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  1. Re: CA Posted on the forums- NO family tree and NO updates to Political System.

    Welp, looks like I'm done following the little tidbits of information CA would so graciously drop before us. It's clear that Rome 2 will remain how it is as the cash cow has been milked. What a sore...
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    Re: 3 DLC next week confirmed

    Looks like a bunch of bells and whistles I won't be purchasing. However, I'll be quite amused if the blood DLC utterly thrashes people's rigs and causes a plummet in their frame rate, seeing how...
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    Sticky: Re: Total War: Rome II - Pictures & Videos Thread

    I'm not sure that's how a river runs, CA.
  4. Re: Worth buying now after 4 patches?

    It's unfortunate, really. Seems like something a team of modders could have composed in a fairly short amount of time to place in one of those enhanced difficulty mods for M2TW. A bare-bones...
  5. Re: Worth buying now after 4 patches?

    Depends, which elements of previous Total War titles did you enjoy? Here's a little list I composed.

    Enhanced multiplayer features such as the avatar conquest from Shogun 2: Simply no, nor do...
  6. Re: I want more women interactivity in this one.

    I agree- hardly any mention of political leaders being poisoned by their wives or widowed queens trying to dominate politics using their underage heir as a puppet.
  7. Re: After completing the Rome campaign on Legendary, one thing is clear- bug fixes will NOT fix this game.

    It's a big letdown, honestly. Beneath all the problems you mentioned I do see a potential successor to the first Rome: Total War, though the manner of execution was completely horrendous. For shame,...
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    Re: Civil war is nonsensical

    Just another half-baked design decision in a rather nonsensical game. The civil war concept could have been leagues better and certainly more cohesive if some time was spent on the concept, rather...
  9. Re: I've been hurt before, is this game worth getting?

    I've always heard the term "buyer's remorse" thrown around regarding the gaming industry to the point where it became irrelevant. I imagined it to be some sort of joke, but unfortunately felt the...
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    Poll: Re: What is your rating of the game?

    At the current state of affairs, I'd say a 6. Poor optimization, trashy AI, excluded features and a generally dumbed-down game come to mind. The only reason I would give it the current score is due...
  11. Poll: Re: Who intends to boycott future DLCs and expansions until the game is fixed?

    At this stage? No. If CA proves to continually support Rome 2 with a hefty amount of patches and (eventually) a proper expansion that also adds features to the base campaign, perhaps. The current...
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    Re: The AI should get food bonus

    Or they could program the CAI to correctly analyze it's food expenditure and plan out some sort of food system as fit? I understand applying certain bonuses to the AI, given it will never be on the...
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