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    Re: Shogun 2 style multiplayer?

    Lost all my level 9 abilities and I have no Tokkens... GIVE ME !!!!!
  2. Multiplayer reblance 2. Suggestion.

    The first reblance was nice but there is still work to do...
    Bandits suck ass, and you have to level them up to level 9 to either get extra range or fire while being stealthy AT LEVEL :wub:ING NINE...
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    Re: Gun range < bow range?

    Yhe abut in my case it is just horrible.
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    Re: How to change clan speciality

    I wnat to know I buy armor piercing on ninja kisho, switch to bow sêcialisation vuia changing clan resseting my clan... Buy kisho uppgrade fro bow monk then get back to sword?
    Wht ahappen?
  5. Re: Let's talk about the JAPANESE INVASION OF KOREA (Imjin War)

    It would requiere naval battle be actualy fun in a total war game, and yhea you could had Korean navy, with the tortoise boats better canons etc.. But I don't think it is going to save the boat......
  6. Re: Did flintlock were used during the sengoku Jidai.

    Or at least wheel lock....
  7. Did flintlock were used during the sengoku Jidai.

    Tanegashima were very ingenious peoples.. In term of fire arm..

    Is it possible that flintlock have...
  8. Rifle representation in Fall of the samouraï

    While teppo range is O.K (just need to start aiming at 125 range because a single unit of cav can retard charge 4 units of terços no problem without a single short being fired) and the lack of gun...
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    Re: Gun range < bow range?

    How can I edit my message?
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    Re: Gun range < bow range?

    True but bow loose a lot of killing power, bow were also use almost point blank aginst armor.... when you lobe the arrow to fire behind wall above your formations, or for some long range fire. You...
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    Re: Getting destroyed by Hard AI

    Yep like Total war AI, I hate those god damn ruski in multiplayer campaign that ask you to go on hard or leave....
    They are like, I don't like fighting the AI, and I like me too...That is why I do...
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    Re: Increasing the size of hero units

    While I love the elitness given to heroes units and samouraïs by reducing the size, or more skillfull units. A bit like it should be done for highelf in warhammer II.
    It some time really suck to...
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