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    Re: "Who am I?" M2TW version

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    Re: So lets talk about Warhammer...

    I think it will either be the best thing CA has released or the worst.

    With this sort of project you can't go into it half heartedly and just go through the motions. They have to not be afraid to...
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    Re: Ridiculous Steam Reviews

    The difference is that I am asking them to stop insulting people who do not recommend it due to DLC policy that is very important. Factions are a huge part of the game, fair enough CA releasing...
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    Re: Ridiculous Steam Reviews

    So let me get this straight. You are complaining about people who are not recommending a game because of a DLC policy that cut content and that on release had nearly half the map ( or so it seems...
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    Re: Rome II Humour thread

    Sorry, no text based jokes are allowed. ~ Finlander
  6. Re: Is Rome 2 as bad as some people make it seem?

    5/10 would play if i had nothing else to do.
  7. Re: There are people who still defend CA's DLC practices and "F2P" model Discussion

    Everyone has their own opinion. Most of the people who dislike or are ambivalent to the newer total wars do so not because they actually hate total war but because they dislike the direction it has...
  8. Re: There are people who still defend CA's DLC practices and "F2P" model Discussion

    you forgot to mention buy the whole game, with DLC for 75% off and pay for the complete game what you would of for the beta on release :D
  9. Re: I'm really disappointed with all of these "Culture" packs

    90% of Paradox's DLC if not more is focused on gameplay, they do this from my understanding as long as it is financially viable, if nobody buys the DLC for an older title e.g. CK2 then they would...
  10. Re: There are people who still defend CA's DLC practices and "F2P" model Discussion

    40% bigger budget on rome2, shogun 2 is the prime example of a game where DLC is not needed to get your monies worth. I mean at least there the DLC was either new campaigns or an extra clan which...
  11. Re: I'm really disappointed with all of these "Culture" packs

    but paradox unit skins are not essential they give you no advantage in game, of course they could not, instead they have made DLC that while overpriced , when on sale is actually worth it unlike...
  12. Re: What do we want as content to Attila?

    bookmarks on the campaign would be great, and guess what CA could bundle it as a DLC that i know people would be happy with especially if they throw in more content for culture packs ( i.e. at...
  13. Re: I'm really disappointed with all of these "Culture" packs

    Paradox's system is much better. Yes the DLC policy could be better but they work on the game consistently until a new version of that era is made which adds all the features from that game that were...
  14. Re: Why not add NEW factions and new portions of the map rather than hand out Culture packs?

    i read somewhere riot made 960 million USD last year. A large amount of this money went towards esports i imagine. Thing is Riot is in a highly competitive industry and have to improve there game. ...
  15. Re: What do you think why people skip buying / playing Attila?

    personally I will buy Attila when I can get it for half price because I do not think it is worth 30 considering you have to buy dlc
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    Re: Ebdanians and Caledonians

    I think Milan were put into the game to balance Europe. Imagine Medieval 2 if venice regularly controlled the whole of Italy........... or if the Papacy did..............
  17. Re: Why do Total War Games getting unrealistic?

    difference is that in previous games inaccuracies added more depth and variation to rosters. In rome 2 and from what I see in Attila there is little variance. Historical accuracy is not being...
  18. Re: Does CAI have a military objective?

    from what you guys are saying I think the issue in Attila and to an extent has been in previous games is that the AI does not think like a person. It seems like it has a goal which is to destroy the...
  19. The 15 years of total war video

    Out of interest how much of the Rome 2 stuff in the video is actually in the current game?
  20. Re: Will Attila be shipped in slices and pieces? 7 DLC listed on release day - holy cash cow.

    hence why I will only be buying this game down the line when i can get it and all the DLC for 25 which is its real value (as a complete game). I also want to see what other DLC brings.
  21. Re: Is Attila the least historical game since Medieval II (or even Rome I vanilla?)

    I was just interested on who was correct (hence the wikipedia links) and giving it some thought I think that there should simply not be women mixed with men.

    Simply because total war is about...
  22. Re: Is Attila the least historical game since Medieval II (or even Rome I vanilla?)

    look at how small this list is of notable female warriors in ancient times (a bit out of date but you get the idea). Many of these are myths...
  23. Re: Celts (Picts, Irish, Caledonians) will almost certainly be a future DLC.

    great pun
  24. Re: Do I need the original game in order to buy Attila?

    CA don't want your money that badly
  25. Re: [Request] No more Horde ONLY Units

    to be fair I don't think total war's strong suit is historical accuracy.
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    Re: About family policies

    firstly this would either be useless or insanely op.

    secondly Paradox have a far better family tree from what I can see in a game that is 3 years old.
  27. Re: Barbarian Invasion had more different cultures than Attila

    It is CA's business model at the moment. They deliberately do not finish the game so that they can sell more dlc and with it post free updates so that people think the game is getting better and so...
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    Re: Torches confirmed in disappointing siege of Constantinople

    To put it into perspective. Medieval 2 was 8 years ago or so and yet some features are going back. Yes there are problems visible in earlier titlesbut as I have said 8 years is a long time. Rome was...
  29. Re: Torches confirmed in disappointing siege of Constantinople

    Mate I am going to be quite honest with you. Total War has major issues. This may not seem like a major issue however what I think is a major issue (that this comes under) is that CA use workarounds...
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    Re: Siege ai

    i think most people believe it is just a workaround to a poor AI.

    The AI in rome to that I have played against has no clue how to win a siege battle. It sends units in waves to get siege...
  31. Re: The ongoing search of a proper mass for individual soldiers.

    I think the vast majority of players would also agree that mass is subpar or nonexistent in this game. I think Setekh wishes to defend rome 2 blindly.

    Everyone has to agree that the system in...
  32. Why is there no who am i thread for R2TW?

    Medieval 2 had a vibrant who am I thread. So I was wondering why this is not the case for Rome 2?

    I mean it is arguably harder to guess now especially if people do not turtle and could be quite...
  33. Re: The ongoing search of a proper mass for individual soldiers.

    even if this was the case. You yourself have stated it only occurs when their is a vast discrepancy in numbers which is not what we want. I should not just occur when one unit is facing multiple...
  34. Re: The ongoing search of a proper mass for individual soldiers.

    Not directed at me but I will give it a shot.

    I think that people want there to be movement of units not related to casualties i.e. if two units are fighting and one is a unit of heavy infantry...
  35. Re: Warring states of China during the roman period.

    Well I think it would come down to how many men the Chinese could bring to the battle. Looking at what has been said I think that if it were 1 : 1 odds rome would win, simply because they had...
  36. Re: Why is Shogun 2 prettier than Rome 2 on ultra settings?

    the answer is 40% bigger budget = 40% worse graphics.
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    Poll: Re: Viewpoint on Abilities

    also hidden power is bad. Whereby you gain an unclear advantage over the opposition. I feel as though abilities should be obvious when you use them and not preposterous. A charge ability would be...
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    Re: Great Wall of Gorgan

    CA can't do anything right can they? To be honest the issue is we are all nationalists who insist on our nation being portrayed correctly. It saddens me that all we care about is where we are from.
  39. Re: Why is the Irish not in this one??

    i think the Irish should be in the game although the main issue CA would have is how to portray them. They are neither utter barbarians or utterly civilised
  40. Re: How are rebels able to recruit 8 units in one turn while being besieged?

    it is really realistic, 40% bigger budget 40% bigger revolts and 40% more experienced units
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