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    Re: Terminus Total War - Imperium

    Sounds good. Links for the people who still play the beta version, please.
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    Re: Can someone help me with ranged units plz

    Hand-gunners are great damage dealers but you should just use crossbows or bows when available. Much easier to protect, they shot over your troops, they are simply more versatile.
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    Re: Has anybody conquered the map yet?

    Chaos waves are almost unimportant. Very easy to defeat. More of a worry for the Empire are the norseman vassals who put lots of pressure on the continent. And not even that, the attrition in the...
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    Re: Unlock non-playable factions

    Rather pointless for the moment considering the other factions are carbon copies of the existing ones.
  5. Sticky: Re: Hardware Queries & Advice


    1. In 2016 to spend money on a 1080 monitor for gaming it is stupid. Go for 1440p if you care about 120-144HZ panels or 4k if you care more about the real estate of your screen.
    2. If...
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    Sticky: Re: Total War: Warhammer - Pictures & Video Thread

    3 hours of some guys playing the game:
  7. Sticky: Re: Hardware Queries & Advice

    If all you do is gaming, in general, you are fine on your processor. New Intel is faster, but not by so much in games. It depends on each game optimisation and last TW games were somehow poor on AMD...
  8. Sticky: Re: Hardware Queries & Advice

    Cheaper? In US. Or on second hand market. But I have not found good deals on i7 4790k as I am looking for one as well to move from my Haswell i5.

    Now, you can go for a cheaper i5k but, considering...
  9. Sticky: Re: Hardware Queries & Advice

    Just buy a 3-400 pounds system with no video card (i5 - even Haswell- , 8gb ram, decent power supply). Then buy, a new or second hand video card around 250 pounds and put it in. Connecting a...
  10. Sticky: Re: Hardware Queries & Advice

    I also think it is OK for you.

    Ichon, he is buying a prebuilt system; I am sure it is more than 300, most probably around 400 with bad power supply and bad case and cheapest mobo and ram...
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    Re: Question about Specifications for TW:WH

    Your computer is OK. As KAM said, dont bother with fps numbers too much in a strategy game.
    Also, expect similar performance to Attila. Same engine, a little better graphics and some optimisations...
  12. Re: Help required from people who know about computers

    No. About the same performance. Not enough for lowest settings.

    What is your budget? Where do you live?
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    Re: Preordering Warhammer

    CA does not deserve preordering. They have a long way out to regain our trust and I am not even sure they are on this road.
    Ever since M2TW there was not one TW game worth the price on launch. 20...
  14. Re: Help required from people who know about computers

    This is a computer you wont be able to play modded Medieval 2 on proper settings, forget about the games of this decade. GT710 is not a videocard for gaming. The only good thing in that computer is...
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    Re: WTW will be DX12 Compatible

    This is good news. I mean it is still the bad, old Warscape engine, dont expect magic, but it should be better. That is why they claimed better multi-core support. But, as with everything they have...
  16. Re: Can we rule the world? New info on regional occupation.

    So many pages for something very easy to solve: an on/off button. You can make the "feature" on by default if you want CA. Choice makes people happy. Just make some penalties for owning outside your...
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    Sticky: Re: First impression

    Actually I can "contrast" them (elven archers are great) but it is a little too bothersome to hunt so many chaos stacks. I am looking to 100 battles against full stacks with my main 6. Doable but...
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    Sticky: Re: First impression

    Yup. I got some text, most of it in russian (which besides being able to read remains a mystery to me). But I think that was before the first wave. My problem is that the second horde is here too...
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    Sticky: Re: First impression

    Great mod. Played on hard/hard with elves and did fine. I conquered the whole north with my archers but around turn 50 40+ stacks of chaos (that was a faction down to 1 settlement which was to fall...
  20. Re: [Patch 17] New resource buildings are overpowered (and how)

    Guys, there are good mods out there (Divide et Impera). Just play modded and it will be better balanced.
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    Re: Terminus Total War - Empires

    This is a mod for Attila? Too bad. Very few people bought that. I for one surely did not and don't plan too. Good luck otherwise!
  22. Re: Total War: ROME II - Patch 17 BETA now available!

