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  1. Sticky: Re: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    My Troy TW playlist going over some game mechanics and with some campaign gameplay


    Full playlist here:...
  2. AI control of human player units

    In M2TW it was possible to select a group of units, group them and once they are close to the enemy you could give an attack command by clicking on an enemy unit while pressing a button (Shift A or...
  3. Re: We need new events/dilemmas when we capture Helen

    I don't know if they can be modded in but I agree that CA could probably make Helen a more interesting game feature!
  4. Re: New diplomacy after Ajax & Diomedes DLC patch

    That is not what bothers me, I was improving my relations. But once the new diplomacy hit in, that is no longer possible and my relations that were converging with the other Danaans began to...
  5. New diplomacy after Ajax & Diomedes DLC patch

    I found that with Achilles I was a lot of the time in the bad books, especially after crossing Agamemnon after he took one of the settlements I had been campaigning for, completely ignoring the...
  6. Sticky: Dyflin short kingdom campaign on legendary difficulty - complete!

    Dyflin Sea King Vikings

    Short kingdom campaign on legendary difficulty, completed in under four hours (8 half hour episodes).


    Full playlist: PL9y43x-bpRyHt7LAm7c5quUpMBXVTJOg1
  7. Re: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    The campaign has come to a successful end in the month of March 1632 after Gustavus Adolphus, our great leader, took the 35th and last settlement required to complete the campaign! Most of the...
  8. Re: 1648 mod: economy and supply

    You are welcome! There is so much in this game, I keep learning all the time myself. One thing that is useful to know with trade buildings is that with every upgrade of the building you get in...
  9. 1648 mod: economy and supply

    Here is an overview of the economy and supply of the mod. You can post your own observations and any questions or feedback.


    To avoid the economy spinning out of control because of the...
  10. Re: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    You are too well organised. As I seem to remember, my hard drive became critically full and I attempted to move files to a back-up disk. While moving them, the back-up disk also became full and I was...
  11. Re: Native Voices for 1648 V 2.0

    Stratmap voices along with all the text are in German in the German version of the mod - for even more immersion!
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    Re: Crasy ballistic range

    Sorry I just saw this. The pics were in Photobucket but they were free of charge and now Photobucket demand a subscription for use of their image hosting service, so I would have to find another free...
  13. Re: Siege Problems for settlement and Cities.

    Sorry for the late response, we are not around much any more. The star forts were specifically made for this mod but were not properly finished. For this reason, star fort walls are buggy in some...
  14. Re: Kingdom of Sweden campaign letís play

    Apologies for having been away so long. Over a year ago my external hard disk where I was saving all my campaign records died (including the in-game recorded material, campaign and battles). I was...
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    Re: Broken Crescent Invita

    Without the Mongol invasion, late game would be too easy. The Mongols are not a playable faction. They are part of the game to keep late game difficulty at an appropriate level. They have already...
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    Re: Broken Crescent Invita

    The AI does not have significant changes from the standard AI, just a few small bugfixes and maybe some changes to allow for the 4 difficulty levels.

    I forgot about that Crusading army in the ...
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    Re: Broken Crescent Invita

    The Seljuks of Kerman are some kind of default faction. They are not playable. They represent Seljuk Atabegs after the collapse of the Great Seljuk Empire. There is a mechanic such that rather than...
  18. Re: My Let's Play Series Using Broken Crescent! (KoJ)

    Can't watch your videoclip from Germany, there is some UGM-related copyright issue that bans it.
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    Re: Tweaks and fixes submod

    The mod may not work if you have other mods installed, such as Buff and Shine. You can send me your error log. Read this first on how to obtain and compress your error log.
  20. Re: Bug in round 173, Summer 1631.

    Sorry for not responding earlier. Do you have the fully patched version of the mod or are you playing an old version? This problem is rare on non-existent in the current version. The usual cause is...
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    Broken Crescent Invita

    Broken Crescent 2.4.2 Invita

    This is an extension of the Tweaks and Fixes submod. However, the Invita submod is non-save compatible as it has additional changes to the campaign script and...
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    Re: Tweaks and fixes submod

    I am glad the unit balancing works better now. It is based on the unit stats and in some recent versions some unit stats were changed without changing the costing and here and there things had...
  23. Re: Pseudo-theological text has no place in Broken Crescent

    It's not just that. There is really no reason to invent "prayers" for the sake of a game. Here is a scholarly text about the view of Eastern Christians on killing Muslims:

    The whole idea of a...
  24. Re: Pseudo-theological text has no place in Broken Crescent

    There was nothing historical or archaeological about that text. It was not a quote, it was just a made-up "prayer".
  25. A solution to sieges crashing in custom battles

    This topic was covered in the v.2.3 release, but as few people anymore check the text of that release, here is some info about this bug and how you can get around it and play sieges in custom...
  26. Re: Pseudo-theological text has no place in Broken Crescent

    Yes, it is. I have removed it in my forthcoming submod and have edited all kinds of text mostly to sort out the paragraphs and so on but sometimes I get very tempted to remove other similar stuff.
  27. Re: Submod: Third Age Voices of Mordor

    Yes, the mod is savegame compatible.
  28. Re: Pseudo-theological text has no place in Broken Crescent

    The mod is kind of worked on. From my point of view there is an issue with lots of older scripts and tools introduced by all kinds of important contributors such as GrandViz, Strelac and Byzantineboy...
  29. Re: When I launch from either the desktop or from the .exe in the mods folder, it says "1648 Konfiguration has stopped working"

    Sorry for not replying earlier. You can rename the folder data/text into something else or delete it, then copy-paste the folder called text-EN and rename the copy into just "text".
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    Re: City walls

    The question is as old as the mod itself. It has been answered a few times over the years. You can revert to the standard walls by deleting or renaming to something random the large_city folder from...
  31. Re: Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

    It may have been a mistake for CA to concentrate so much on the orc-killing giant sparrows and canaries and all that and not release a historical title for 4 years. Or it may be that they felt that...
  32. Re: Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

    Personally, I find siege escalation realistic and it is a shame it is not there in other games. In Medieval II you may besiege a settlement for 6 months, you attack and all the walls are intact, then...
  33. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Criticism Thread

    Sounds like what you need is a mod that provides better settlements for sieges in Warhammer.
  34. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Criticism Thread

    Personally I have not come across anything game-breaking or anything that could be considered as a bug. I am having fun but others have whined about this and that, so that's just a fact that I'm...
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    Re: Battles

    There are no catapults and no siege escalation in ToB. There are, however, ran down Roman walls in the main settlements, the effects of time. I would say whatever criticisms apply to Attila are not...
  36. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Praise Thread

    Athos, what's wrong with the history? To me it seems that there is an incredible amount of research on name spelling and factions, etc, locations of settlements, even cults of minor saints and so on...
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    Re: Quick Performance Tips

    Your TOB Priority Reg seems to have helped solve any remaining problems. The game seems to run ultra-smoothly for me now, on a non-gaming laptop, which seems amazing. No breaking up / stutter of the...
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    Re: Fame Victory Anyone?

    You can probably check what gains you fame during the gameplay and Forward Observer has covered most of them. You gain 5 for every battle you win, you also gain Fame from some missions, etc. I earned...
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    Re: Quick Performance Tips

    Many thanks for your performance tips. The game runs better than Attila on my computer. There was a benchmark test done by Havoc on Youtube that showed it to ran at a much higher frame rate with...
  40. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Criticism Thread

    I have some criticism but mostly praise in a videoclip here.

    I feel rarely one is going to write a post because everything is great. He will just play the game. When someone does not like...
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