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  1. Re: AOR Units - What purpose do they serve?

    There are some very useful AOR units in the game that fill gaps in the regular faction troop rosters. There are areas I tend to conquer in-game simply because I value the troops that are available...
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    Sticky: Re: New Website Launched!

    Great job guys - an excellent resource!
  3. Re: At what point does a 3K campaign get interesting?

    Yup - I have thousands of hours of playtime on Total War games, easily it is my favorite game franchise! For all that I barely played several of their major titles - Shogun, Attila, and Britannia...
  4. Re: At what point does a 3K campaign get interesting?

    I pre-ordered this game, downloaded it, and have barely 1/2 hour of play time. I just hate TW games that lack unit diversity... maybe mods will improve that particular aspect of the game!
  5. Re: [Teaser Preview] Divide et Impera: Alexander

    My mind is blown! I can't believe how much more content you guys are creating!
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    Re: [IN PROGRESS] Cyrene Expanded

    Wow - cool submod, I didn't even know this existed! Congratulations on making the front page! Usually I crush this faction as the Ptolomies, but this might be an interesting twist for a game -...
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    Re: [Preview] Ardiaei

    Whoa... one of my favorite minor factions to trash Greece and Rome with will be changed... I loved the old units, but now I am looking forward to burning Rome and Pella with these new units... That...
  8. Re: New Historical total war era - Total War: Three Kingdoms!

    I just came to this thread to rant about the delay.... AARRGHH! Okay... I get that this could be a good thing overall - they are trying really hard to avoid a botched RTW2 style release, and Sega...
  9. Re: Recommended barbarian faction (preferably Celtic or Germanic) for a quick run?

    The Iberian factions are fun - nice heavy infantry, and the best cavalry in the west! As a plus you can thrash Carthage and Rome... I also really enjoyed a campaign with the Illyrian faction - again...
  10. Re: [RELEASE] Divide et Impera 1.2.4 Released! Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Thank you and merry Christmas! Hopefully we all have a few days off to enjoy your work!
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    Re: Epirus Requires A Buff

    I have to agree with the general consensus - Raise an army and strike immediately against the romans. Honestly, your best option is to hire mercenaries and attack on the second turn. The problem...
  12. Re: 5 Years Onwards. How does R2 and DeI compare to MED2/RTW mods?

    I have played at least a thousand hours apiece in both Rome 1 and Rome 2, and I really thought that the battle AI was terrible and predictable in Rome 1... I am seeing a lot of praise for the AI in...
  13. Re: 5 Years Onwards. How does R2 and DeI compare to MED2/RTW mods?

    Hegemony III: clash of the ancients and Hegemony: Rome are two ancient era RTS games... I own them both, but I haven't played them much as I prefer DEI as my go to game. EB was a modding...
  14. Re: Divide et Impera Rise of the Republic Release!

    Awesome job guys! I hadn't expected this for weeks! For me this is perfect timing - I have been playing as Epirus and my endless Italian wars have inspired my curiousity about the pre-imperial...
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    Re: Carthage AI completely broken

    I'm glad this script is back - my complaint would have been that Rome dies too easily when fighting against the Etruscans... I beat Rome as Epirus in only a few turns because the Etruscans rolled...
  16. Re: [Experimental Battle Pack] - New stat and combat system (06.24.2018)

    Thanks for including a slower combat version!
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    Re: Steam summer sales

    The only "DLC" of a total war game that I regret right now is Warhammer I... I really enjoy Warhammer 2, and especially the Mortal Empires campaign, but it seems like I only own the first game and...
  18. Sticky: Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.3a - Public Beta Updated June 11!

