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  1. Re: Is anyone else feeling a bit jaded with Total War?

    Although I was absolutely blown away during my first campaign in 3K, I am definitely jaded with it and became so much, much faster than with the Warhammer games.

    I think part of the problem is all...
  2. [WIP] Re: Character Traits table e.g. Cao Cao suspicious. Anyone know which table?

    I'd very much like to know this also. I've searched hundreds of tables and not found where the character starting traits are.

    ceo_set_items_tables is where the traits are listed but I can't find...
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    Re: DB Edits not working for me

    I've now fixed this and got it working. No idea what I changed but it's fine now.

    Thanks for the assistance in any case!
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    Re: Replenishment when garrisoned improved

    Great mod, thanks.

    Could you do a version that nerfs default land replenishment to compensate? Perhaps it should also buff the 'encamped' replenishment too, as that stance is pretty rubbish right...
  5. [Proposal] Faction-specific effects that impact battles

    The campaign mechanics in 3K are absolutely amazing but the battles lack a bit of variety and this really hurts replayability for me.

    This is partly down to lack of unit variety but also because...
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    Re: DB Edits not working for me

    Forgive my ignorance but all I did was open the database pack file in PFM, select the tables I wanted like land_units_tables, edit the lines I was interested it and deleted the rest, renamed all by...
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    DB Edits not working for me

    I'm having real trouble trying to get simple database edits (with PFM) to work on this game.

    I was planning on making a complete rebalance of all the units to give some greater variety to their...
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