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    Sticky: Re: The original thread

    Decaywolf, I'd like to say that your attitude is unacceptably toxic. All you did was voice complaints based on your pet peeves instead of providing constructive criticism. If you want to know what...
  2. Re: DEI late champaign, no resistance at all

    From some of the descriptions it seems to me the problem has to do with the AI's geostrategic planning. Which, while incredibly stupid, does sometimes match the decision making process of...
  3. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    I apologize if this was asked before but how come the Ptomelaioi no longer have a Galatian swordsman unit available for generic recruitment?
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    A centurion is grilling the men in his cohort.

    "Alright listen up, milites, the senatorial consul will arrive to our camp any day now. When he does, the maniples will be arraigned in the field...
  5. Sign of public indignation or novel form of astroturfing? My take on corporate "censorship" of its own feeding trough.

    A member by the name of Heathenhammer posted a reply in the NPC meme controversy tread, not explicitly stated to be one of my posts, but by all intents appearing to address a point I raised in...
  6. Re: Crash after epic end turn battle - how to deal with instability?

    What happened was that I was besieging the last Macedonian city, with its FL and FH sallying out to fight me, with an additional army supporting them. Winning that battle would have (probably) caused...
  7. Sticky: Re: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

    The problem I have with lots of family tree members is well...what to do with them? It only makes sense to put one to govern each of your starting cities, but even then you are still left with IIRC 7...
  8. Crash after epic end turn battle - how to deal with instability?

    In the process of making Hellas great again I have besieged the tyrannoi Makedonai's capital. During the AI turn, it has decided to sally out and engage my forces. My KH army consisted of mostly...
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    Taking Syracuse opens an event chain where you put Archimedes to work designing weapons for your army. Completing it will unlock full plate legionaries equipped with steam rifles and buzzsaw...
  10. Sticky: Re: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

    I have some minor gripes with an otherwise gripping KH campaign.

    First off, you start with WAY too many somatophylakes bodyguards at the start of the game. I believe you start with 6-7 of what is...
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    Re: The thread for horrible suggestions

    One of the unit lines for a KH hoplite should be uttered in an authentic vernacular dialect of southwestern Locris: "this mod is so :wub:ing historically accurate, I'm going to start wearing a...
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    Re: The NPC meme controversy

    I'm very well aware of that position. However we are not talking about some proverbial hand placed over people's mouth by some figure of authority, but rather being denied the usage of a platform to...
  13. Re: What is your favorite Hellenistic faction?

    Fluff wise, I have to say Sparta. Her late history was much different from what most people presume. Traditional identity struggled with the transient needs of survival, with the gleam of past glory...
  14. Re: Québec elects new centre-right party, voting to cut taxes, privatise health and cut immigration

    -right wing party wins on the promise to cut taxes and privatize publicly owned enterprises
    -newly elected party fails to push through associated cuts to public spending in areas where it would...
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    Re: The NPC meme controversy

    I've thought about it long and hard and I still don't get it. What exactly do these people, right wingers as they deem themselves, want? The right to form little egoistic echo chambers where they can...
  16. Re: New Historical total war era announcement coming on Thursday!

    Wow after all this time, CA releases a real-life TW title set in the non-Western hemisphere to be sure to please the historical grognard audience. And to be sure the first comments here are rife with...
  17. Re: Article: Roman Baths - More about 'being seen' than 'keeping clean'

    Epictetus wrote (and this is a brief paraphrasing of his lengthy statement) concerning baths: when you intend to bathe, focus on what you intend to do and don't get distracted by other things that...
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    Re: Players having issues with the NTW3 mod

    The devs are working on a fix, it should be out shortly, so please patient. You're not the only one waiting with bated breath.
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    Re: Warhammer 40000 Q&A

    I don't think carpet cleaning or chute plunging would be much of a gripe in the 40k universe, even in the Ecclesiarchy's point of view. Logically speaking many things that were taboo in say, the...
  20. Re: Why does everybody play Bayzantium in Paradox games?

    The underlying reason I think, is psychological. Many people who play historical games tend to gravitate towards conservative positions and are naturally attracted to the ideal, glory and power to be...
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    Re: Dawn of War III

    Bah, another game that seems to have taken the dev cue straight from the genius mind of the business school graduate. I can almost imagine how the greenlighting event went in Relic's company...
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    Sticky: Re: The original thread

    I'd just like to say there's no need to rush. Take your time guys. You're doing wonderful work and all good things need appropriate time to mature.
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    The first story is very close to the ancient...

