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    Re: Warhammer Mark of Chaos: Battle March

    I really wish this included Tomb Kings or Vamps. Wouldve been fun to play their campaigns.
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    Re: Commander: The Great War 50% Discount!

    i have a major gripe with how manpower works in this game its just too hard to lose it and as with convouys u gain a surplus while at war? i dont think germany doubled in population during the course...
  3. Re: A Youtube Channel That Showcases Epic Scal Battles!

    hey i can't see video show error on video id playback erorr ????
  4. Re: I started playing Scourge of War: Gettysburg and I love it!

    This looks like a game I would Love, but I reckon that it might blow up my laptop.
  5. Re: Victoria 2 Tripoli discusiion thread and request for help .

    Check this out. The game needs strategy and trial and error. Here's a guide from someone who has completed this level....
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    Re: My Warhammer 40k Lore youtube channel

    Awesome man! Nice channel :D love the Warhammer 40k series, massive fan of the latest game too!
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