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  1. [Tool] Re: RMEditor [UPDATE SOON, NEW PICS]

    I've tried it in 3ds max too. Here's what I get:
    I appear to be missing the horses and passenger.

    For completeness, here's what I've been doing:
    1. Using RPFM...
  2. [Tool] Re: RMEditor [UPDATE SOON, NEW PICS]

    Here's what I get, loaded in Blender:
    The green circle is where I would expect to see the turret's attachment point, but nothing is there.

    I also tried the Tomb...
  3. [Tool] Re: RMEditor [UPDATE SOON, NEW PICS]

    I've extracted the Steamtank's model and animation and the attachment point "ap_turretposition_01" doesn't show up.

    Are attachment points not extracted by this program?
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