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  1. [Tutorial] Re: [Tutorial] How to fix the faction mechanic bar for any unlocked faction.

    Seems we had the same idea, I've been working on restoring war fervour too.

    I've got the whole thing working right now, the only problem is that the effect is only displayed on the faction...
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    Re: head to head, rome II

    I sent you a pm.
  3. Re: Beta Test 1.2.2h - Animation Overhaul, Supply System Changes, New Models and more!

    That's not a bug caused by DEI, the same problem is existing in vanilla. CA broke most of the matched kill animations with the power and politics update, resulting in only a few Animation variants...
  4. Re: Beta Test 1.2.2h - Animation Overhaul, Supply System Changes, New Models and more!

    Does this fix the bug that was introduced with patch 18 that most of the matched kill animations are broken and do not get displayed?
    Right now in Vanilla only 3-5 animations are repeated all the...
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    How to use 'Move' in EditSF

    Hi all, just a quick question: does anybody know how to use the option 'Move' in EditSF if you right click a node, as of now, I only know that you can write a number to change for example...
  6. Is there a way to copy/paste entries in EditSF?

    Hi all,

    question as stated in the title, I don't need to paste values, but whole arrays. For further detail, I try to unlock some factions in AoC, e.g. bohemia.
    The problem is that bohemia won't...
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    [Tutorial] Re: Adding custom battlefield to campaign

    I tested it, it uses the first map und ignores the other maps. To change the season, you can change the definitions in the textures.xml file, like grass_type='temperate'. I tried to use a if...
  8. Re: Help with Replacing the Campaigns of the Coalition

    I'm not sure about that, its some time ago, but the Total factions mod had a new layout and I think you needed one of these luac files (in the attachment). Just get them in pack file and try it out.
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    How to edit weather effects

    Hi all,

    I wondered if anyone knows how to do this; I'm trying to edit the height when the rain and snow particles appear, so it works with the debug camera when you're zooming out. I don't think...
  10. Sticky: Re: NAPOLEON TOTAL FACTIONS.....(last update 03/05/2010)

    At first, you should check if you are running any other mod(go into the NTW Folder/data,remove any .pack which doesn't belongs there).
    If that doesn't work, could you test it with different...
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    Re: New Battle maps

    Game won't get any updates, it's 6 years old. Try this site , scroll down until you see 'Optional Files' and download 'The All Map mod'. There are...
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    Re: NTW not recognising db changes?

    Which changes did you made? Maybe they weren't recognised because you used the data.pack. You have to use the .patch files and search where is the newest version of the table/db-file. Little tip:...
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    Sticky: Re: VDM 2.0 for IMPERIAL DESTROYER project

    Is it possible to add the deseases and disasters to NTW? Because I like your version of this feature more than the diseases in Europe in Conflict, and it would be a great addition to the game.
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    Custom Battles in campaign

    Hi all

    My question is wether anybody knows how to add custom battlemaps to the campaign, so if there is a battle at a specified point the game will automatically use a predefined battlemap (like...
  15. [Tutorial] Re: How to unlock non playable and emergent factions

    You can edit the startpos.esf file of NTF. If the error shows up, select continue, not close. (I get an error message too, but I've done it so, if that doesn't help, post it, I will search a...
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    Re: WTW will be DX12 Compatible

    No, I think they optimize it only better for the "special AMD-only Features", but if the game is using DX12, also the Nvidia cards will profit from that.
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    Re: Pikes and muskets in one regiment?

    You could give the musicians and officers other weapons, but that is not the thing you want, right? I think I saw some Units having variants of a weapon, in NTW the bashi bazouks had not all the same...
  18. [Tutorial] Re: How to unlock non playable and emergent factions

    Ooops... I posted to fast , I thought you couldn't select the faction.
    I think there is a way to solve the Problem with the line of sight/ that you can't select a city. At first, you have to get a...
  19. Re: im looking for a mod team that is devoted to empire tw

    I don't want to say it is impossible, but we are not able to modify the campaign map in a realistic period of time. We have no tools to change the related files and we must decode them. I think it...
  20. [Tutorial] Re: How to unlock non playable and emergent factions

    Yes, that is because the ui is limited to 4 factions. In the third picture you can see the number seven. That is I think the position of the Nation. Change it to one and the faction having by default...
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    If every unit has to be reinforced, type ctrl+a...

