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    Sticky: (Video) A funny bug where every province spawned rebels

    While playing on stream, a bug occurred that every province I had which didn't have a large standing army decided to spawn rebels. Even though my clan was...
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    Re: Details on how combat works?

    I actually found the answer to this question. I had ordered the Prima strategy guide for STW and it finally arrived. It actually has a detailed section on how combat works.

    I can post all the...
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    Details on how combat works?

    Is there guide or document that details how combat exactly works (STW and/or MTW). I understand each unit has the following stats,

    Charge, attack, defense, amour, speed, and moral.

    But is...
  4. Re: Rome 2 multiplayer campaign "Lost connection to game"

    Okay we are confused now... We got to a bug in the very hard game. One of the factions just never does anything on their turn. Well we loaded an auto save from 6 turns before on that game and it...
  5. Re: Rome 2 multiplayer campaign "Lost connection to game"

    We just tried a new game on Very hard. If we save the and load an actual save, not an auto save it works. So looks like no legendary games for now =/.
  6. Rome 2 multiplayer campaign "Lost connection to game"

    Me and a friend have tried two campaigns. We are playing on legendary so it only autosaves. Each time we got to a stopping point and picked up again later.

    But when he host and invites me I get...
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