    Nothing CA can bring to Total War can be better than the mods already did. If they could, it would be done long ago. The only thing we will get out of this will be broken mods that are no longer...
  23. Re: Imperium Romanum - Roman Civil War Mod (Based on DBM)

    this sounds amazing. but the links to download the first parts are unavailable.
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    Poll: Re: How do you rate Attila?

    Same here. Just an addon, a mod worth 15$ max. I mean it has some good additions compared to Rome 2 but AI is more stupid than Divide et Impera AI. In the end, we need better, challenging AI to keep...
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    Re: Reviewers whom you trust.

    I have a rule for AAA games: first play the demo. If good, be nice and wait for sale. If very good, buy.
    CA fully deserves it.
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    Re: Attila features in Rome 2 campaigns?

    That is exactly why I dont believe that this is more than an DLC, an expansion so I see little reason not to upgrade the main game we paid for. Let us be serious, if this was a new game, CA would...
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    Re: Attila features in Rome 2 campaigns?

    Hmm. Not good. Not a surprise considering the last year but that means no buy as I am more interested in Vanilla game timeframe than in BI/Attila years. If they dont do it now, they most probably...
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    Re: Quick questions

    It is a demanding game. On very high and ultra my 1 year old computer (i5 Haswell and GTX770) is not getting more than 37 fps but it drops a lot in battles, especially when many units are fielded....
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    Attila features in Rome 2 campaigns?

    A question for CA or some more knowledgeable people:

    Will all the goodies the Attila expansion will add to the game will be extended to vanilla Rome 2 campaigns?

    I was searching for this and I...
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    Re: So what would have made Rome II Great?

    Hmm. I don't trust CA anymore. They are no longer able to make a good games. What I want from them is to give more tools to modders and let them build a good game. Unfortunately they wont release...
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    Re: G-BYTE GTX650 4GB

    760 is only marginally faster than 660ti. Get a 970 if you want better.
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    Re: Augustus DLC expansion with family tree & more

    I am surprised by the naivety we can still produce. There is no way even CA will be able to ask money for features they improve/make playable unless it is an addon (I doubt it is even legal). So they...
  33. Poll: Re: 2nd world-wide community survey for ALL Totalwar fans

    Done but I believe this is an uphill battle. CA is no longer the company able to make a good TW game. Mods make it bearable, but its flaws are too deep. And the next installment will be even worse....
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    Re: R2 - a learning curve for CA?

    They will just get more marketing money for the next title. There are so many people that will buy their :wub: just because they cannot think that makes us all unimportant. Nothing new in computer...
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    Poll: Re: Everything Rome 1 had that Rome 2 doesn't

    Congratz on the comprehensiveness. You actually got some tears from me. Other than that, I gave up on Rome 2 for weeks already due to boredom. Still, I come here almost every day as I still cannot...
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    Re: Rome II - 2 Months Later - Feedback needed

    1-What would you give the game out of 10?
    release: 5/10
    now: 5.1/10
    2-What are you most upset about currently? (if anything).
    False marketing, alpha release, dropped features, CAI, BAI, politic...
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    Re: The End is near for TWC Mods?

    The majority of the TW community deserves those :wub: games CA throws at us. I am beginning to understand that papamole players make developers to build papamole games, not the other way around. ...
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    Re: The End is near for TWC Mods?

    Civ 5 steam workshop killed civ modding. It is true that civ V is a deeply flawed game (as Rome 2 is) so many left modding altogether but the fact that there is less and less interaction between...
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    Re: Where are these guys now ?

    I was always under the impression they were hired actors.

    Especially the AI designer. He had a script, read it and is now tending his theatre career.
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    Poll: Re: Do still play the game or did you stop playing Rome 2? Why?

    Sorry for the wall of text - it did not look like that when it left my comp :)

    Notice the 0 votes for the "wrong period" reason CA. This is why you should not have failed this.
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