    If every unit has to be reinforced, type ctrl+a to select every unit, if only a few Units have to be reinforced, hold ctrl and select the Units via left-click. With Shift you can select a unit array,...
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    Re: Help needed: Napoleon running poorly.

    There is not really a script to change for getting better performance, but I think you mean the preferences script. You can find it in appdata -> Roaming -> TheCreativeAssembly -> Napoleon ->...
  23. [Released] Re: STRONGER FORTS and BUILDING (patch 1.4 compatible)

    There is a row in the db files called battlefield_buildings, I think the fifth column is related to the wallstrength. You should try to edit these values, if it doesn't work, post it here and I will...
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    Re: Change pictures in NTW

    Open with PFM the data file, scroll down to ui (do not search in the db files, it has its own category) then go to portraits. In case of Napoleon, it is under custom, the normal generated characters...
  25. Empire Total War Multiplayer campaign for everyone fot the Chaos DLC

    Maybe a long heading, but the point of it is this:
    I'm not one of these guys hating CA or SEGA because they released the chaos DLC, I can totally understand their reasons. But I know too, that many...
  26. Re: Lua decompiler (mostly) FIXED - .luac files ready for your viewing pleasure!

    Or do you have still the 7z Archive with the decompilation results?
    In that case, my email is:
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    Re: Required Specs for Total War: Warhammer

    And all these guys hating CA because the ':wub: 32 bit warscape engine they will use in Warhammer'...
  28. Re: Lua decompiler (mostly) FIXED - .luac files ready for your viewing pleasure!

    So, I downloaded lua 5.1 sources, cygwin and luadec 5.1. Then I got the text of build_luadec and declared the file as .exe (I don't know how I should download it in github). I have no experience with...
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    Re: Help needed: Napoleon running poorly.

    Check first if that happens too at the lowest Settings, because than it is not a problem of performance. How does it perfoerm at the campaign map? Do you use the dedicated GPU? Is your system...
  30. Re: Lua decompiler (mostly) FIXED - .luac files ready for your viewing pleasure!

    Sorry, I'm only Windows User and I have no experience with VM so I would prefer cygwin.
  31. [Released] Re: Allmap3.0, 43 battlemaps available, released !!!

    4 Posts above yours there is a link, at the page which will be opened scroll down to a big headline 'Optional Files'. There is a attachment called 'The All Map Mod' -> click at the blue text. Ready.
  32. Re: Lua decompiler (mostly) FIXED - .luac files ready for your viewing pleasure!

    So, I downloaded LuaDec, copied the text of build_luadec and created with it a .bat file, then I created another bat file with this code: ./luadec -d xxx.luac >xxx.lua == luadec == (I overwrite the...
  33. Re: Lua decompiler (mostly) FIXED - .luac files ready for your viewing pleasure!

    Do you have the zip file still or a complete version of the decompiler? Cause the attachment is gone, I think...
  34. Re: How do I remove all regimental type names from ordinary units?

    So at first, you should get the +rep for your german after 30 years :)
    For a +rep, simply click the green button in the bottom, at the left, of the post, which you want to reputate.
    I wish you good...
  35. Re: How do I remove all regimental type names from ordinary units?

    There should be a language file in Napoleon Total War/data, my german version is called local_ge, maybe yours is local_en. Check if there are patches (local_en_patch) and open the latest one with PFM...
  36. Re: Changing unit survival threshold (so units disband with < 5 guys left) using DBE

    Take a look in the patch.pack file, there is under db ->campaign_variables a row called losing_unit_minimum_strength. Try this, maybe it is the survival treshold.
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    Re: [Help] Adding a unit to a minor faction

    You made one mistake I think:
    The Lombardy Cisalpine Legion is only recruitable in the region lombardy, which is actual not existing in the european campaign.
    In the units_tables file is a value...
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    Re: Scipting.lua commands 2

    I only know the command if you fought a battle against a faction:

    if conditions.FactionParticipatedInBattle("factionname", context) and conditions.FactionParticipatedInBattle("factionname",...
  39. [Released] Startpos mod with poland and hungary playable

    A guy asked me on steam how to get poland and hungary playable in the grand campaign, so here it is.

    How to use:
    If you have NTF and want to play in singleplayer, place the startpos.esf in...
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    [Released] Re: Floating Corpses

    Made it at my own, maybe you are interested.
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