    A little feedback on the new mercenary prices - they seem nicely balanced! Having the mercs be expensive (I saw some heavy cav in Iberia for 3,800!) but with lower upkeep works really well. I have...
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    Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    I just wanted to confirm the bug wherin the AI refuses to accept gifts (monetary payments) no matter what the relationship between the player and the faction. I am not clear if using money as a...
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    Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    I love to roleplay conquering Saba for their spices - this will finally be true! Great job everyone - you just wasted my weekend! Thanks!
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    An entire Roman unit of Lorica Segmentata… cool! Also, great job making those auxiliaries and main line units look distinct and evolving. There are regional and qualitative differences with all of...
  22. Re: [Small Preview] 1.2.3 Campaign & Building Changes

    I see - trade routes are a big deal - that could make a big difference! There are factions that I barely play because of their capital location and it's impact on trade (Sparta comes to mind, but...
  23. Re: [Small Preview] 1.2.3 Campaign & Building Changes

    OOOOHHH! This next update will literally be a game changer! Changing capitals is a nice addition for a small faction that turns into an empire. Does the capital location actually matter though? ...
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    Re: [PREVIEW] Qarthadastim

    The mercenary system looks awesome! I really want to give Carthage a run now using those mercs... I always thought they were a little underpowered as a "superpower" faction, but now that issue seems...
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    Sticky: Re: Crucible of Kings

    Awesome... this game just became worth it's price! I can't wait for the battle changes - speedy three minute arcade battles ruin Total war games IMO. Thank you for being addicted to modding!
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    Re: Hardest challenge faction

    Massalia, Lusitania, and Pontus are the hardest I have played... Single territories surrounded by powerful enemies! Epirus used to be hard, but I haven't tried them since the last update. ...
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    Re: [Preview] Indo-Carthaginians

    I get it... Please make a sub mod for this though - I really like the mixed legionary unit!
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    Does unit size affect AI performance?

    I have tended to play DEI with large unit sizes over the years, as ultra created too much lag in siege battles and led to significant performance drops. Recently I bought a new PC that is far more...
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    Re: Rome II Praise Thread (2)

    I am so glad to see a thread like this - after years of brutal complaints and hatred, RTW 2 deserves some real appreciation. I am amazed that CA is producing new content for a six year old game - to...
  30. Re: In your OPINION, what are the three strongest rosters?

    1). Seleucids... Armored elephants... armored archers... amazing cavalry (Hellenic cataphracts)... amazing infantry... amazing pikes... I think you can get camel archers pretty fast with AOR from...
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    Re: Cheats for DeI

    The only cheat I ever use is the spy one that is available from the mod workshop that eliminates the fog of war and allows you to see the entire map. Other than that the regular cheats for Rome 2...
  32. Re: Divide et Impera New Beta Update for Power & Politics

    ​Nice job! That's impressive to get a working update out already... I am excited to see how this new content can be used in this amazing mod!
  33. Re: What are the easiest factions with current patch?(Besides Rome)

    Oddly. Epirus is easier than it has ever been during this mod... You might have to gut out a couple of early close battles with Rome, but you can beat the Romans really early and look to secure your...
  34. Re: Whats a good Eastern Faction to play as?

    Pontus or Media are nice - Pontus has a hard few turns, but a lot of good AOR around them (Galatia) but they lack early game heavy cavalry. Media has some cavalry and is one of the true successors...
  35. Re: So it seems Epirus has a permanent ability to get elephants as a faction merc anywhere, why not Carthage?

    I love those elephants - you can only get them about once every five years, but they can be really useful and add flavor to Epirus...
  36. Re: Whats the big deal about being surrounded?

    Wow... I relied on "common knowledge" - I didn't realize that this was an area of debate, but apparently it is... My description of the battle (and therefore Pike units) was based upon my memory of a...
  37. Re: Whats the big deal about being surrounded?

    At Cannae the Pikes were on the wings, and consequently as the center was pushed back the Romans were trapped between two pike lines on the left and right sides. Ultimately these pikes were pressing...
  38. Re: Happy Birthday to our favorite Polish guy.

    Happy birthday and thanks for all the modding!!!
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    Re: [Preview] The reworked Numidians

    Cool... Some new units to an interesting faction on the periphery! I have always wanted to try Numidia - maybe its time after this next update... Great work guys!!!
  40. Re: [Suggestion] Change Cyprus's special good from Glass to Copper

    Too be fair, you only have to develop a trading relationship with a copper owning faction - which only takes about 10 turns or so depending upon how you play with the Egyptians or Seleucids...
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