    The first story is very close to the ancient Semitic and Jewish myth. The commonality of these narratives was that Lilith, the first woman created by God, defied Adam and went to the desert where...
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    Erm, yes it's something that plagued TW titles since the beginning. A design limitation. Battle maps can't be infinite, so units are limited to a "square". That's not to say there couldn't exist...
  25. Re: Now that two DLCs are released, did they add any female Legendary Lords or units?

    As ironic as it may sound, the world of Warhammer is not exactly as gender exclusive as you may think. Even among the Stirnerian Norscans, women occasionally play a lead role, for example as Shield...
  26. Re: Question About Empire State Troops

    I'm a real sucker for realism. I just can't settle for "it's fantasy and therefore, derp".

    However we must understand that Warhammer Fantasy "realism" is different from Warhammer Reality...
  27. Re: Women's World Chess Championship 2017 in Tehran, Iran is being boycotted by a NAZI !!!

    Let's see. A state-capitalist (to the uninitiated as "socialist") totalitarian regime composed of a clique of politician-clerics forces unbelievers to obey Islamic law.

    Now that is more...
  28. Re: Trying desperately to get COW Beginning of End to work for my son!

    Purchasing mods from steam? You don't "purchase" mods, they're user made content and are free by design. The only additional content available for purchase on a game are officially released DLC's....
  29. Re: Is there a reliable way to get rid of bad traits?

    You could just live with it. Do the negative traits matter that much? In Med II, having bad traits could be disastrous to the character and the units under his command - in WTW it's hardly even worth...
  30. Re: I really don't like the battle animations for the fighting

    Let me explain. Rome II had a problem. The unit animations looked great, sure, but the overall battle handled like garbage. Unit formations tended to blob hideously, performance would randomly drop...
  31. Re: What could get Warhammer a 10/10 Score !

    There are some who break this mold, and try to generally speaking, deliver the most satisfying end user experience, for example the company that made the Witcher series of games, and to a lesser...
  32. Re: How to make even the flying units

    Hint: steam tanks and artillery aren't meant to take down flying units. They make up 1/4 of your army. Another 1/4 consists of light ranged units that can, under the right circumstances, be easily...
  33. Re: This Game is Totally Unbalanced and has horrible gameplay!

    If anything I'd be overjoyed if I got my ass kicked on legendary difficulty. It would show me that the game still has a challenge up its sleeve that I can't overcome. However I find that top level...
  34. Re: What could get Warhammer a 10/10 Score !

    I've talked about this before. WHTW is a fantasy game but that doesn't excuse it one bit for not living up to the promised potential offered by GS elements in Total War games. But then again I'm...
  35. Re: Can't make out how to play with Dwarves... :(

    I had similar experiences as the thread starter, however from a different angle. I played a h/h campaign with Dwarves and had no trouble stomping through the map, even after a very dodgy and slow...
  36. Re: Anti Large Tactics and strategies - late game

    Cannons are fantastic against large. And no they should not 1-2 shot them. Although it would kinda make sense in "reality" of Warhammer, for balance purposes it would render too easy a counter for...
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    Re: Creative Assembly praise thread

    Although I may hold some negative views about this game at the present, nevertheless I want my criticism to be known as constructive, rather than desultory. I wouldn't want people from CA to feel...
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    Re: Why Don't Cannons Have Grapeshot?

    First of all, this isn't 4chan's /v/, so please take the trouble to write a proper thread opening post.

    Second I'm not quite aware of this, but is there grapeshot for cannons in the tabletop...
  39. Re: First Siege battle and already I curse the lack of dismounts and the horrible AI!

    Every siege battle I've come across played out a lot like "Helms deep" from Lord of the Rings Movie. Your units deploy from one side, facing the enemy in one direction. Once past the walls, you can...
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    Re: Multiple Buildings Benefit?

    Toolmakers stack and so do depots AFAIK. As the dwarves, I just end up building toolmaker/resource building, depot and garrison cage. In. Every. Single. Settlement. Sometimes a tier 1 brewery if I...
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