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  1. How do you increase the unit stack at start of campaign using pfm?


    I've been trying to increase an army unit stack for the Saito clan for the expanded_50.pack from Uanime5.
    (Awesome mod btw):thumbsup2. Anyways, I duplicated the units under the daimyo by...
  2. Family tree in descr_strat help needed


    as the tittle said, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

    The game crashed, no show_err.

    this is the section of egypt that I have in the descr_strat.txt310185
  3. Replies

    Sticky: Re: Morning Sun Preview: 6/11/14

    Will you be able to make changes, like add new names to the namespak file when the final version of this mod is released?
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