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  1. Re: [Award] komisarek for Legio 501st (Silver)

    I opted for silver because frankly, the guides I linked and the posts are good information, yet nothing terribly spectacular by the requirements of the awards and to me put together roughly one level...
  2. Re: The TWC Lurker Registration Thread

  3. Sticky: Re: Writers' Study Chat and Feedback - Ask all your questions here!

    I was here briefly some years ago. Unfortunately I could never get a persistent routine to write going, and my capacity for creative writing reliably has only sunk since then. But I do still keep an...
  4. [Award] komisarek for Legio 501st (Silver)

    komisarek is a user who registered in May this year who was recently brought to my attention. He has very few posts. These posts pertain to Rome Total War Remastered, and among them are:

  5. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    Well, there's two supports, though one is undercut by then questioning the merits of the proposal later on. Suffice to say this lacks interest or required minimum. I'm inclined to let this sit for a...
  6. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    Technically speaking I count four supports between two from the first page and two reaffirmed here; while I've updated status in the OP, the form of the proposal has not changed. There's sufficient...
  7. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Awards] Tsardoms team members for 501st Legio (Assorted) + Modding Service

    And now, the overdue request to move to vote.
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    Re: Hire graphic designer

    I think the OP here is in good faith just asking for a method to donate to the team. Which I think is reasonable, but could still cause issues when money is involved in the development process. For...
  9. Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    Awards for getting awards per above on principle is an outright oppose from me.
  10. Re: Low tax rate = committing atrocities

    While this is certainly a fairly easy way to play, it is not the way you have to. You can play in a way that is more chivalrous, making use of elite tactics and 'they hit first' to justify actions...
  11. Re: Sci-fi world "New Universe". Development.

    Have you considered assembling the details into a wiki? I don't mean TWC wiki necessarily, but one custom-built for your setting.
  12. Re: [Amendment] Patronus: The Third Class

  13. Re: [Amendment] Pater Familias or Patronus Award

    From my understanding, staff award tiers are a combination of merit and time, and the discretion in judging that is why the descriptions remain general.
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    Re: steam removed hotseat

    No problem, let us know if you have other inquiries.
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    Re: steam removed hotseat


    As I recall it wasn't easy to do hotseating with Medieval 2 base even on the CD version; I wouldn't fault Steam. Mods make it more usable anyway even if you get it working.

    The barebone...
  16. Re: [Discussion] 501 Legio Artifex Act

    To the question that emerges, I will ask this; how could you (hypothetically, it could be anyone) say that your idea of how to continue the spread of knowledge and life of the site is the path,...
  17. Re: [Discussion] The Shankbot Award.

    I suggest this is bundled with the Commodus award, recognizing a vibrant history of multiple identities, ambitions and diversity. Results not included.
  18. Re: [Amendment] Pater Familias or Patronus Award

    I'm going to give this a clerical support so that the idea has a shot at moving to vote, in spite of radical differences in view of the Curia that make this thinking not my cup of tea.
  19. Re: [Amendment] Pater Familias or Patronus Award

    Personal armies would be a relatively exciting addition to Curial routine, all we really have is the TD republic taking over the declined Haderian empire. Sadly I don't think this proposal could...
  20. Re: [Submod] The King of Rivers and Hills. A complete overhaul of Westeros TW.

    From a very casual drop-in perspective, here seems most semantically appropriate for now.
  21. Re: [Decision] Award for Beta-testers

    I'd argue the discussion with rationale and the result is worth more, not the location and red tape. But I digress.
  22. Re: [Decision] Award for Beta-testers

    On that rationale I'd suggest the Curia is skipped entirely for this process and the suggestion is put to Hex through the Q&S; since they'd be principally responsible for handling the award, the vote...
  23. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Awards] Tsardoms team members for 501st Legio (Assorted) + Modding Service

    If you can think of any other contributors who fit this definition, I'd welcome a message to list them and their roles in TGC (or other projects if you also know of them) that would match the scaling...
  24. [MOVED TO VOTE] Re: [Awards] Tsardoms team members for 501st Legio (Assorted) + Modding Service

    If the users mentioned are prolific enough on other projects and even beyond TGC, I'd likely recommend them for citizenship. I wish they'd been mentioned when I inquired about TGC, otherwise I'd have...
  25. Re: [Decision] Award for Beta-testers

    This is an incredibly minor change from something that could be done with Legio 501st, added to the already busy jurisdiction of hex, independent of the other methods of awarding modders used on the...
  26. [MOVED TO VOTE] [Awards] Tsardoms team members for 501st Legio (Assorted) + Modding Service

    Welcome to the first attempt at a 'merged' award thread, named so because I did something a little different. I approached Wallachian, who is the long term and last full on 'team lead' for the...
  27. Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    Well. Some awards are 'more equal' than others...
  28. Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    I've largely abstained from arguing because I figured it probably wasn't wasting too much time, but since I'm here I will concur with the other opinions that deliberating on nuanced milestones for...
  29. Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    For the record, I forked my answer to this into the Curial Commentary Thread, while deliberately avoiding serious points in the more restricted Townhall.
  30. Re: [Amendment] Citizen Role Adjustments

    Alright, so here's where we are.
    Technically speaking and based on the first page with MIKE GOLF, Sir Adrian and PikeStance, there is enough here to move to vote. I would not guarantee the chances...
  31. Re: [Decision] Tiered Milestone Awards

    This is where I go from somewhat unnecessary but abstain, to outright oppose when medals literally breed more metals rather than the specific contributions.
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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    At least one North Korea is necessary on this internet.
  33. It's worth the modern year at any rate, and now...

    It's worth the modern year at any rate, and now that is the only bar to seriously address. May it persist, and may we see more of the like in other regions of the site.
  34. Re: Hotseat is compatible with Medieval 2 events?

    It depends if the scripts are hotseat friendly when written. Usually scripts aren't written with hotseating in mind, but can work fine anyway with tweaking. To my knowledge TATW's scripts behave...
  35. [VOTE FINISHED: PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] Re: [Award] ovidiu for Legio 501st Modder Award (Gold)

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    Sticky: Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    So this is how Rome falls. The influx of b-

    hey it geg
  37. Re: [Amendment] The Proconsuls

    By all means the principles of these suggestions can be achieved by citizens. I only wish they could actually, reliably do so. This proposal is merely a historically accurate means (creating titles...
  38. Re: CA's difficulty in getting big factions right

    On the one hand I've always seen a big player faction as an inevitable win in pretty much all games except when they start out prebuilt big, mainly because a player's "big" infrastructure is always...
  39. Re: Are there any mods that overhaul the Americas campaign?

    It's relatively easy to get another faction's units to work for another faction. The problem is that it requires custom model work to make a convincingly aztec person be riding a horse, which is...
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    Re: Lotharingia Total War

    Yes, this would be interesting. It has "Kingdom of the Scots" vibes, though hopefully with a better outcome. Perhaps 1648 is a better comparison, and also a good reference point to work with as far...
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