires patch 1.04

    I've been looking at the BE mod and I like it a lot but I have one complaint. I find the very large black tooltip box when you cursor over a unit on the battle maps to be distracting. Can we get the...
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    Re: Peasants only campaign

    I did a peasants and generals only Imperial campaign with the Julii once. It's slower, of course, but doable.

    I think a full map peasant campaign would be interminable.

    Legend of Total War...
  5. Re: Rome TW: The Greek City States

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread. I don't think I ever saw it. There may be some good advice in the first post but it's outweighed in my opinion by the horribly passive and defensive attitude...
  6. Re: Greek Cities are too hard to play

    Sorry but I did this years ago.

    You are right about being aggressive but you could be more aggressive.
    The Greeks are the easiest faction to win with if you have the right mindset.
  7. Re: Using Rome Total War I map in M2TW

    Thank you!
  8. Re: Using Rome Total War I map in M2TW

    I think you have more than answered my questions.

    Thank you!
  9. Re: What is the Rome Total War speedrun (blitz) whole map campaign record?

    I improved on this last year and got it down to 29 turns. I think that 28 turns may be possible but it's a lot of work to do these and I don't think Ill try again.

  10. Using Rome Total War I map in M2TW

    Can the Rome Total War I vanilla map be ported over to M2TW?
    I imagine that there would be some trouble with the Wonders but is it feasible with some relatively small changes or would it be better...
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    Re: Vanilla mod help ??

    On the main menu screen, click on Options and on the Options screen click on Video Settings.
    On the Video Settings screen check the Show advanced options box.
    On the right side is a box for Unit...
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    Re: Rome records/achievements

    I don't think there are any official records for things like that.
    I've read of generals that actually made it past 128 years and started aging over again.
  13. Re: Help! The Brutii are killing me...

    If you upload your Save file somewhere (e.g. mediafire, dropbox or the like), I'll be happy to look at it and comment.

    I would say that unless you've been deliberately playing some sort of...
  14. Sticky: Re: ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod v4 - Way of the Woad

    Thank you.
  15. Sticky: Re: ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod v3 - Gallic Pride

    I just came across this mod yesterday but I am very excited about it since you have included a lot of ideas I had for a little mod for my own plus a lot of other great stuff I couldn't do.

    I do...
  16. Re: The difference between a 'Hosted modification' and a 'non-hosted' modification

    I've never seen a definition myself but the hosted mods have their own sub-forums and tend to be large.
    I think your mod would be fine in the non-hosted forum since it's not likely to generate a lot...
  17. Re: Looking for R:TW mod that offers the following:

    You can avoid many sieges by using the following movement exploit: Besiege the city with one unit. Move the rest of the army to another square at least one full side from the besieging unit but don't...
  18. Re: The story of a returning player

    Welcome back. RTW is my favorite game of all time and I have come back to it time and again over the years.

    There's no need to defend Syracuse since you can attack the Scipii north of you and take...
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    Re: Download Link

    You are all welcome. So far the file has been downloaded 398 times!
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    Re: Mercenary XPak for Vanilla

    I just happen to have them so I loaded them up to mediafire.
  21. Re: I have issues with TW: Rome

    You might define what the "issues" are so that someone can help you.
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    Re: Victory Conditions Failed

    You ran out of time. You had 284 years starting from 270 BC to win the game by taking 50 regions including Rome. I don't know if you can keep playing or not.
    Based on your posts I believe that you...
  23. Re: Bronze Age: Total War (Preview & download)

    Continuing from above:

    When I downloading and extracted the English language file mentioned in post #518 I found several files didn't matter, several files worked, and several files created...
  24. Re: Bronze Age: Total War (Preview & download)

    I downloaded the post #482 "official version" and the 1.3.7z versions.

    I extracted the "Bronze" directories separately and placed a copy of the official version Bronze directory into my Rome...
  25. Re: Bronze Age: Total War (Preview & download)

    I believe that this is a patch over the official version in post #482. At least that's how I used it.
    See the next post for my experience.
  26. Re: Your opinions on which is the hardest faction on RTW vanilla?

    I've completed a series of campaigns using every faction (VH/VH/large units) including the SPQR and Rebels.
    I found the Numidians to be far and away the slowest to Imperial Campaign victory.
  27. Re: Future plans for RTW:1 Overhaul

    I find that I can start the civil war when I have conquered 30 or 31 provinces. I don't know why other people have problems with this.

    And good luck with your modding.
  28. Re: Future plans for RTW:1 Overhaul

    This happens because you are not sufficiently aggressive. All the Roman factions can complete the Imperial Campaign (complete with civil war) in fewer than 50 turns at any difficulty level.
  29. Re: click RomeTW.exe and literally nothing happens...

    Are you running on Windows 7, 8 or 10? RomeTW won't run anymore because of security updates. There are threads in this forum discussing this issue and what you can do about it.

    Here's one:
  30. Re: Divide and Conquer - Version 1 Released

    This issue is discussed on page 31 of this thread.
  31. Re: Divide and Conquer - Version 1 Released

    The problem you mentioned with the attacks is the one I found and you came up with the same solution. Also, the Gondor scroll showed up for every faction on turn one for me but that's a nit.

  32. Re: Divide and Conquer - Version 1 Released

    I don't know where else to ask this so apologies if this is the wrong place.

    Why are hotseats not enabled for this sub-mod?

    I downloaded and installed DAC today.

    I was able to get a hotseat...
  33. Re: The Seleucid Empire - Faction Guide

    The Seleucids are actually one of the easier factions as long as you play aggressively from the beginning.
  34. Basic Question about Dread in M2TW

    I can't remember seeing this addressed anywhere and I've not been able to come up with a useful search so:

    Does the amount of dread a commanding general possesses affect the results of auto...
  35. Re: Finish Middle Earth: Total War

    This sounds interesting. Can you post any download or other links for this mod? Thanks.
  36. Re: 2 RTR Extended Realism download questions

    Thank you for the response. Sorry about the delay. I got busy on other projects and stopped looking at this thread.
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    Re: Download Link

    I uploaded my copy.

    Here's the link. Enjoy.
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    Sticky: Re: Bug Reports and Technical Help

    I downloaded the latest release (8.1Q ) of this mod a few days ago. It looks great and I think it will be fun to play but I have found the following:

    1) An error message (attached) when I exit...
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    Sticky: Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here

    Ab Urbe Condita also has a Sabaean (Arab) faction.
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    Re: 320BC Start Mod

    Anything happening with this idea? I have free time and know a little about modding the text files and might be able to help.


    New projects have arisen and I must withdraw my...
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