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    Re: Starting a Rome campaign. Any protips?

    my "pro" tip is just take 3 provines and wait-defend until you max rerserch,then spam legionari to out number your enemy
  2. Re: Anyone know how to change general's personalities with an editor or cheat etc?

    dont cheat man,its make game boring
  3. Re: When units are disbanded, where do their associated pops go?

    i use roriati unit to settlers my 3nd pop ,they cheap to recruit and can give 300 man per unit,and use a most cheap 2nd pop unit pleb to renforce my boder pop and replenish my pincicep army in boder...
  4. Re: Best way to counter Veteran Greek armies as Rome?

    use elephant
  5. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    tks you jake,this help alot
  6. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    hello,how to edit champion effect/skill ? i want my champion has 100% assasin skill or duel,to kill my enemy spie,how to do that ?
  7. Sticky: Re: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

    can we raze settlement and reset the religion of it ? i raze the settle but they still have 80% religion,not like rome 1 :(
  8. Did anyone finish spatar legendary yet ?

    My engrish suck so im trying say clear as much as i can.
    After a long run on rome in h/n,im almost conquer all the word,and got boring,now im trying play spatar on legendary,ofc the battle is legend...
  9. Re: Better Aggresive CAI for Rome 2 V 3.4 (Fix) Official Release - Patch 17

    hi every one,i play rome veryhard and let two of them in top use.scrip like :
    mod "radius_hard.pack";
    mod "radius_anticheat.pack";
    _Of course i know the CAI strong,turn 1 i trade and get non...
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    Re: anyone plz help me

    no answer ?? T_T
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    anyone plz help me

    I dowload the game ver 1.1.0 buil 5934,i copy crack and play the game,every thing good but after the sega logo out the sound become glitch, and the game very slowly in main game,in combat,it is...
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    PFM work for NTW v1.0 ?

    somebody could tell me that Pack File Manager working for Napoleon total war verison 1.0 ??? i mean vanilla 1.0,not update pack 1.3 because i dont' find that pack.tks:):)
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    why is too laggy

    Hello everyone,i play SPQR TTW 8.0 with my 8400gs gpu but it is too lag.I try to off everything in option,set up 800x600,unit detail lowest,shadow vv..and in preformance file too...and nothing...
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